"Kavanagh QC" (1995) {A Family Affair (#1.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Kavanagh QC" Season 01 Episode 03 (S01E03)



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7.1/ 10 (20 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 17 January 1995

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Full Cast

  1. Ashby, Robert (I) as [D.I. Bryce] <3>
  2. Bertenshaw, Michael as [Michael Barnard QC] <5>
  3. Brodie, Tom (I) as [Matt Kavanagh] <6>
  4. Cairns, Adrian as [Judge Fairfax] <7>
  5. Costigan, George (I) as [Michael Duggan] <9>
  6. Dixon, Richard (I) as [Roy Heston] <10>
  7. Dowling, Mike (I) as [Geoff Green] <12>
  8. England, Peter (I) as [Peter Duggan] <13>
  9. Ford Davies, Oliver as [Peter Foxcott QC] <14>
  10. Howard, Richard (II) as [Dr. Stephen Grindlay] <17>
  11. Jones, Nicholas (I) as [Jeremy Aldermarten QC] <18>
  12. Omer, Stephen as [Teacher] <24>
  13. Parisi, Cliff as [Tom Buckley] <25>
  14. Patrick, Nick (I) as [Luke] <26>
  15. Phillips, Neville as [Head Teacher] <27>
  16. Scott, Dougray as [Terry Fisher] <28>
  17. Seely, Tim (I) as [Judge Baxter] <29>
  18. Shrapnel, John as [Mr. Justice Griffin] <30>
  19. Spooner, Tony as [Clerk of the Court] <31>
  20. Thaw, John as [James Kavanagh QC] <1>
  21. Aird, Holly as [Judy Simmons] <2>
  22. Bates, Daisy as [Kate Kavanagh] <4>
  23. Chancellor, Anna as [Julia Piper] <8>
  24. Dixon, Shirley as [Patricia Runcorn] <11>
  25. Evans, Kate Lynn as (as Kate Lynn-Evans) [Helen Wilkes] <21>
  26. Harrow, Lisa as [Lizzie Kavanagh] <15>
  27. Hayes, Annie (I) as [Elaine Winston] <16>
  28. Jules, Jenny (I) as [Alex Wilson] <19>
  29. Logan, Phyllis (I) as [Samantha Fisher] <20>
  30. McFadyen, Myra as [Hilary Dixon] <22>
  31. McKevitt, Sharon as [Journalist] <23>
  32. Willcox, Toyah as [Deborah Drake] <32>
  33. Wolf, Rita as [Nayana Singh] <33>

Full Plot

Michael Duggan has received an eight month sentence for kidnapping his own son. Kavanagh defended him and now Duggan's ex-wife and her new husband are seeking a court order banning all contact between him and the child. The case takes a turn when Duggan reveals to his solicitor that the boy's stepfather is abusing him. In a separate case, Kavanagh is prosecuting a pornographer whose defense is that her work is art. At home, Kavanagh faces the inevitable when daughter Kate wants her boyfriend to spend the night. In Chambers, Aldermarten considers running for Parliament and asks a special favor from Julia. garykmcd Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Dudley, Anne


  1. Walters, Nigel

Dress Designers

  1. Yelland, Sue

Film Editors

  1. Douglas, Clare


  1. Sharkey, Richard (I) (assistant location manager) (uncredited)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New River Head, Rosebery Avenue, Finsbury, London, England, UK - (exterior: social services offices)