"Kavanagh QC" (1995) {Job Satisfaction (#2.6)} TV Season

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Overview "Kavanagh QC" Season 02 Episode 06 (S02E06)



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6.8/ 10 (14 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 2 April 1996

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Full Cast

  1. Byrne, Michael (I) as [Judge Ransome]
  2. Carrington, Nigel as [Clerk of the Court]
  3. Cavanah, Robert as [Duncan Pembridge]
  4. Ferda, Mem as [Sgt. Wright]
  5. Ford Davies, Oliver as [Peter Foxcott QC]
  6. Fox, Grahame as [Policeman]
  7. Johnson, Richard (I) as [Lord Justice Fenwick]
  8. Jones, Nicholas (I) as [Jeremy Aldermarten QC]
  9. Kingdom, Bob as [Gerry Wainwright]
  10. Malik, Art as [Ashok Prasad QC]
  11. Malpas, George as [Alfred Kavanagh]
  12. Nicholls, Harry (II) as [Reporter]
  13. Paramor, Aron as (as Aaron Paramor) [Connor]
  14. Parisi, Cliff as [Tom Buckley]
  15. Rhys, Paul as [Sam Wicks]
  16. Terence, David (I) as [Dr. Michael Ashurst]
  17. Thaw, John as [James Kavanagh QC]
  18. Welling, Albert as [Grahame Kavanagh]
  19. Bailey, Rosalind as [Cynthia Kavanagh]
  20. Bates, Daisy as [Kate Kavanagh]
  21. Budimir, Jelena as [Prison Warder]
  22. Chancellor, Anna as [Julia Piper]
  23. Cruikshank, Marty as (as Marty Cruickshank) [Barbara Tully]
  24. Fielding, Emma as [Caroline Wicks]
  25. Harrow, Lisa as [Lizzie Kavanagh]
  26. Heywood, Jean as [Marjorie Kavanagh]
  27. Ritchie, Vivienne (I) as [Diana Taylor]
  28. Whiteley, Arkie as [Helen Ames]

Full Plot

Sam and Caroline Wicks,a brother and sister, are charged with killing their father and step-mother,from which they gain financially. Sam is a very forceful character, whom Kavanagh must dissuade from conducting his own defence, and Caroline has a clear dependency on him, possibly being controlled by him. The defence is successful but an aggrieved relative wants the case re-opening,assured of Sam's guilt. Kavanagh has to cope with his ailing mother's death meanwhile. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found