Kiss of Death (1995) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.8/ 10 (10459 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for violence, nudity and strong language

Production Company
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] - (as Twentieth Century Fox) (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 21 April 1995
(France) - May 1995
(Australia) - 4 May 1995
(South Korea) - 6 May 1995
(Japan) - 20 May 1995

Running Time

Little Junor Brown. He rules the streets. He owns the game. But he doesn't own all of the players.

asthma, beaten-to-death, betrayal, blood-spatter, car-accident, car-carrier, car-transport, child-in-peril, chop-shop, criminal-gang, death-of-mother, district-attorney, emphysema, federal-agent, funeral, gangster, gun, gun-in-mouth, informer, mafia, murder, neo-noir, new-york-city, personal-motto, police,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Cameras and Lenses
LAB:DeLuxe, Hollywood (CA), USA - (prints)
LAB:Technicolor, New York (NY), USA
MET:2758 m - (Sweden)
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Andrews, Jason (I) as [Johnny A.] <26>
  2. Artura, Michael as [Emergency Room Cop] <40>
  3. Berstein, Allen K. as [Junior's Crew #2] <34>
  4. Boryea, Jay as [Escort at Cemetery] <45>
  5. Cage, Nicolas as [Little Junior Brown] <3>
  6. Calderon, Paul (I) as (uncredited) [Undercover FBI Agent]
  7. Caruso, David (I) as [Jimmy Kilmartin] <1>
  8. Corrigan, Kevin (I) as [Kid Selling Infinity] <17>
  9. Costelloe, John as [Cleary] <12>
  10. Cucci, Tony as [Junior's Crew #1] <33>
  11. David, Angel as [J.J.] <11>
  12. De Soto, Jose (I) as [J.J.'s Crew] <36>
  13. DiLeo, Frank as [Big Junior's Friend] <25>
  14. Falcone, Nicholas as [Priest at Funeral] <38>
  15. Farrell, Tom Riis as [EMS Supervisor] <41>
  16. Gordon, Alan Jeffrey as [Riker's Security Officer] <47>
  17. Hall, Philip Baker as [Big Junior Brown] <9>
  18. Hammer, Mark (I) as [Judge] <23>
  19. Heald, Anthony as [Jack Gold] <10>
  20. Hollar, Lloyd as [Prison Chaplin] <37>
  21. Jackson, Samuel L. as [Calvin Hart] <2>
  22. Lisi, Joe (I) as [Agent at Bungalow] <24>
  23. Mahmud-Bey, Shiek as [Federal Agent] <31>
  24. Margiotta, Chuck as [Escort at Cemetery] <44>
  25. McCauley, James as [Cop Outside Bar] <39>
  26. McDonald, Edward (I) as [US Attorney] <21>
  27. Palmer, Hugh as [Naked Man Dancing] <18>
  28. Pentangelo, Joe as (as Joseph Pentangelo) [Riker's Security Officer] <46>
  29. Price, Richard (I) as [City Clerk] <20>
  30. Rader-Duval, Dean as [Sing Sing Guard] <48>
  31. Rapaport, Michael (I) as [Ronnie Gannon] <7>
  32. Rhames, Ving as [Omar] <8>
  33. Sanders, Jay O. as (uncredited) [Federal Agent]
  34. Stevens, Alex (I) as [Convoy Drunk] <22>
  35. Trucco, Ed as [Calvin's Partner] <28>
  36. Tucci, Stanley (I) as [Frank Zioli] <6>
  37. Vennema, John C. as [Angry Federal Agent] <32>
  38. Wallace, Sean G. as [Bobby B.] <27>
  39. Watford, Willie M. as [Sing Sing Guard] <49>
  40. Yuk, Henry as [Chinese Restaurant Owner] <43>
  41. Church, Jill as (uncredited) [Cocktail]
  42. Davis, Hope (I) as [Junior's Girlfriend] <19>
  43. Erbe, Kathryn as [Rosie Kilmartin] <5>
  44. Hunt, Helen (I) as [Bev Kilmartin] <4>
  45. Meara, Anne as [Bev's Mother] <16>
  46. Penotti, Bernadette as [Molested Dancer] <29>
  47. Pereira, Debra J. as [Sioux Dancer] <30>
  48. Pritner, Juliet Adair as [Agent] <42>
  49. Sagona, Katie as [Corinna, 4 Years Old] <15>
  50. Wrinn, Lindsay J. as [Corinna as a Toddler] <13>
  51. Wrinn, Megan L. as [Corinna as a Toddler] <14>


