Killer Holiday (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
RIDICULOUS Pictures [us]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

a KILLER thriller.


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Full Cast

  1. Calloway, Matt as [Trevor] <7>
  2. Copon, Michael as [Melvin 'Spider' Holiday] <1>
  3. Copon, Puffy as [Willie]
  4. Fuse (I) as [Fuse]
  5. Gibbings, Noah as [Cody] <8>
  6. Harwell, Brian as [Taylor's Dad]
  7. Hoag, Rich as [Henry Lee] <10>
  8. Kevin, Iam as [Man dragged behind car]
  9. Koons, Jon (II) as [Cammi's Dad]
  10. Koons, Jon (III) as [Cammi's Dad]
  11. Lazar, Brett as [Detective M. Nichols]
  12. Mandel, Alex (I) as [Derrick] <4>
  13. Mantooth, Randolph as [Detective Bodrogi] <11>
  14. Miller, Terry T. as [Officer B. Edwards]
  15. Namminga, David as [Dylan] <7>
  16. Neal, Luke (II) as [Young Spider]
  17. No-No, Oko as [Oko No No]
  18. Olivera, Gabriel as [Adam] <9>
  19. Shepard, Steve (IV) as [Detective J. Tati]
  20. Sox, Argyle as [Detective W. Allen]
  21. Spears, Bruce as [Carl the Mechanic]
  22. Taylor, Chad (XIV) as [Detective Hitchcock]
  23. Thomas, Marty (I) as [Wild Jack]
  24. Triproy as [Musician on Route 66]
  25. Vasquez, Tezozomoc as [Spider's Father]
  26. Zuber, Jon (I) as [Detective Zak Roy Hill]
  27. Kane, Kristina Marie as [Jessica]
  28. Lara, Rachel as [Taylor] <2>
  29. Ramos, Victoria J. as [Girl in Dream]
  30. Scanlon, Jenna (I) as [Taylor's Mom]
  31. Shalhoob, Sydney Rae as [Young Cammi] <10>
  32. Sharp, Melissa as [Route 66 Flirty Girl]
  33. Shove, Olivia as [Ashley]
  34. Stern, Julia Beth as [Cammi] <3>
  35. Thomas, Sunni as [Red Convertable Owner]
  36. Vogel, Jennifer (I) as [Cammi's Mom]
  37. Wixom, Rachel as [Madison] <5>


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

Taylor, a former juvenile delinquent, convinces straight-'A' student, Cammi to join her and her friends on a Spring Break road trip through the California desert. Ignoring evil premonitions from Cammi, the 8 friends party heavily as they get farther and farther away from civilization along old Route 66 with a killer in pursuit. Anxiety builds as each stop along the way proves stranger and stranger until the group is lured to an abandoned amusement park with a mysterious past far off the main highway. There the group discovers that the park comes complete with broken down vintage carnival rides, shocking surprises, the smell of death, and an enticing, young tattooed serial killer named Spider. Jon Zuber, Marty Thomas Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Oldman, Kurt


  1. Wixom, Thor (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Muscatine, Josh


  1. Adler, Samantha (production assistant)
  2. Alvear, Camilo (production assistant)
  3. Basehart, Gayla (make-up technical consultant)
  4. Blair, Christina Marie (assistant to director & producer)
  5. Cambridge, Cyrus (end titles digital logo artist)
  6. Coker, Aaron (production assistant)
  7. Cruickshank, Ian (sound mix)
  8. Deltorchio, Danielle (production staff)
  9. Dominguez, Laura (location manager)
  10. Epstein, Susan (business & legal consultant)
  11. Freberg, Christina (production associate)
  12. Fredrickson, Jerry (production assistant)
  13. Inoscoe, Stephanie (key craft service)
  14. Janowski, Justin (production assistant)
  15. Jijawi, Odette (pre-production assistant)
  16. Jones, Sarah B. (script supervisor)
  17. Kimbrell, Kaiulani (special features interviewer)
  18. Lawhon, Shelise (script transcriber)
  19. McMullen, Mason (production assistant)
  20. Meckley, Spencer (production assistant)
  21. Millett, Christoph J. (production assistant)
  22. Nelson, 'Camilo' Alvear (production assistant)
  23. Nelson, Jody (II) (script supervisor)
  24. Noochla-or, Nicholas (production assistant)
  25. Peinedo, Pablo (production assistant)
  26. Perez, Melissa (VII) (production assistant)
  27. Rivera, Ricarte (I) (additional publicist)
  28. Rivera, Ricarte (I) (production assistant) (as Ricarte J. Rivera)
  29. Rodriquez, Philip (production assistant)
  30. Smith, Tabitha (key production assistant)
  31. Steele, Brittany (production assistant)
  32. Sterling, Eileen (studio teacher)
  33. Walters, Ashley (II) (production assistant)
  34. Zuber, Zoe (story editor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Ventura, California, USA
  2. Oatman, Arizona, USA
  3. Laughlin, Nevada, USA
  4. Route 66 Vintage Locations
  5. Santa Ventura Studios, Ventura, California, USA
  6. Ojai, California, USA
  7. Iron Horse Studios, USA
  8. Elmers Bottle Tree Forest, Oro Grande, California, USA
  9. Laughlin, Nevada, USA
  10. Los Angeles, California, USA
  11. Oatman, Arizona, USA
  12. Santa Barbara, California, USA
  13. Ventura, California, USA