"Justice League" (2001) {Patriot Act (#5.7)} TV Season

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Overview "Justice League" Season 05 Episode 07 (S05E07)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.5/ 10 (72 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 25 February 2006

Running Time


black-and-white-scene, corruption, paranoia,

Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Beach, Michael (I) as (voice) [Mr. Terrific/Michael Holt] <6>
  2. Bennett, Jeff (I) as (voice) [Rick Wilson/Nazi Scientist] <11>
  3. Cox, Chris (I) as (voice) [Shining Knight/Sir Justin/Cop] <2>
  4. Erwin, Mike (II) as (voice) [Speedy/Roy Harper] <9>
  5. Fillion, Nathan as (voice) [Vigilante/Greg Saunders/Spy Smasher/Alan Armstrong] <5>
  6. LaMarr, Phil as (voice) [Green Lantern/John Stewart/S.T.R.I.P.E./Patrick Dugan/Cadmus Scientist] <4>
  7. Shriner, Kin as (voice) [Green Arrow/Ollie Queen] <3>
  8. Simmons, J.K. as (voice) [General Wade Eiling/German Agent/Bystander] <1>
  9. Loren, Giselle as (voice) [Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore] <7>
  10. Pounder, CCH as (voice) [Amanda Waller/Elderly Woman] <8>
  11. Strong, Tara as (voice) [Johnny/Caitlin O'Shaugnessy-Ruiz] <10>

Music Composers

  1. Carter, Kristopher


[discussing a movie they've just watched] Shining Knight: No, his proper duty is to his police captain. I see why they call him "Dirty." He besmirches his order. Vigilante: Sir Justin, if you want to be watchin' stuff on my big TV with the 5.1 surround sound, you had best watch what you say about Mr. Clint Eastwood. [the superpowered General Eiling has just defeated all the other League members he was fighting] General Wade Eiling: [yelling to the heavens] Superman, you coward! All your men are down, and you won't even show your face! Shining Knight: [stepping out of the settling dust] He cannot hear even your bellowing, monster. As we speak, Superman rescues an entire star system a universe away. Do your worst. I'll not let you harm another. General Wade Eiling: I do what I do in service to my country. Shining Knight: Once at the word of my lord, King Arthur, I was ordered to lay waste to an entire village. I knew my king's heart could not be so unjust. So I spared them all. General Wade Eiling: Then you're a lousy soldier. [the General punches Shining Knight] Shining Knight: There it is, the creeping moral decay of the past thousand years. [Shining Knight swings at the General and misses] Shining Knight: Arthur thanked me, oaf. Had I been wrong, I would have handed over my sword and left the court in shame. [Shining Knight rushes the General, the General throws him down] General Wade Eiling: Save yourself a hospital stay and stand down. That magic armor won't help you. Shining Knight: Have at thee! [Shining Knight rushes the General, who smashes him into the ground] General Wade Eiling: You're a relic. In this world, power is the only thing that matters. You and those other no-name heroes, you're just people, in the great scheme of things, nothing you do has the least bit of significance. [General punches Shining Knight across the street] General Wade Eiling: I'll waste you and billion like you before I let any power rival America's. It's my duty. Shining Knight: You don't know what the word means. General Wade Eiling: You can't win. Shining Knight: I'll die as befits a knight. Defending the weak. [Shining Knight tries to stand up but can't] General Wade Eiling: Why don't you give up? Shining Knight: Why don't you? General Wade Eiling: Where's Superman? Green Arrow: Busy. Can I help you? General Wade Eiling: Yeah, hold this for me! [Eiling throws a giant piece of debris at the League members] [even a direct hit from the Quantum Arrow doesn't stop General Eiling] Speedy: We are so dead! Green Arrow: Could be. [Green Arrow and Speedy are pelting Eiling with arrows, which are having no effect] General Wade Eiling: You spoiled, rich little twerp! Green Arrow: I think he means me. Speedy: Oh. For a second, I was all mad. Vigilante: Ha! The exact second the movie's over, we get a mission. Dang if that ain't lucky! [the heroes are part of a parade] Shining Knight: I'd slay the ogre Blunderbore all over again rather than put myself on display in this manner, even though that ogre turned out to be... Vigilante, Green Arrow, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E.: Morgan LeFay. S.T.R.I.P.E.: We've all heard it. Shining Knight: ...'tis a good story. Vigilante: [after Courtney displays her powers] Stargirl, ladies and gentlemen! The all-American sweetheart! Stargirl: Wow, you really know how to work a crowd. Vigilante: Shoot, if I'd brung my gui-tar, I'd have 'em eating outta my hand. General Wade Eiling: I mean it! Get Superman and tell him General Wade Eiling wants a word with him. Green Arrow: Eiling? From Cadmus? John Stewart: What happened? That beat-down he handed you last year leave you with Superman issues? General Wade Eiling: He's your poster-boy. I'm gonna show the Justice League that you're not the only superpower on the block. That there's someone who can stop you. I'm here to protect them [motions to the crowd] from you. General Wade Eiling: [picking up a car to smash Shining Knight] Superman and your Justice League are a threat to a safe and stable world. Elderly Woman: [Standing inbetween Shinning Knight and Eiling] Drop the act. You think killing Superman would make the world safe? Or killing this boy? Or us? Tell me, how many of us do you have to kill to keep us safe? General Wade Eiling: They're the ones I'm after, not you. I'm not the menace, Metahumans are! Superpowered beings. Johnny: You're the only one around here with super powers! [Eiling stops, dropping the car] General Wade Eiling: ...All right, I've become what I hate, I'll give you that. But in the long run, you'll see I was right. You'll see you need the likes of me to protect you from them. [during the battle with the General, Mr. Terrific finally calls to say he's scrounged up reinforcements] Green Arrow: You wanted Superman? You got... [two forms materialize - the Crimson Avenger, and Speedy] Green Arrow: ...the Crimson Avenger, and my ex-sidekick. Speedy: [turns to him] Ex-PARTNER. Green Arrow: Speedy, we gotta do this now? [during the parade in Metropolis] Vigilante: And how about the Shining Knight here? Sir Justin, a genuine knight in armor from the days of King Arthur! Shining Knight: Friend, I am no mare at auction. Vigilante: [slaps Justin's horse] Hee-yah! [Winged Victory spreads his wings and flies into the air. The crowd ooh's and aah's] Vigilante: How 'bout a big hand for Winged Victory, Sir Justin's horse? And get a look at his magic sword, a gift from Merlin the Magician hisself! [Justin sighs and draws his sword, holding it aloft. More ooh'ing and aah'ing, and applause]


- General Wade Eiling's brutish persona is never officially named, but it is similar in appearance and ability to when he transferred his mind into the body of the Shaggy Man, an indestructible brute who first fought the original Justice League of America in the 1960s and would reappear sporadically in subsequent years, and shaved its body, renaming himself "The General".

- The seven Justice Leaguers taking part in the parade represent The Seven Soldiers of Victory, a classic DC Comics team of the Golden Age. The first version of this team featured Shining Knight, Vigilante, the Star-Spangled Kid, Stripesy, Green Arrow, Speedy, and the Crimson Avenger. Stripesy would eventually become S.T.R.I.P.E., but since the Star-Spangled Kid has not been depicted in the DCAU, he is replaced here with the natural inclusion of Stargirl, who went by the name Star-Spangled Kid for a while in the comics.

- The smart-mouthed group of street kids who first mock the reserve Justice Leaguers and later assist them are not named as such, but are dead ringers for DC's Newsboy Legion.

- The description used for the super-soldier, "Nothing less than an artillery shell will be able to penetrate his