  1. Action
  2. Crime
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

Jimmy Kilmartin's an ex-con who's trying to go straight. But he can't say no to a quick driving job because his so called friend's life is threatened. The job is for Little Junior Brown, a violent and powerful villain. When things go wrong, Jimmy is left to do the time, and his whole life is turned upside-down, but if that wasn't enough, the cops won't leave Jimmy alone when he gets out... They want 'Little Junior' Rob Hartill, corrected by Lex Gustafsson Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 260,124 (France) (27 June 1995) GR: USD 14,942,422 (USA) PD: 1993 - 1994 SD: 9 May 1994 - 28 July 1994

Movie Certificate

16 (Iceland)
R (USA)(certificate #33340)
18 (South Korea)
R-18 (Philippines)
M/16 (Portugal)
M (Australia)
K-16 (Finland)
16 (Germany)(w)
15 (Norway)
NC-16 (Singapore)
18 (Spain)
15 (Sweden)
18 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Jones, Trevor (I)


  1. Tovoli, Luciano

Dress Designers

  1. Van Runkle, Theadora


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [br] - (Brazil) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [us] - (1998) (USA) (VHS)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [us] - (2004) (USA) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [us] - (2006) (USA) (DVD) (The Nicholas Cage Celebrity Pack)
20th Century Fox Netherlands [nl] - (1995) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
20th Century Fox [gb] - (1995) (UK) (theatrical)
20th Century Fox of Germany [de] - (1995) (Germany) (theatrical)
Abril Vídeo [br] - (Brazil) (VHS)
Fox Video [us] - (1995) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Hispano Foxfilms S.A.E. [es] - (1995) (Spain) (theatrical)
Hollydan Works [cshh] - (1998) (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) (DVD)
RCV Home Entertainment [nl] - (1996) (Netherlands) (VHS) (rental)
Spentzos Films [gr] - (1995) (Greece) (theatrical)
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] - (1995) (USA) (theatrical)
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment [nl] - (2000) (Netherlands) (VHS) (retail)
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment [nl] - (2001) (Netherlands) (DVD)
UGC-Fox Distribution (UFD) [fr] - (1995) (France) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Percy, Lee (I)


  1. Angelic, Ray (I) (production secretary)
  2. August, Heidi (production accountant)
  3. Barringer, Gail (payroll accountant)
  4. Barvin, Bill (location scout)
  5. Bernard, Marc (III) (press attache: Cannes)
  6. Berning, Laura (location production assistant)
  7. Buckley, Lauren (I) (office production assistant)
  8. Cerullo, Al (I) (helicopter pilot)
  9. Cirkiel, Shawn (office production assistant)
  10. Corgan, Kathleen (location assistant)
  11. Davis, Shirley (I) (office production assistant)
  12. Dawson, Robert (I) (title designer: main titles)
  13. Dessaigne, Françoise (press attache: Cannes)
  14. Forman, Ray (II) (craft service)
  15. Forman, Wayne (caterer)
  16. Gannon, Ellen (assistant production office coordinator)
  17. Gerould, Jennifer (set production assistant) (as Jenn Gerould)
  18. Getz, Deren (location scout)
  19. Gregory, Joie (location scout)
  20. Hart, Calvin (production assistant)
  21. Hecht, Shell (production coordinator)
  22. Henderson, Eryka Seimona (office production assistant)
  23. Hornbacher, Scott (location manager)
  24. Hunter, Delroy (parking coordinator)
  25. Jackson, Kevin Mitchell (set production assistant)
  26. Kaplan, Larry (I) (unit publicist)
  27. Keefe, J. David (office production assistant) (uncredited)
  28. Kroll, Kenneth M. (assistant production accountant)
  29. Kyris, Marco (stand-in)
  30. Martin, David Ray (location assistant) (as David Martin)
  31. Memmi, Paul J. (translator)
  32. Persky, Lisa Jane (assistant to executive producer)
  33. Prenderville, Paul Byrne (set production assistant) (as Paul Prenderville)
  34. Rogan, Cornelia 'Nini' (script supervisor)
  35. Sokol, Randy (assistant location manager)
  36. Spurlock, Morgan (office production assistant)
  37. White, Karen Alicia (set production assistant)
  38. Wolf, Sasha (II) (assistant: Mr. Schroeder & Ms. Hoffman)


