It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad MAD World: The Sequel (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Alliance Filmworks [us] - (in assocation with)
KnK Productions [us]
Moniker Entertainment [us] - (as Alliance Filmworks)

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(USA) - 2013

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based-on-story, sequel,

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  1. Comedy

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The money that fluttered away in the original 1963 film was counterfeit - "a red herring" - and the real treasure is still buried but down deeper in the ground. The sons, daughters and grandchildren of the original ex-felons find out and make a trip to share or not share the riches. Anonymous Titled It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, MAD World, the film would be, like the 1963 film, a large ensemble movie mixing comics and dramatic actors. The story follows the descendants of the characters from the first movie who are thrust into another madcap chase to find a cache of money after it is revealed that the money found in the first movie was counterfeit. anonymous Plot not found


- Treatment was approved by Stanley Kramer before his death.