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(Hollywood) USA

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Polimedia Communications [us]

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  1. Cort, Bud as (attached) [Priest]
  2. Sizemore, Tom as [John Ledger]


  1. Drama

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In the vein of Leaving Las Vegas, except the drug of choice is sex... A serious character-study of one man's descent into sex addiction and how it affects his family and friends. John Ledger is a handsome, 45-year-old, Southern Californian car salesman, who chases the demon of sex addiction while trying to maintain a normal life with wife, Mary and their teenage son, Brian. John has multiple affairs, romps with prostitutes, and various risqué sexual encounters which feed his uncontrollable lust for "The Big O". He loses touch with reality, gets arrested, and moves further away from his family and any type of spiritual life. A friend tries to help, even a local Priest, but John's denial is stagnant until he's beaten by a street hustler and hospitalized. Then comes an eye-opening stint in a sex addiction recovery program. John Ledger is not a pretty story, however it's one many men and women have in common yet never reveal. In reality, like alcoholism, sex addiction is a disease that destroys the human psyche. This is a very real problem in today's society which affects more than 40 million people worldwide and is rarely addressed. Joey Camen Plot not found