Joshua (2013) Movie

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Full Cast

  1. Marks, Alistair as [Joshua]
  2. Porter, Eden as [Phil]
  3. Brown, Mahalia as [Miriam]


  1. Comedy
  2. Romance
  3. Short

Full Plot

Joshua has a big crush on the girl at the local video shop, but has never had the cojones to ask her out. But when the blue prints to an arc mysteriously appear at his front door, torrential rain starts to pour down and animals arrive in twos, Joshua knows that he is going to need a woman. Now, Joshua must confront his fear, get the girl of his dream and save mankind. Easy, really. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Marks, Nicholas


  1. Dooley, Caitlin

Film Editors

  1. Snyder, Jaime