"Jackie Chan Adventures" (2000) {Tough Luck (#2.31)} TV Season

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Overview "Jackie Chan Adventures" Season 02 Episode 31 (S02E31)



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Release Date
(USA) - 16 March 2002

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Full Cast

  1. Baldwin, Adam (I) as (voice) [Finn]
  2. Brown, Clancy (I) as (voice) [Ratso]
  3. Chan, Jackie (I) as (voice) [Himself] <1>
  4. DiMaggio, John as (voice)
  5. Nelson, Noah (III) as (voice) [Tohru]
  6. Sands, Julian as (voice) [Valmont]
  7. Shimono, Sab as (voice) [Uncle] <3>
  8. Sie, James as (voice) [Jackie Chan/Chow] <1>
  9. Chan, Stacie as (voice) [Jade] <2>
  10. Darling, Jennifer as (voice)

Film Editors

  1. Reyes, Jhoanne


  1. Slack, David (I) (story editor)


Finn: I gotta get away from Chan. I *will* get away from Chan. No more Dark Hand, no more Chan. I'll start my own crime syndicate. [Exits his apartment] Look out world, Finn's going solo... Uh, first thing in the morning. Jade: Oh Uncle, somebody made a sale. [Uncle gasps] Jackie: Jade. [Tohru sighs] Jade: But wait, I also made an acquisition. [Holds up an emerald] Uncle: Ai ya! Uncle: That stone carry's an Irish curse. Bringing endless bad luck to whomever possesses it. Jade, you are cursed. Jade: Really, I don't feel [a sudden gust of wind blows the money out of her hand and into the lamp, burning the money] I'm cursed! Jackie: I can handle a little bad luck Jade. Uncle: Not without Uncle's lucky charms. [Puts a garlic necklace on Jackie] Garlic. Good for digestion, and for luck. One more thing, [Uncle hands Jackie a rabbit] rabbit's feet. They work better when they're still on the rabbit. [Uncle hands Jackie some radishes] And keep these with you at all times, or else... Jackie: Or else what? Uncle: The rabbit will get hungry! Chow: [Spotting Chan at the airport] Let's nail him! Finn: Hey! Who's the boss here?... Let's nail him! Uncle: You call that an Irish Jig, Tohru? That spell says you must Riverdance! Uncle: One more thing, watch out for pickpockets. The curse is transferred when the emerald is exchanged *willingly*. But if the gem is stolen... Jackie: Stolen? Uncle: The curse will stay with you forever! Jackie: Lucky me. Ratso: I love this machine! It's kicking Chan's butt *for* us.