"Killer Wave" (2007) {(#1.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Killer Wave" Season 01 Episode 01 (S01E01)



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Production Company
Muse Entertainment Enterprises [ca]

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Release Date
(Finland) - 26 January 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Apergis, Andreas as [Aslan Bukhari] <10>
  2. Armstrong, Michael (III) as [Maine Local Reporter] <36>
  3. Bisping, Alexander as [The Janitor/Assassin] <16>
  4. Croft, Bill as [Police Captain] <19>
  5. Dandenault, Louis Philippe as (as Louis-Philippe Dandenault) [Marlon Clark] <3>
  6. Day, Larry (I) as [Highway Patrolman Larry] <14>
  7. de Francesco, Michael as [Chauffeur] <30>
  8. Dinsmore, Bruce as [Jackson Wilcord] <8>
  9. Dugal, Miguel as (as Miguel Dugual) [Male Assassin] <40>
  10. Gatehouse, Kyle as [Cool Teen with video camera] <33>
  11. Heyerdahl, Christopher as [Stanley Schiff] <9>
  12. Holden, Arthur (I) as [Reporter Brand] <25>
  13. Laforest, André as (uncredited) [Passerby]
  14. Leboeuf, Clarence as (as Laurence Leboeuf) [Tina] <22>
  15. Lo Dico, Gerardo as (uncredited) [Maine State Trooper]
  16. Mabe, Ricky as [Jeff] <21>
  17. Macfadyen, Angus (I) as (as Angus MacFadyen) [John McAdams] <1>
  18. McGowan, James (I) as [Reporter Erik Adjuk] <32>
  19. McHattie, Stephen as [Edgard Powell] <6>
  20. Robinson, John (V) as [Frank Brisick] <4>
  21. Rowat, Bill as [Field Doctor] <37>
  22. Skerritt, Tom as [Victor Bannister] <5>
  23. Smith, Ivan (I) as [Vikram Sanjee] <23>
  24. Songui, Kwasi as [Highway Patrol Officer #1] <31>
  25. Topor, John as [National Guard Soldier] <38>
  26. Tsar, Mike as [Jasper the Trucker] <24>
  27. Vrana, Vlasta as [Heinz Litchner] <12>
  28. Braber, Nicole as [Anne Bannister] <27>
  29. Busby, Cindy as [Grad Student] <34>
  30. Colvey, Catherine as [Bannister Nurse] <18>
  31. David, Ellen (I) as [Annabelle] <7>
  32. Glover, Susan as [Red Cross Doctor] <20>
  33. Graham, Lori (I) as [Anchorperson Pamela Sills] <35>
  34. Hopkins, Anna (I) as [Mel] <11>
  35. Larkin, Sheena as [Sarah] <17>
  36. Lawrence, Cary as [Soccer Mom/Assassin] <15>
  37. Little, Pauline as [Red Cross Adminstrator] <29>
  38. Mantel, Bronwen as [Margaret Bannister] <26>
  39. Noyes, Joanna as [Diner Cashier] <28>
  40. Smith, Linda (VII) as (as Linda E. Smith) [Olivia McPhee] <13>
  41. Vanasse, Karine as [Sophie Marleau] <2>
  42. Wiseman, Valérie as [Woman Assassin] <39>

Full Plot

The scientist and novelist John McAdams is summoned to an emergency meeting of scientists at the Preston Point Institute to discuss a tsunami that has hit the Southern New Jersey Shore. Eight years ago, John created man-made tidal waves with his Sea Lion Project; during the experiments, his beloved wife Ann had died and he quit working as scientist. Now the scientists discuss the possibility of a terrorist attack. When John returns home, he finds that someone has planted a file in his computer with classified information to incriminate him since he had written a sci-fi novel about terrorists using tidal waves to destroy the USA. When a second tsunami reaches the Maine, John becomes the prime suspect and is chased by the FBI and the police. Meanwhile he investigates the events with his former colleague and friend Sophie Marleau and when he follows the money, he discloses a huge conspiracy with economical interests of the Camtrell Corporation to construct the Sea Wall defense system to protect the American coast. Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Corbeil, Normand


  1. Jodoin, Pierre

Dress Designers

  1. Nadon, Claire

Film Editors

  1. Papillon, Denis


  1. Bernard, Loïc (producer's assistant)
  2. Bilodeau, Michel (I) (production assistant)
  3. Bougie-Boyer, Julie (production assistant)
  4. Bourque, Christian (production assistant)
  5. Brassard, Mireille (first assistant accountant)
  6. Brisson, Daniel (II) (production assistant)
  7. Campbell, Andrew (II) (arms wrangler)
  8. Casavant, Patrick (production assistant)
  9. Cox, Michael (XXI) (intern)
  10. Cyr, Manon (clearance coordinator)
  11. Davignon, Caroline (production assistant)
  12. De Pietro, Kim (location manager)
  13. Ducros, Kateri (muse accountant)
  14. Dumouchel, Linda (second assistant accountant)
  15. Déry, Nathalie (assistant location manager)
  16. Faughnan, Lorri (business affairs)
  17. Forget, Evelyne (business affairs)
  18. Fradette, Martin (production assistant)
  19. Gibson, Cory (I) (production coordinator: Halifax)
  20. Girard, Suzanne (II) (production accountant)
  21. Goulet, Sophie (I) (production secretary)
  22. Guenette, Tommy (production assistant) (as Tommy Guénette)
  23. Guglieri, Nadia (script supervisor: second unit)
  24. Hammadi, Nadia (producer's assistant)
  25. Harrison, Robert (VII) (medic)
  26. Hatin, David (production assistant) (as David Hatin-Bourdeau)
  27. Jackson, Greg (XXI) (office production assistant: Halifax)
  28. Karystsiotis, Georgia (receptionist)
  29. Lachapelle, France (script supervisor)
  30. Lavoie, Mélanie (I) (production coordinator)
  31. Leblanc, Steve (production assistant) (as Steeve Leblanc)
  32. Marcel, Mathew (medic)
  33. McColl, Lucy (assistant production coordinator: Halifax)
  34. Morissette, Caroline (script trainee)
  35. Ouimet, Zachary (II) (receptionist)
  36. Ouimet-Chiriaeff, Valérie (stand-in: Karine Vanasse)
  37. Palik, Betty (unit publicist)
  38. Robidoux, Marcel (assistant craft)
  39. Rocheleau, Sylvain (stand-in: Angus MacFadyen)
  40. Savage-Bouchard, Pascale (assistant craft additional) (as Pascale Savage-Blanchard)
  41. Scholey, Liam (intern)
  42. Taman, Larry (office runner)
  43. Trudel, Corine (assistant location manager)
  44. Vaudrin, Mike (craft service) (as Michel Vaudrin)
  45. Verrette, Denis (production assistant) (as Denis Verette)