Jade (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
10th Dimension Films [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Baggies, Jj as [Guy in the Park]
  2. Bernard, Cj as [Ian] <6>
  3. Chisley, Gregory as [Pimp #3] <13>
  4. Day, Michael (XXIII) as [Restaurant Patron]
  5. Gschwend, Tony as [Pimp #1] <12>
  6. Hoyt, Zach as [Pimp #4]
  7. Kaminar, John as [Library Patron]
  8. McEntire, Scott (II) as [Prince] <2>
  9. Mosley, Rodney T. as [Man #1]
  10. Ochterbeck, Dennis as [Restaurant Patron]
  11. Ochterbeck, Joe as [Garrett] <4>
  12. Walker, Tony (XII) as [Pimp #2] <15>
  13. Westmoreland, Jimmy as [John] <14>
  14. Davenport, Verda as [Marcie] <3>
  15. Egbosimba, Ifesinachi as [Restaurant Patron]
  16. Esmond, Kayla as [Nina] <5>
  17. Esmond, Sandra as [Woman in the Park]
  18. Greenbriar, Georgie LaRue as [Herself - Georgie]
  19. Hughes, Rebecca (IX) as [Girl #2] <11>
  20. Kaminar, Krystal (I) as [Jade] <1>
  21. Kaminar, Toni as [Library Patron]
  22. Ochterbeck, Linda as [Restaurant Patron]
  23. Parr, Vivian as [Tia] <7>
  24. Patterson, Moriah as [Girl #1] <9>
  25. Shire, Jeri as [Driver] <8>
  26. Sparkles, Brittany as [Waitress] <10>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

The story follows the title character, Jade, beginning the morning after her escape from captivity. Hoping to start a new life, we follow her in the rebuilding process as she learns to trust for the first time. With intensive flashbacks into her past, the audience will see the horrors endured by Jade on a daily basis, horrors that are a reality in today's society, no matter how covered up they may be. Jess V. Carson Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Carson, Jess (original score) (as Jess V. Carson)


  1. Bisbee, Ariel (director of photography)
  2. Herron, Tyler (II) (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Herron, Tyler (II) (lead editor)


  1. Hoyt, Zach (production assistant)