Joe Dick (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Joe Dick Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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He's no loser, he's a dick! Joe Dick.


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RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Amaturo, Doug as [Santa Claus] <28>
  2. Bobek, John as [Owen Hansel] <2>
  3. Brewster, Josh as [Huge Guy] <10>
  4. Drocco, Johnny as [Magician] <18>
  5. Ducey, John as [Dewey Chatem] <3>
  6. Fulcher, Rich as [Winston Marlboro] <5>
  7. Gibson, Cal as [Schwartz] <17>
  8. Grace, James (II) as [Tareyton Reynolds] <15>
  9. Hanson, Dane as [Thayer Cox] <11>
  10. Heim, Mike (I) as [Tarreyton Reynolds]
  11. Hersh, Dale as [Extremely Handsome Guy] <11>
  12. Hulne, Peter A. as [Irish Gentleman] <16>
  13. Jameson, Nick as [Mr. Carrington] <4>
  14. Leaf, Jeff as [Homeless Guy] <19>
  15. Lindsay, Greg (I) as [Nick Knight] <1>
  16. St. John, Billy (I) as [Silver Haired Actor] <12>
  17. Vaillancourt, Paul as [Tall Thin Guy] <10>
  18. Anderson, Jennifer (VII) as [French Maid Waitress] <15>
  19. Botta, Johanna as [Maria] <6>
  20. Bush, Lucy (III) as [Angry Old Lady] <16>
  21. Cooper, Monique (I) as [Jenny Frangelica Houston] <14>
  22. Hoffman, Lori (II) as ['Threesome' Audience Member] <18>
  23. King, Holly (IV) as [Best Player Audience Member] <8>
  24. Nicoll, Megan as [Wet paint Audience Member] <27>
  25. Parkinson, Maria as [Boss] <19>
  26. Rizo, Jessica as [Ex Girlfriend] <13>
  27. Rosenberg, Sarah (I) as [Manager] <17>
  28. Stolarczyk, Beth as [Beth S - Joe Dick TV Executive] <7>
  29. Taub, Katherine as [Brooke Carrington] <9>


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

When detective reality show loser, Nick Knight, is paid good money to try to find who killed the show's successful producer, Charles Forsythe Carrington, he teams up with the producer's gorgeous daughter and a fellow contestant to find out who killed him and why in this comedic romp! Throughout this hilarious slapstick journey, he's reminded of his shortcomings from his frank talking employer, Maria, butts heads with the producer's personal, uptight attorney, Dewey Chatem, and perpetually pesters the producer's chain smoking business partner, Winston Marlboro. The comedy is fast, physical and often absurd as we follow our bumbling hero to the climax. Will Nick solve the crime, get the girl and prove to everyone that he's Joe Dick? Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

SD: 10 September 2006 - 15 July 2007


  1. Bolla, Cira Felina

Film Editors

  1. Lindsay, Greg (I)


  1. Hernandez, Demi (key craft service)
  2. Kennedy, Scott (XII) (production assistant)
  3. Linh, Stacey (graphics supervisor)
  4. Lucchese (catering)
  5. Mann, Scott (IX) (production assistant)
  6. Miller, Donovan (script supervisor)
  7. Ruiz, Brian (production assistant)