"Kavanagh QC" (1995) {Briefs Trooping Gaily (#4.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Kavanagh QC" Season 04 Episode 03 (S04E03)



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8.1/ 10 (10 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 31 March 1998

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Full Cast

  1. Davis, John (XXV) as [Opera Director]
  2. Ford Davies, Oliver as [Peter Foxcott QC]
  3. Grosvenor Light Opera Company, The as [Gilbert & Sullivan Choir]
  4. Harris, George (II) as [Mr. Justice Fayne]
  5. Ingram, Anthony (II) as [Superintendent]
  6. Jackson, Barry (I) as [Depp]
  7. Jones, Nicholas (I) as [Jeremy King Louis Aldermarten QC]
  8. Kingston, Mark (I) as [Algie Padsey]
  9. Lee, Roy (V) as [Chelmsford Usher]
  10. MacDonald, Robert David as [Mr. Justice Bast]
  11. Midwinter, Danny as [Gary]
  12. Parisi, Cliff as [Tom Buckley]
  13. Pearson, James (VI) as [Rogers]
  14. Quentin, John (I) as [Hearsalgh QC]
  15. Smee, Anthony as [Brown QC]
  16. Thaw, John as [James Kavanagh QC]
  17. Trahair, Richard as [PCC Clerk]
  18. Vance, Chris (I) as [Yob]
  19. Down, Angela as [Angela Beddoes]
  20. Edmond, Valerie as [Emma Taylor]
  21. Front, Rebecca (I) as [Cathy Winslow]
  22. Lovell, Annelies as [Flighty WDC]
  23. McKevitt, Sharon as (as Sharron McKevitt) [Radiographer]
  24. Steadman, Lynda as [Elaine Sturmer]
  25. Watson, June (I) as [Mrs. White]

Full Plot

Kavanagh, who is still mourning his wife's death, has to defend a woman charged with killing her abusive husband. Despite having a good case for manslaughter, she seems determined to plead guilty to murder. Meanwhile Jeremy is torn between the demands of his lead role in a Gilbert & Sullivan production; and a charge of professional misconduct for looking at a defense brief. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Keane, John E. (as John Keane)


  1. Maidment, Rex

Dress Designers

  1. Yelland, Sue

Film Editors

  1. Sharpe, Martin (I)


  1. Clarke, Marilyn (I) (production coordinator)
  2. Etherington, David (II) (legal consultant)
  3. Harlow, Pauline (script supervisor)
  4. Pursey, Rob (script editor)
  5. Rowlatt, Scott (location manager)
  6. Twiddy, Dianne (production accountant)
  7. Wall, Julia (II) (assistant to producer)