Killing Winston Jones (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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RadioactiveGiant [us]

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Two elderly gentlemen race toward life's most intriguing mystery; Death


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Full Cast

  1. Clark, Dennis (VII) as [Ashmore Rep]
  2. Dreyfuss, Richard as [Winston Jones] <1>
  3. Glover, Danny as [Washington Carver] <3>
  4. Heder, Jon as [Edwin Jones] <4>
  5. Jones, Daniel (XII) as [Sheriff]
  6. Kicklighter, Bob as [Referee]
  7. Kicklighter, James as [Boy Cheerleader]
  8. Krueger, Matthew (II) as [Deputy]
  9. Kuipers, Canon (I) as [Young Ethan]
  10. Labine, Tyler as [Doug Beaudin] <5>
  11. Marion, Tyler as [Wedding Goer]
  12. Masterson, Danny as [Ethan Jones] <2>
  13. Miller, Mark Jeffrey as [Building Inspector]
  14. Moore, Joel David as [Paavo]
  15. Rivers, Jermaine (III) as [Deputy]
  16. Staab, Lawrence E. as [Doctor #2]
  17. Taylor, Randall (I) as [Dr. Hudson]
  18. Thomas, Michael Wayne as [Doctor #1]
  19. Watterson, Ryan as [Flashback Teacher]
  20. Williamson, Bruce (III) as [Cryogenic Engineer]
  21. Barrett, Dandy as [Mrs. Flemming]
  22. Batson, Maggie as [Young Cookie]
  23. Brandt, Lesley-Ann as [Virginia Carver] <6>
  24. Chase, Angelique as [Nurse Carol] <13>
  25. Cryer, Morgan (I) as (uncredited) [Cheerleader Hopeful]
  26. Fisher, Joely as [Devon]
  27. Gannon, Whitaker as [Cheerleader]
  28. Locke, Alisa as [Virginia Stand In]
  29. Markella, Desiree as [Cocoa]
  30. Michalka, Aly as [Cookie Jones] <7>
  31. Misenheimer, Ella Grace as [Cheerleader/Featured]
  32. Oberer, Angela as [Mrs. Centerwall]
  33. Ousley, Lauren as [PTA Parent]
  34. Ousley, Leslie as [Librarian]
  35. Pennington, Courtney (III) as [Cookie Stand In]
  36. Reid, Storm as [Abigail]
  37. Sachse, Cara as [Parent/Cheer Mom]
  38. Sadowski, Regan as [Giggling Girl]
  39. Sandoval, Juliette as [Cheerleader Hopeful]
  40. Shaye, Lin as [Madeline Jones]
  41. Stover, Kayleigh as [Cheerleader]
  42. Streiff, Pepi as [Science Fair Judge]
  43. Tyler, Diva as [Momma]
  44. Yacso, Laura as [Parent]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Long-suffering gym teacher Ethan is the glue that holds his eccentric family together. But when his father gets locked in a bitter contest with his old rival, Washington, both former phys-ed teachers, over whose name will be on the new high school gym, Ethan finds his life -- and his family -- spiraling out of control. The fact that the school's principal, Ethan's old rival for beautiful Virginia, is conniving behind the scenes to win Virginia and destroy Ethan's family, is getting on Ethan's very last nerve. But Ethan might be just the guy to snatch victory -- and Virginia -- from the jaws of defeat. alias Plot not found


  1. Susser, Morgan

Dress Designers

  1. Silvestri, Lauren


RadioactiveGiant [us] - (2013) (worldwide) (theatrical)


  1. Bell, Melissa (X) (set production assistant)
  2. Derossett, Renee (animal wrangler)
  3. Gazelle, Yasmine (assistant to head of production)
  4. Goff, Roger (legal services)
  5. Guiberteau, Angie (assistant production coordinator)
  6. Guiberteau, John (key set medic)
  7. Hall, Kristen (production assistant)
  8. Higgs, Lauren M. (production accountant)
  9. Hunt, Megan (III) (assistant to producer)
  10. Jerin, Brian (production coordinator)
  11. Kainth, Krishan (production assistant)
  12. Manes, Todd (key set production assistant)
  13. Nelson, Beth (II) (studio teacher)
  14. Pennington, Courtney (III) (stand-in: Aly Michalka)
  15. Tabachnick, Neal (legal services)
  16. Tallerico, Christoph (production assistant)
  17. Thomas, Michael Wayne (stand-in)
  18. Watterson, Ryan (stand-in: Danny Masterson)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Savannah, Georgia, USA