Jake Squared (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Jake Squared [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Bryce, Bill (II) as [Actor Dad]
  2. Buchanan, Tanner as [Sammy] <5>
  3. Gilbert, Ron (I) as [Mitch Klein]
  4. Koteas, Elias as [Jake Klein]
  5. Madsen, Christian (I) as [Grip]
  6. McElroy, Will (III) as [Director's Assistant]
  7. Railsback, Kevin (II) as [Young Jake]
  8. Scott, Trevor as [Drum Circle Musician]
  9. Spinelli, Chris (I) as [Party Guest]
  10. Stein, Kerry as [Grandfather]
  11. Vogel, Mike (I) as [Actor Jake]
  12. Weiss, Jason (VII) as [Party Guest #1]
  13. Bryce, Donna as [Actor Mom]
  14. Engman, Annie McCain as [Crafty]
  15. Gottesman, Yetta as [J Date Woman]
  16. Grance, Christina as [Aphrodite]
  17. Lake, Lauren (I) as [Laurie]
  18. Leigh, Jennifer Jason as [Sheryl]
  19. Liberato, Liana as [Young Joanne]
  20. Luthane, Mara as [Vera]
  21. Madsen, Virginia as [Beth]
  22. Mantegna, Gia as [Sarah]
  23. Monroe, Annie as [Actor Jocelyn]
  24. Murell, Cynthia as [Persephone]
  25. Newton, Brooke (I) as [Summer]
  26. Pendygraft, Kelly as [Actor Beth]
  27. Salenger, Meredith as [Mom]
  28. Seymour, Jane (I) as [Joanne]
  29. Siegle, Joules K. as [Party Guest]
  30. Wells, Shasi as [Venus]


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Music Composers

  1. Day, Daniel Adam


  1. Bricker, Adam

Dress Designers

  1. Jumelle, Camille

Film Editors

  1. Swingler, Michael


  1. Coghill, Jamie (production legal)
  2. Hindley, Kevin (script clearance)
  3. Lehman, Jake (key production assistant)
  4. McElroy, Will (III) (assistant to the director)
  5. Powell, Sarah Christine (production assistant)
  6. Rivera, Nicole M. (script supervisor)
  7. Sanderson, Tyler (production assistant)
  8. Spinelli, Chris (I) (stand-in) (uncredited)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA