It's Dark Here (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Cinipix [us]

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Technical Support
CAM:Red Epic
PCS:Digital Intermediate
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Adams, Jeremiah as [Funeral Mourner]
  2. Addison, Chad as [Andrew] <4>
  3. Allen, Jush as [Startled Patient]
  4. Alvarez, Gabriel (III) as [Funeral Mourner]
  5. Amene, Emeka as [Funeral Mourner]
  6. Bravo, Eric as [Cafe Patron]
  7. Casamassa, Chris as [Sensei Chris] <9>
  8. Chapple, Edmond as [Funeral Mourner]
  9. Cohen, Assaf (I) as [Dr. Rabin] <24>
  10. Collett, Jason (I) as [Lockdown Ward Patient]
  11. Cyr, Jesse L. as [Creepy Guy]
  12. Davis, Mason Steel as [Prom Guy 3]
  13. Delaney, Lynne Alana as [Mourner at Funeral]
  14. Delaney, Timothy as [Funeral Mourner]
  15. DelBuono, Brett as [Brian] <7>
  16. Gandy, Deanna as [Funeral Mourner]
  17. Glass, Greg L. as [Funeral Mourner]
  18. Gomez, Ruben Roberto as [Funeral Mourner]
  19. Gorton, Richard as [Funeral Mourner]
  20. Grullon, Emmi as [Funeral Mourner]
  21. Grunberg, Greg as [Dr. Wagner] <12>
  22. Hammon, Nolan as [Dog Walker]
  23. Helisek, Alexander Michael as [Funeral Guest]
  24. Hernandez, Eli as [Funeral mourner]
  25. Iacoviello, Louis as [Duke] <14>
  26. Johansson, Tomas (III) as [Funeral Mourner]
  27. Joyce, Edward (I) as [Funeral Mourner]
  28. Lee, Bobbie (I) as [Concert Goer]
  29. Leon, Will as [Security Guard]
  30. Lewis, Bubba as [Jason Tennies] <1>
  31. Light, Damian Forest as [Rock Concert Goer]
  32. Loomis, George (II) as [Funeral Mourner]
  33. Manardo, Andrew (I) as [Funeral Mourner]
  34. Mancia, Rick as [Officer Gilbert]
  35. Mapother, William as [David Tennies] <3>
  36. McBeth, Jason as [Male Nurse]
  37. McIntyre, Byron as [Sergeant] <17>
  38. McQuown, Ian as [Funeral Mourner]
  39. Michaels, Evin as [Funeral Mourner]
  40. Molnar, Logan as [Prom Guy 1]
  41. Monroe, Rob as [Funeral Mourner]
  42. Morgan, Luke as [Funeral Mourner]
  43. Paigen, Dillon as [Nurse]
  44. Peterson, Eric A. as [Funeral Mourner]
  45. Pryor, Bill (III) as [Funeral Mourner]
  46. Pumphrey, Pablo as [Funeral Mourner]
  47. Scully, Andrew as [Funeral Mourner]
  48. Singh, Mike (II) as [Professor]
  49. Snow, Billy as [Brendan] <11>
  50. Solodov, Aleksey as [Funeral Mourner]
  51. Staggs, Noah as [Restaurant Patron]
  52. Starfighter as [Funeral Mourner]
  53. Stone, Sam (V) as [Shay] <6>
  54. Strand, Evan as [Jake]
  55. Terrell, David (VI) as [Funeral Mourner]
  56. Turner, Cheryl (I) as [Lockdown Ward Receptionist] <21>
  57. Van Wyck, Erik as [Dr. Brodie] <19>
  58. Vitolo, Trixx Ian as [Funeral Mourner]
  59. Wajda, Richard as [Funeral Mourner]
  60. Watermann, Filip as [Mathew]
  61. Weinstock, Brett (II) as [Officer Craig] <18>
  62. Wescott, Brian as [Dr. Boyle] <29>
  63. Whitted, B.J. as [Prom Guy 2]
  64. Zazarino, Michael as [Eric] <5>
  65. Zegar, Bobby as [Funeral Mourner]
  66. Alegria, Michelle as [Funeral Mourner]
