Jail Yatra (1981) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

Ratings / Votes
7.6/ 10 (25 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Kala Niketan [in]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(India) - 7 September 1981

Running Time


attempted-murder, beach, garage, horse-carriage, love, murder, prison, rain, will,

Technical Support
LAB:Film Center, Mumbai, India
MET:4198.62 m - (16 reels)

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Full Cast

  1. Amarjeet (I) as <31>
  2. Bhardwaj, Brahm as [Doctor] <19>
  3. Birbal as [Car owner who was getting married on Sunday] <21>
  4. Desai, Manher as (as Manhar Desai) <24>
  5. Dhumal as [Constable at the beach] <15>
  6. Gaurang, Ratan as (uncredited) [Mechanic (with glasses)]
  7. Hussain, Anwar (I) as [Police Inspector] <7>
  8. Jagdeep (I) as [Chinareddy Eveready (Guest Appearance)] <6>
  9. Jugnu (I) as <22>
  10. Kapoor, Rajan as <16>
  11. Khan, Amjad (I) as [Kuldeep] <4>
  12. Khanna, Vinod as [Raju Verma] <2>
  13. Kumar, Ashok (I) as [Ramnath Verma] <1>
  14. Kumar, Kirti as <25>
  15. Manmauji as (uncredited) [Irritated guy in the lineup for rations]
  16. Merchant, Mushtaq as <28>
  17. Raj, Rishi (I) as <23>
  18. Rana, Keshav as [Surgeon] <27>
  19. Sharma, Abhimanyu as <18>
  20. Sharma, Madhup as <26>
  21. Shetty, M.B. as (as Shetty) [Kuldeep's Henchman] <14>
  22. Shivraj (I) as [Ahuja Resident's Butler] <10>
  23. Singh, Gurbachchan as (as Gurbachan) [Hitman] <29>
  24. Ashoo as <8>
  25. Bakshi, Jyoti as <11>
  26. Banerjee, Beena as (as Beena) <17>
  27. Kausar, Heena as [Roopa] <9>
  28. Mirza, Katy as <20>
  29. Mumtaz, Anjana as (as Anjana) <13>
  30. Roy, Nirupa as [Radha Verma] <5>
  31. Roy, Reena as [Shanu] <3>
  32. Shashtri, Vandna as (as Vandana Shashtri) <30>
  33. T., Jayshree as [Courtesan] <12>


  1. Action
  2. Romance

Full Plot

Raju an expert auto-mechanic, affectionate and obedient to his poor mother Radha has got a peculiar trait of going to anyones rescue voluntarily or otherwise without considering the legal consequences and unwittingly lands in lockup every time. Which is to em brassing not only to Radha but to her so-called brother Inspector Dalvi. This practice of his goes on so far that Raju, in order not to em brass his mother and "uncle" (Inspector Dalvi) anymore, decides to migrate to Bombay. In Bombay, Raju saves a rich and respectable old man, Mr. Verma, from committing suicide. Mr. Verma reveals to him thereafter that he was thus motivated, by his grown up vicious son. Mr. Verma does not intend to return home because of Kuldeep's constant misbehavior towards him. Raju, the good samariatan, gives him shelter and also secures a job at the auto-repair workshop. Kuldeep is ambitious to marry Shano, a prominent psychiartist and a rich girl. Meanwhile Raju falls in love with Shano at first sight. This love amazingly develop in to a mutual love. Kuldeep comes to know this affair, determines to remove him. He manipulates to implicate him in the murder of his girl friend, Rupa. At the same time, he plans to kill Mr. Verma, whose survival has come to his knowledge. Radha, having no information of Raju since long, arrives in Bombay. Here she finds that her husband has an imposter son who has attempted to kill him. To the chargin of Kuldeep, Rupa and Mr. Verma, both are still alive. Kuldeep has got to go ahead. Meanwhile, Raju, who halted his father whose identity was not disclosed by Radha, finds him out, that too, very much wronged and wrongly understood by Radha and him. Raju is accused of and arrested of Rupas evantual murder. To add fuel to the fire, Kuldeep has abducted Shano. Raju comes from a middle-class family, and lives with his mother. He meets with nurse Shobha, and both fall in love. The only problem is that Raju somehow or other always gets mixed up in problems, and ends up getting in trouble with the police. As a result, he ends up getting in jail very often. One day he really gets into trouble by antagonizing a notorious gangster, and has to run for his life. Due to his "trouble maker" character no one really believes him, and it is upto him to save himself from this problem, without ending up in prison again. rAjOo ( Plot not found

Movie Certificate

U (India)

Music Composers

  1. Burman, Rahul Dev (as R.D. Burman)


  1. Mistry, Jal (director of photography)


Eros Entertainment [us] - (1998) (USA) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Shinde, M.S.


  1. Atwal, S. Gautam (office manager) (as Late Gautam S. Atwal)
  2. Bashir, Aruna (assistant choreographer) (as Aruna)
  3. Fernandez, Hendry (production assistant) (as Hendri)
  4. Ghosh, Ajit (I) (public relations officer)
  5. Hudekar, Vasudeo (publicity designer) (as Vasudev)
  6. Jalil (I) (production assistant)
  7. Kailash (I) (production assistant)
  8. Mohan, C. (publicity designer)
  9. Naidu, Manohar (choreographer) (as Naidu)
  10. Raj, P.L. (choreographer)
  11. Ramesh (I) (production assistant)
  12. Shanta (II) (assistant choreographer)
  13. Sharma, C.D. (accountant)
  14. Sikandar (I) (production assistant) (as Sikander)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Burmah Shell Club, India
  2. Chandivali Studio, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - (studio)
  3. Essel Studios, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - (studio)
  4. R.K. Studios, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - (studio)