Jacob and the Gnome (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Plue Entertainment [us]

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Through the Innocent eyes of a child comes a new story of hope you've only dreamed of.

dragon, gnome, reference-to-god,

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Full Cast

  1. Damon, Gabriel as (voice) [Grumplebeard]
  2. Plue, Joel as (voice) [The Leprechaun]
  3. Robinson, James (II) as (voice) [Red Hat]
  4. Burns, Vanessa (II) as (voice) [Beth: Jacob's Mother]
  5. Sweetin, Jodie as (voice) (rumored) [Mermaid Princess]


  1. Animation
  2. Fantasy

Full Plot

Based on the book by Joel Plue, "Jacob and the Gnome" tells the story of a young boy named Jacob who struggles with a terminal alement. Every night before young Jacob is tucked in to bed he is read to by his Mother from a peculiar book of fairy tale creatures. In the story Jacob will truly part the text and go on many adventures with his new found fairy tale friends on an ultimate quest to find the land of The Dragon King. Once Jacob arrives at the land of the Dragon King it is revealed to him that the Dragon is God and the fairy tale creatures were Angel's bringing young Jacob to Heaven. Joel Plue Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 800,000 CP: Joel Plue

Music Composers

  1. Soto, Andres (III) (music composer)


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