"Justice League" (2001) {Legends: Part II (#1.17)} TV Season

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Overview "Justice League" Season 01 Episode 17 (S01E17)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.8/ 10 (75 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 28 April 2002

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Full Cast

  1. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) [Dr. Blizzard/Ice Cream Man] <13>
  2. Harris, Neil Patrick as (voice) [Ray Thompson] <10>
  3. Jones, Jeffrey (I) as (voice) [Sir Swami] <14>
  4. Katt, William as (voice) [Green Guardsman/Scott Mason] <6>
  5. Kier, Udo as (voice) [The Music Master] <11>
  6. LaMarr, Phil as (voice) [Green Lantern/John Stewart] <2>
  7. Lumbly, Carl as (voice) [J'onn J'onzz/The Martian Manhunter] <3>
  8. McGinley, Ted as (voice) [Tom Turbine] <8>
  9. McKean, Michael (I) as (voice) [The Sportsman/Sgt. O'Shaughnessey] <12>
  10. Naughton, David as (voice) [The Streak] <5>
  11. Root, Stephen (I) as (voice) [Cat Man] <7>
  12. Rosenbaum, Michael (I) as (voice) [The Flash/Wally West] <4>
  13. Canals-Barrera, Maria as (voice) (as Maria Canals) [Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol] <1>
  14. Hale, Jennifer (I) as (voice) [Black Siren/Donna Vance] <9>

Music Composers

  1. Ritmanis, Lolita

Film Editors

  1. Gall, Joe (I)


  1. Taylor, Dane (II) (production technology)


Ray Thompson: This is MY world... I decide who wins, and who loses! Green Guardsman: The Justice League needs our help! Tom Turbine: Wait! If what they said is true, defeating Ray could destroy this reality and everything in it. Black Siren: Including us. The Streak: [Long pause. They watch Ray using his powers on Green Lantern] We died once to save this Earth. And we can do it again! The Flash: That's it. I officially want to go home. Green Lantern: It's all over, Ray. Ray Thompson: It's been over before. I changed that! The Flash: Is it just me or are those two the only cops in this town? Hawkgirl: Are you okay? Green Lantern: It's stupid really. Why should I feel like this? I mean, they weren't even real. Hawkgirl: They gave their lives for us. That's real enough for me. The Streak: Only they would commit such a heinous act, and on a Sunday. Cat Man: [after barging on the Injustice Guild's blimp] Don't bother welcoming me aboard. Dr. Blizzard: We've sprung a leak. I can't control it! Cat Man: [throwing him out the door] Then I guess it's time to bail. J'onn J'onzz: The nuclear fallout from the war mutated his DNA, giving him the ability to mold this world to his choosing. Hawkgirl: So he chose to recreate it with the heroes he worshipped as a child. The Flash: Who could blame 'im? The Flash: You should've been there. It was so freaky. Those cornball villains with their bad puns, and the heroes with the decoder rings! What's up with that? Still, Black Siren *was* a hottie.


- Sir Swami says "It's true what they say, TV really is bad for you." 'Jeffrey Jones (I)' (qv), who voices Sir Swami, starred in the movie _Stay Tuned (1992)_ (qv) as the devil who gives an unsuspecting couple a remote that sucks them into a demonic TV reality.

- This episode is dedicated to the memory of 'Gardner Fox' (qv), a DC Comics writer who worked on the original Justice League comic. Fox scripted the first JLA/JSA team-up in Justice League comics and he is also credited with the creation of the DC "Multiverse."

- SPOILER: Originally when Ray Thompson is exposed, he starts referring to himself as "Brainwave", a villain from the Justice Society of America comics. However, this never made it to the screen since the producers weren't able to use any Golden Age characters directly.