Judge Ice (2013) Movie

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Angel Motion Pictures [gb]
Canyon Pictures [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Gulbranson, Matthew James as [Rocks]
  2. Houskeeper, Bill as (rumored)
  3. Kickinger, Roland as (rumored)
  4. Mandylor, Louis as (rumored)
  5. Sønderholm, Kim as [Actor]
  6. Thornton, Brad (I) as
  7. Troyer, Verne as (rumored)
  8. Williams, Devin L. as
  9. Newman, Sofie as (rumored)
  10. Zapico, Marian as (rumored)


  1. Horror

Full Plot

It's dark night in 1884 when a torch-wielding mob pursues a nineteen-year old girl through a thick and unfriendly forest. Taking cover behind a stone well, young Callie Reiser barely escapes her pursuers. But before she can flee, Judge Ice, a horrible figure with sheet white hair, grabs her in an iron grip. Saying her blood will bring forth the Devil, he tries to slash Callie's throat. But before he can strike she pushes him, screaming, down the well - which is when Callie wakes out of the same nightmare she's had every night of her life. But as this tough young undercover police officer works through another rough day in a modern day city, it appears her terrible dreams are about to become reality. Through a series of bizarre circumstances, she ends up in Brahma City, a huge drug lab headquartered in an isolated warehouse. Trapped in the building, she has nowhere to go but down. Into the basement. Matt Walker Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 15,000,000