  67. Ashby, Kate as [Funeral Mourner]
  68. Bednar, Vanessa as [Funeral Mourner]
  69. Benjamin, Jaida-Iman as [High School Girl]
  70. Bersani, Julie as [Receptionist] <25>
  71. Bishop, Brooksley as [Funeral Mourner]
  72. Charles, Shirley Claudia as [Funeral Mourner]
  73. Cooper, Gretchen (I) as [Funeral Mourner]
  74. Cuervo, Mariangelica as [Funeral Mourner]
  75. Danam, Osa as [Funeral Mourner]
  76. Delgado, Alexandria as [Funeral Mourner]
  77. DeMarco, Tiffany as [Prom Girl]
  78. Douglas, Illeana as [Linda Tennies] <2>
  79. Dryden, Emily (II) as [Ashleigh]
  80. Etienne, Bridgette as [Officer Jordan]
  81. Flemings, Ayanna S. as [Concert Attendee]
  82. Freedman, Sharon (II) as [Lockdown Ward Nurse] <20>
  83. Garcia, Libette as [Funeral Mourner]
  84. Gill, Katie as [Mean Girl] <16>
  85. Goebel, Jennifer as [Funeral Mourner]
  86. Grace, Amy as [Waiting Room Patient]
  87. Haynes, Ashli as
  88. Howard, Rebecca (III) as
  89. Howes, Chelsea Taylor as [Funeral Mourner]
  90. Ironside, Mona as [Nurse]
  91. Jimenez, Hennely as [Restaurant Waitress] <26>
  92. Kilmer, Christine Marie as [Funeral Mourner]
  93. Kim, Kim (I) as [Funeral Mourner]
  94. Kirksey, Shavon as [Britney] <8>
  95. Koepke, Ronja as [Funeral Mourner]
  96. Kruschke, Karman as [Funeral Mourner]
  97. Lagana, Luciana as [Sarah]
  98. Lau, Cici as [Funeral Mourner]
  99. Maiko, Karen as [Funeral Mourner]
  100. Meeks, Ashley as [Diner Waitress]
  101. Morris, Jan (II) as [Funeral Mourner]
  102. Nunez, Genia as [Funeral Mourner]
  103. Okuda, Amy as [Mean Girl] <15>
  104. Oli, Raeshia as [Friend of Deceased]
  105. Paix, Nami as [Funeral Mourner]
  106. Rashed, Saudia as [ER Receptionist] <23>
  107. Recker, Mel as [Nurse] <28>
  108. Reich, Marissa as [Young Mom]
  109. Reich, Tallulah as [Daughter]
  110. Roberts, Darlena as [Funeral Mourner]
  111. Rombaut, Deborah as [Physician's Assistant] <24>
  112. Rombaut, Ingrid as [Funeral Mourner]
  113. Rose, Andrea (VII) as [Funeral Mourner]
  114. Rose, Andrea (VIII) as [Funeral Mourner]
  115. Ross, Tami (I) as [Funeral Mourner]
  116. Ruiz, Alejandra as [Concert Fan]
  117. Russell, Dori as [Funeral Mourner]
  118. Sanchez, Amor as [Nurse Spencer]
  119. Singer, Debbie as [Dr. Wagner's Receptionist] <13>
  120. Stillings, Dawn as [Nurse]
  121. Tabish, Kayla as
  122. Tanner, Christine as [Patient]
  123. Taylor, Rachel (IX) as [Lisa Ruiz]
  124. Tyson, Alexandria as [Funeral Mourner]
  125. Undercuffler, Ashley as [Funeral Mourner]
  126. Van Mol, Leann as [Weather Girl] <27>
  127. Williams, Shana (I) as [Cafe Patron]
  128. Woodle, Carol as [Funeral Mourner]


  1. Drama


  1. Treyz, Amanda

Dress Designers

  1. Lavalla, Angela

Film Editors

  1. Raymond, Dwight


  1. Eddy, Jon H. (ket set production assistant)
  2. Kelly, Andrew (XIV) (production coordinator)
  3. Meeks, Ashley (assistant to the producer)
  4. Rupprecht, Lisa (production accountant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA