Killing Lincoln (2013) (TV) TV

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.2/ 10 (138 Votes)

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Production Company
Herzog & Company [us]
Scott Free Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 17 February 2013

Running Time



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Full Cast

  1. Ambler, Jeremy as [George Robinson]
  2. Batchelder, Jim as [Southern spy]
  3. Beckel, Graham as [Edwin Stanton] <6>
  4. Bennett, Logan as [John McCullough]
  5. Callahan, Shane as [Lieutenant Bolton] <39>
  6. Campbell, Billy (VII) as [Abraham Lincoln] <1>
  7. Carlson, Joseph as [Major Henry Rathbone]
  8. Carroll, Paul W. as [Admiral David D. Porter]
  9. Cartmill, Christopher as [James P. Ferguson]
  10. Collie, Andrew (I) as [James McCollom]
  11. Cooper, Greg (I) as [Alexander Gardner]
  12. Dabrowski, Kam as [James Tanner] <4>
  13. Dalton, Brett (II) as [Robert Todd Lincoln] <5>
  14. Dunkin, Ryan G. as [Harry Clay Ford]
  15. Easterling, Ed as [Chief Justice Cartter]
  16. Eichling, James Ike as [Gidgeon Wells Sect Navy]
  17. Eisenson, Vince as [J.L. Debonay]
  18. Elder, Brian (I) as [Sailor]
  19. Ellenberger, Barry as [Lt. Luther Baker]
  20. Flannagan, Ford as [E. A. Emerson]
  21. Fletcher, Todd as [Edman Spangler] <8>
  22. Foster, David (VIII) as [James Gifford]
  23. Freeman, Levi as [William Kent]
  24. Furr, David as [Frederick Seward]
  25. Gibson, Chance as [McGowan] <51>
  26. Goodwin, Michael (I) as [Captain Arvold]
  27. Gums, Jef as [Emrick Hansell]
  28. Gums, Steve as [Augustus Seward]
  29. Hackman, Matt as [Charles Leale] <12>
  30. Hall, Lucas N. as [Union Soldier]
  31. Halpern, Mark as [George Atzerodt]
  32. Hanks, Tom as [Narrator]
  33. Holmes, Myke as [Dr. Albert Freeman Africanus King]
  34. Hunt, Caleb as [W. H. Crook]
  35. Irving, Shaun as [John F. Parker]
  36. Johnson, Jesse (III) as [John Wilkes Booth] <2>
  37. Johnson, Raymond H. as [Ford's Theatre Patron]
  38. Johnson, Ted (V) as [William Seward]
  39. Kaine, Jaiden as [Oswell Swann]
  40. Key, Clarence as [Ford's Theatre Patron,Saloon Patron,Person in Street]
  41. Lemon, Lance as [William Bell] <15>
  42. Ludden, George as [Richard Garrett]
  43. Marshall, Robert Neal as [B.A. Hill]
  44. Mulcahy, Seamus as [David Herold]
  45. Murray, Josh (II) as [Lewis Powell]
  46. Myers, Clayton as [Henry S. Safford]
  47. Nappo, Vince as [Harry Hawk] <13>
  48. Nelson, Durrell as [Rev Phineas Gurley]
  49. Nelson, Robert Lucas as [Richmond Man]
  50. Novak, Roger (I) as [John Buckingham]
  51. O Donnell, Kevin Lawrence (II) as [Samuel Cox]
  52. Pabo, Matthew as ['Peanuts' Burroughs]
  53. Perkinson, Benjamin as [Tad Lincoln]
  54. Perkinson, Eleanor as [Clair Harris] <6>
  55. Pyfrom, Shawn as [Pvt. John W. Nichols] <10>
  56. Repoley, Willie as [Dr. Charles Taft]
  57. Scarboro, Mark as [John Mathews]
  58. Shiflett, Mike (I) as [Hon. Hugh McCullough]
  59. Shull, Lancer Dean as [Edward P. Doherty]
  60. Stober, Paul (II) as [John LLoyd]
  61. Tchaikovsky, Johnathan as [Crawford] <11>
  62. Thomas, William L. as [Surgeon General Barnes] <50>
  63. Tyree, Keith as [Gen. Christopher C. Augur]
  64. Warner, Richard (III) as [Ezra Abbott]
  65. Williams, Nick (XXIII) as [Albert Daggett]
  66. Wilson, Regen as [Peter Taltavul]
  67. Carter, Wendy (I) as [Mrs. Dixon]
  68. Coons, Blythe as [Laura Keene]
  69. Drew, Eleanor (II) as [Clara Harris]
  70. Eshleman, Sara as [Asia Booth]
  71. Honaker, Audra as [Fanny Seward]
  72. Hughes, Geraldine as [Mary Todd Lincoln] <3>
  73. Johnson, Tamara (III) as [Mrs. Mountchessington]
  74. Leigh, Christy as [The Prostitute]
  75. O Sullivan, Erinn as [Clara Morris]


  1. Biography
  2. Drama
  3. History
  4. War

Total Business

BT: USD 2,000,000

Music Composers

  1. Buckley, David (V)


  1. Benning, Jeremy

Dress Designers

  1. Andrews, Amy (II)


National Geographic [us] - (2013) (USA) (TV)


  1. Atkinson, Rachel (I) (script supervisor)
  2. Bell, Jane Sakowski (key craft services)
  3. Blacksten, Dawn (location manager)
  4. Brunkhardt, Ben (historical consultant)
  5. Campion, April (locations production assistant)
  6. Crawford, Lisa Figueroa (assistant production coordinator)
  7. De Groof, Wim (stand-in for Billy Campbell)
  8. Frayser, Dylan (production assistant)
  9. Jones, Josh (XXXIV) (production assistant)
  10. Kamis, Marlee (production assistant)
  11. Marchetti, Meghan (production assistant)
  12. Mumford, Josh (assistant location manager)
  13. Nanney, Adrian (stand-in)
  14. Petska, Shannon (travel coordinator)
  15. Shelton, Kenneth (head wrangler)
  16. Wood, Richard H. (set production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Petersburg, Virginia, USA
  2. The Museum of the Confederacy, 1201 E. Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  3. Richmond, Virginia, USA
  4. Virginia State Capital, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  5. Virginia Rep Center - 114 W. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, USA - (theatre scene)
  6. Virginia Rep Center - 114 W. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, USA