Jimmy Picard (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013
(Belgium) - 18 September 2013
(Netherlands) - 26 September 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Agee, Arnold as [Bartender]
  2. Amalric, Mathieu as [Georges Devereux] <2>
  3. Baskin, Elya as [Dr. Jokl] <6>
  4. Bassey, Anton as [Sam]
  5. Baughman, Eric as [Guard]
  6. Bowers, Marc (II) as (uncredited) [Patient]
  7. Del Toro, Benicio as [Jimmy Picard] <1>
  8. Diamond, Ryan as [Extra - Student]
  9. Dickerson, John (II) as [Patient]
  10. Hatton, Nate as (uncredited) [Med Student]
  11. Los, Taras as [Desmond]
  12. Martinez, A as [Bear Willie Claw]
  13. Meyer, Ralph H. as (uncredited) [Rancher]
  14. Mooney, Danny as [Eric McMurphy]
  15. Ritz, Nicholas as (uncredited) [Barber Shop Patron]
  16. Vest, Curtis Lee as [Bar Patron]
  17. Blackstone, Dana as (uncredited) [Nurse]
  18. Boston, Linda as [Head of Admissions]
  19. Burt, Caitlin (I) as [Nurse]
  20. Etheridge, Julie Sifuentes as [Avy Spring]
  21. Jones, Judy (VI) as [Nun at School]
  22. McKee, Gina as
  23. Thrush, Michelle as [Gayle Picard]
  24. Tobia, Susu as [Doll's Friend]
  25. Upham, Misty as [Jane]
  26. Wilson, Inga R. as [Alma]


  1. Drama

Total Business

SD: 18 June 2012 - ?


  1. Fontaine, Stéphane

Dress Designers

  1. Robinson, David C. (I)


Lumière [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Briaud, Laurence (edited by)


  1. Ansotegui, John (assistant location manager)
  2. Ansotegui, John (location scout)
  3. Asaro, Andrea M. (first assistant accountant)
  4. Billington, Kenneth (production assistant)
  5. Cieslinski, Matthew (set production assistant)
  6. Coghill, Jamie (production legal)
  7. DeBoer, Sarah (set production assistant)
  8. Delsarte, Shanti (production coordinator)
  9. Dunkley, Blaine (production assistant)
  10. Etheridge, Bradley Charles (production assistant)
  11. Etheridge, Julie Sifuentes (production secretary)
  12. Findlay, Charles (craft service)
  13. Goulet, Amber (II) (accounting clerk)
  14. Howard, Morgan (II) (production accountant)
  15. Jackson, Elizabeth B. (key craft service)
  16. Keyes, Taylor (production assistant)
  17. Kreitzer, Samantha (production coordinator: montana unit)
  18. Lacy, Dani (production assistant)
  19. Lebovic, Aaron (assistant production coordinator)
  20. LoGrippo, Phil (payroll accountant)
  21. Lorenz, Adam (stand-in)
  22. McNinch, Adam (I) (production assistant)
  23. Mercier, Kenneth (location scout)
  24. Porvaznick, Kayla (location assistant)
  25. Rashid, Sahir (additional set production assistant)
  26. Rumble, David (location manager)
  27. Schlick, Steven (assistant location manager)
  28. Schmier, Jack (production assistant)
  29. Sparks, Stephanie L. (production assistant)
  30. Thompson, Bobby (XI) (production assistant)
  31. Venesse, Nadia (dialect coach)
  32. Warren, Aisling (location assistant)
  33. Wise, John C. (key set production assistant)

Other Titles

  1. Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian (2013) (ENG)
    (USA) (original script title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Montana, USA - (USA)
  2. Michigan, USA