Jackhammer (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Silent H. Productions [ca]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time


brother-brother-relationship, character-name-in-title, male-ego, male-stripper, one-word-title,

Technical Support
CAM:Red One Camera
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Adams, Michael Q. as [Homeless Man]
  2. Azurdia, Elton as [Fernando El Mariachi]
  3. Azurdia, Marlon as [Hernando El Marciachi]
  4. Banh, Que as [Party Piglet]
  5. Beadell, Zelagh as [Pool Party Model]
  6. Burkart, Jason as [Frederick] <4>
  7. Chapel, Darren as [Breakdancing Hobo]
  8. Chase, Michael Coen as [Clive]
  9. Christie, Bill (III) as [Cedric]
  10. Christie, Guy as [Julius Warner] <1>
  11. Dong, Bob as [Protein samurai]
  12. Duhamel, Claude (I) as [Bronco]
  13. Elliott, Aaron (VI) as [Sammy the stripper]
  14. Gilchrist, Sean (I) as [Mike]
  15. Halverson, Shay as [Crazy Lucys Girlfriend]
  16. Hamilton, Matt (V) as [Audition Room Guy]
  17. Hammond, Brent (II) as [Escort Three]
  18. Hanus, Michael as [Jackhammer] <2>
  19. Hlady, McKinley as [Business man]
  20. Hrankowski, Andrew as [Saucey McNasty]
  21. Huszar, Stephen as [Entertainment talk show host]
  22. Jung, Nathan as [Silky Samurai]
  23. Kennedy, Jamie (I) as [Lance Selmour] <7>
  24. Lee, Kiiki as [Penthouse model]
  25. Love, Oanh as [Treadmil watergirl]
  26. MacLellan, Duncan as [Jason Harinals]
  27. Mays, Ken (II) as [Yoga Instructor]
  28. McNaulty, Mike as [Stunt Butt]
  29. Patterson, Duane as [Dukie the barber]
  30. Paul, Julian (I) as [Igor] <9>
  31. Rizzi, Vince as [Sean the Young Stripper]
  32. Shinkoda, Peter (I) as [Nee Long]
  33. Steele, Hugo as [Gardener]
  34. Stuart, David (II) as (voice) [The Dong DJ]
  35. Tanguay, Gilles as [Dereck the Doorman]
  36. Tateham, Kenneth as [Party Goer]
  37. Watson, Andrew (VII) as [Max Glutes]
  38. Wells, Robb as [Rocko] <8>
  39. Albers, Tonya Lee as [Escort Four]
  40. Amigo, Alisson as [Pretty Girl]
  41. Anderson, Pamela (I) as [Groupie]
  42. Austin, Casey as [Shannon]
  43. Azurdia, Silvana as [Samantha] <3>
  44. Cebula, Erin as [Entertainment Reporter]
  45. Chan, Aurora as [Sue Sue]
  46. DeMaris, Aria as [Tiki Bar Hottie]
  47. Gunn, Jeni as [Monica]
  48. Husain, Rebecca as [Pretty Penny Prostitute]
  49. Lacourciere, Erin as [Secretary]
  50. Lim, Erica as [Asian hottie 2]
  51. Milkovich, Maja (I) as (as Maja Miljkovic) [Escort One]
  52. Mondestin, Sabine as [Witch Doctor]
  53. Olson, Lornna as [Mama]
  54. Ovies, Lisa as [Workout instructor]
  55. Petersen, Luvia as [Escort Two]
  56. Sullivan, Nicole (I) as <6>
  57. Webster, Tara as [Katarina]
  58. Wilson, Tara (III) as [Kelly]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

In the world of award winning professional male stripping the stakes are high and when pro peeler Jackhammer is reunited with his estranged and shy younger brother Julius he wants nothing more then to introduce him to the only world he knows. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Silent H Productions inc. CP: MIKE HANUS PD: 2009 - 15 January 2012


  1. DeLaRonde, Ryan (production assistant)
  2. Fabiola, Arias (location manager)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  2. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada