"Jackie Chan Adventures" (2000) {The Return of the Pussycat (#2.20)} TV Season

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Overview "Jackie Chan Adventures" Season 02 Episode 20 (S02E20)



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(USA) - 1 December 2001

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spring-heeled-jack, turned-to-stone,

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Full Cast

  1. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) [Spring-Heeled Jack]
  2. Chan, Jackie (I) as [Himself] <1>
  3. Shimono, Sab as (voice) [Uncle] <3>
  4. Sie, James as (voice) [Jackie Chan/Jackie Dark/Jackie Light] <1>
  5. Chan, Stacie as (voice) [Jade] <2>
  6. Higgins, Kate (II) as (voice) [Simone]

Full Plot

Jackie and Uncle are supposed to explore an underground city the same night as Jade's theatrical debut. Jade's upset that no one will be there to see her perform, and comes up with a solution. An ancient evil is freed from the underground city seeking revenge on the descendants of the one who imprisoned it. Jesse Sanchez Plot not found


  1. Campbell, Kevin (IV) (story editor)


Jade: Two Jackies can be in two places at once. Jackie Dark: All right, the Tiger is free! Free to be me! You don't know how lame it is being in the same body with him! Jackie Light: Oh no! This is a big mistake. We should not be two Jackies. Jackie Dark: See what I mean? Outta my way Pussycat! [Shoves Jackie Light] Jade: "Our journey." Uncle's going underground too? Isn't anyone going to see me be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Jackie Light: I would love to! Oh the theatre. The theatre. Jade: Uh unh! No way I'm showing up to school with him! Jackie Dark: I know exactly how you feel. Jade: Good! Come on! [Jade and Jackie Dark leave] Spring-Heeled Jack: Simon Magus tried to stop me. He gave me quite a run. But I shall dine on his decendents one by one by one. Jackie Light: [after being attacked] Spring-Heeled Jack needs a time out. Jade: Tiger, Uncle and the uh, Pussycat need your help. Jackie Dark: Sorry, I'm busy with my big debut. Jade: Okay, but you're going to miss out on some butt kicking action all over an evil troll. Jackie Dark: Hmm, evil troll... big debut... evil troll. [Takes the cellphone from Jade] I'm on my way, brother! [to Jade] Stay here! Uncle: Two Jackies equal one big headache! Jackie Light: This is terrible. My dark side has gone over to the dark side! Spring-Heeled Jack: A curse upon my lighter side. He told the secret I would hide. Without him, you'd have never known that salt would turn me back to... Uncle: Stone! Jackie Light: Tiger, we must reunite. Jackie Dark: For once, I think you may be right. Jackie: [after he's been reunited] I am me again! I am back! And ohh... my aching back! Jade: Don't forget Jackie, you promised to come see me in the final performance of Jekyll and Hyde tomorrow. Jackie: Oh, Jade, I'm sorry. But I will be busy writing up my research on the underground city. And I cannot be in two places [Jade glares at him] I will be there.