Ivan Syla (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Insightmedia Producing Center [ua] - (produced by)
Sakhaltuev Production [ua] - (animation production)
Ukrainian State Film Agency [ua] - (financial support)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Ukraine) - 2013

Running Time



Technical Support
CAM:ARRI Alexa Plus
LAB:Kinotur Company Digital Intermediate Lab - (digital intermediate)
PCS:RED - (4K)
RAT:2.35 : 1 - (widescreen)

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Full Cast

  1. Andrienko, Viktor as [Fiksa] <3>
  2. Benyuk, Bogdan as [Kovalskiy] <5>
  3. Khaladgi, Dmytro as [Ivan Syla] <1>
  4. Kistol, Igor as [Prince]
  5. Pismenniy, Igor as [Pandorsky] <4>
  6. Primogenov, Oleg as [Loader] <7>
  7. Virastyuk, Vasyl as [Velet] <2>
  8. Sakhno, Ivanna (II) as [Milka]
  9. Sumskaya, Olga as [Adeliya] <6>


  1. Adventure

Full Plot

"Strong Ivan" is a film telling an outstanding life story of Ivan Firtsak who was born in June, 1899 in a Ukrainian village Bilky, Irshava district in Zakarpattia Oblast. At the age of 18 he became a performer with a Czechoslovak circus and travelled to 64 countries of the world, astonishing everybody with his victories. He was a weightlifting champion of Czechoslovakia, a bodybuilding champion of Europe. He earned the nickname Strong Ivan Croton for his incredible strength. Ivan Firtsak won a great number of single combats with famous wrestlers of the world. From hands of the Queen of England he received a helmet and a belt decorated with cold and diamonds. American press called him the strongest man of the XX century. In 1937 in the prime of his fame he came back to the homeland. Andriy Suyarko Plot not found

Total Business

BT: UAH 15,560,000 SD: 21 August 2012 - ?

Music Composers

  1. Stetsyuk, Igor


  1. Kryshtalovych, Oleksandr (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Viktor, Malyarenko

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