Justice Is Mind (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Affidavit Productions [us] - (presents)
The Ashton Times [us] - (presents)
Zone 5 Pictures [us] - (presents)

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One man's trial against science, faith and history.

courtroom, independent-film, mri, nazi-germany, patient-rights,

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Full Cast

  1. Afflick, David as [Ernst Miller]
  2. Aldershoff, Dmitri as [Gary Miller]
  3. Aldershoff, Vernon as [Henri Miller] <1>
  4. Bowes II, Edward as [Investigator - Defense] <15>
  5. Boyle, Nicholas as [Juror]
  6. Brandl, Jonathan as [Hospital Official] <18>
  7. Breen, Robert Paul as [Michael Sunderland]
  8. Brockmann, Van as [Juror]
  9. Bryn, Richard as [Detective Bisceglia]
  10. Burns, Andrew (XVIII) as [Gary Miller (age 10)]
  11. Connell, Angel as [Reincar Executive]
  12. Denmead, Chris as [Wedding Guest]
  13. Fitzgibbons, Dennis as [EMT]
  14. Foley, Mike (IX) as [Joseph Miller (age 30)]
  15. Gilmore, Mickey as [Fighter]
  16. Glenn, Robert (VI) as [Court Patron]
  17. Goldsmith, Robert (IV) as [Court Bailiff]
  18. Greenleaf, Dan as [Wedding Guest]
  19. Holmes, Ken (VII) as [Christopher Thomas] <11>
  20. Hurley, Brian (VII) as [Audience member]
  21. Lambert, Ruess as [EMT]
  22. Leveillee, Bob as [Mr. Oxford]
  23. Lima, Rob as [Audience member]
  24. Lussier, Paul (II) as [John Darrow] <3>
  25. Lyness, Finn as [Joseph Miller (age 8)]
  26. Lyons, Montgomery as [Detective Campbell]
  27. Mangan, Jesse as [Brian Kovski] <10>
  28. Mcpherson, Sean as [Andrew Moore]
  29. Phillips, Jeffrey (I) as [George Katz] <14>
  30. Pomfret III, Tom as [Richard Fanning] <12>
  31. Reid, Curtis (I) as [Valet]
  32. Saad, Anthony (II) as [Police Officer]
  33. Samela, John as [FVMRI Technician]
  34. Scott, Steven (XXV) as [Detective McPherson]
  35. Scott, Tyrone (III) as [Juror]
  36. Sewell, Richard (II) as [Joseph Miller]
  37. Simonds, Lee as [Man from Berlin] <16>
  38. Thivierge, Dennis as [Wedding Guest]
  39. Tomaiolo, Michael as [Restaurant Manager]
  40. Wynne, Andrew as [Hospital Extra]
  41. Aramento, Lynda as [Nurse Two]
  42. Argentine, Gale as [Doctor ER] <17>
  43. Banning, Michelle as [Reincar President]
  44. Bellas, Sophia as [Radiology Tech]
  45. Blash, Jamie as [Horse Trainer]
  46. Coin, Toula as [Reporter] <20>
  47. Colle, Susanne as [Reincar Executive]
  48. Cooper, Kathleen (II) as [Real Estate Agent]
  49. Cross, Diana (III) as [Reincar Executive]
  50. Curley, Grace as [Audience member]
  51. Dellatte, Paula as [Secretary to Dr. Pullman] <19>
  52. DuCasse, Emily (II) as [Wedding Guest]
  53. Fournier, Carlyne as [Dr. Eve Pullman] <6>
  54. Gannett, Chara Victoria as [Nancy Miller] <9>
  55. Goble, Amanda (II) as [FVMRI Technician]
  56. Gordon, Kim (V) as [Constance Smith] <4>
  57. Grant, Kelly (IV) as [Juror]
  58. Grant, Sheila (V) as [Jury Forewoman]
  59. Henderson, Margie as [Juror]
  60. Lashay Berenson, Kathy as [Reincar Executive]
  61. Lohnes, Jeanne as [Reincar Executive]
  62. Lund, Eleanor as [Juror]
  63. McNamara, Shannon (III) as [Court Clerk]
  64. Merriam, Kim as [FVMRI Technician]
  65. Mortensen, Michele as [Maria Miller] <5>
  66. O Neil, Kaite as [Juror]
  67. Rapoport, Robin Ann as [Margaret Miller] <2>
  68. Re, Virginia (III) as [Audience member]
  69. Sangiolo, Mary Jane Brennan as [Juror]
  70. Silvia, Carissa as [Birthday Party Guest]
  71. Sullivan, Gail as [Helen Granger]
  72. Waletkus, Susan as [Reincar Executive]
  73. Wegel, Cynthia as [Nurse]
  74. Wexler, Mary as [Judge Wagner] <7>
  75. Wright, Mary (VIII) as [Reincar Executive]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama
  3. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

Henri Miller is a successful restaurateur and family man living the American dream until he collapses from what appears to be a cerebral hemorrhage. Raced to the hospital Henri's wife Margaret learns that he has been seeing a neurologist in an attempt to diagnose unexplained headaches since his childhood. With one test remaining, Dr. Pullman convinces Henri to have the new FVMRI procedure-an MRI-like machine that reads long-term memory in video form. When the test reveals that Henri shot and killed two people on his farm, the first Superior Court trial with evidence introduced by the defendant's own memory is soon underway. Although Henri has no recollection of this memory, upon broadcast in court Henri's father Joseph immediately falls ill having witnessed that exact memory. With time running out and Henri's guilt of second degree murder all but assured, Margaret's desperate attempt to clear her husband soon reveals that Henri's mind will answer to all crimes-those of the past, present and beyond. Mark Lund Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 25,000

Music Composers

  1. Elek-Diamanta, Daniel


  1. Blaiklock, Jeremy

Film Editors

  1. Skolnick, Jared


  1. Doroz, Tomek (digital imaging technician)
  2. Doroz, Tomek (production assistant: location)
  3. Livernois, Chris (production assistant)
  4. O'Rourke, Brian (VI) (sound technician)
  5. Pitts, Caitie (production assistant)
  6. Pitts, Caitie (script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Milford, New Hampshire, USA
  2. Oxford, Massachusetts, USA
  3. Townsend, Massachusetts, USA
  4. Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA
  5. Andover, Massachusetts, USA
  6. Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA


- Mark Lund wrote Justice Is Mind in 2010 and produced the short film version Justice Is Mind: Evidence in 2011 to promote the feature length screenplay and as a capital raise vehicle. Based on the short, Lund raised the funding to produce Justice Is Mind.