Frank Zioli: Did you ever read about yourself in the paper, huh? Your balls shrivel to the size of chickpeas. Little Junior Brown: I have an acronym for myself. Know what it is? B.A.D. B.A.D... Balls, Attitude, Direction. You should give yourself an acronym... 'cause it helps you visualize your goals. Jimmy Kilmartin: How about F.A.B.? Fucked At Birth. Little Junior Brown: No good. Too negative. Ronnie: You know what your problem is? You're a liberal. [at a bar] Little Junior Brown: See me tomorrow and we'll discuss things. [goes back to enjoy his drink] Jimmy Kilmartin: Wait a minute. Why not now? Little Junior Brown: I haven't been able to find my daughter in a while, and I've already planned the night grieving about it, so you'll just have to see me tomorrow. Jimmy Kilmartin: No, You see me now. [takes a tiny gun out] Jimmy Kilmartin: Tell me now! Go on! I want to hear it. Little Junior Brown: I ain't going back to jail. I'm tired. They didn't allow me to use silverware. I had to use my fingers. That's right, they didn't even allow me to use plastic spoons, forks, and knives! But I do hate the taste of metal in my mouth. That's why I refused to have braces. Jimmy Kilmartin: [puts gun on Brown's lip] Tell me what I want to know, or you'll never have a lip again. Little Junior Brown: You really going to do it? Jimmy Kilmartin: No, I got a better idea. You hate the taste of metal. Well, it's going in your mouth. Open up. [doesn't] Jimmy Kilmartin: I said open up. [pulls the trigger back] Jimmy Kilmartin: Come on, open up and say "ah". Calvin Hart: You see this eye here? Runs all the time. I can't make it stop. I got a third of my hearing in this ear. And when I go to the beach... when I take my kids to the beach and shit, strong direct sunrays give me a headache so bad I cry like a baby. They don't know why. It just does. [about his father dying] Little Junior Brown: [to Kilmartin] What do you think's worse? Losing a father or a wife? Calvin Hart: [about Omar] Cars, Drugs, Guns, he's buying whatever he can get his hands on. Calvin Hart: Don't you know you can't go around hitting the police? Huh? What's wrong with you? Jimmy Kilmartin: [walking up to Omar's car] Hey how are you doing? Omar: The fuck do you want man? Jimmy Kilmartin: [Little Junior kills Omar] Oh my God! Oh my God! You killed him! Little Junior Brown: [puts cocaine in Omar's pocket] Have some coke on me Jimmy Kilmartin: Jesus! Jesus! What did you do? What did you do? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO? Little Junior Brown: What did I do? You fuck with the bull, you get the horns. That's what I did Frank Zioli: [to a FBI agent] You're not doing shit, because I'll go to the US attorney's office and once they find out t that he was a federal agent that you knew about from day 1? Holy shit what happens to you! Jimmy Kilmartin: Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Little Junior Brown: Whatever don't? Jimmy Kilmartin: Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Little Junior Brown: Whatever doesn't kill you makes you... I like that Jimmy Kilmartin: What are you doing? What are you fuckin' doing? Little Junior Brown: What do you wanna know about the guy for? Huh? Jimmy Kilmartin: What guy? Little Junior Brown: Huh? Jimmy Kilmartin: What fucking guy? Jimmy Kilmartin: [after being patted down by Junior] I just did 3 years for... [pats Jimmy again] I did 3 years for you, you paranoid motherfucker. Full time, not a day less. For you! Little Junior Brown: What do you wanna know about the guy for? Jimmy Kilmartin: J.J. pointed him out to me like 2 minutes before you sat down. If he's got a big fuckin' mouth, take it up with him. I was trying to make a conversation. Little Junior Brown: [gives Jimmy as quick hug] It's been a hard week. I'm sorry. You wanna go for a ride? Let's go for a ride Jimmy Kilmartin: Okay. Ronnie: What the fuck? You guys look like the Gorton's fishermen Little Junior Brown: Ronnie, I want you to listen to this. Little Junior Brown: Hey, what's the what. Little Junior Brown: The time has come for everyone to clean out their own backyard.

Other Titles

  1. Il bacio della morte (1995) (ENG)

  2. Kiss of Death (1995) (ENG)

  3. Kiss of Death (1995) (ENG)

  4. Bacio della morte, Il (1995) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, USA
  2. Brooklyn Navy Yard Studios, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA - (studio)
  3. Elmhurst, Queens, New York City, New York, USA
  4. Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York, USA
  5. New Jersey, USA
  6. New York City, New York, USA
  7. Sing Sing Penitentiary - 354 Hunter Street, Ossining, New York, USA


- In the opening, Jimmy ('David Caruso (I)' (qv)) walks down the same street to his home as in the original film, _Kiss of Death (1947)_ (qv).

- The club featured in the film was actually a small business office building next to McDonalds in Queens, New York, that was completely converted to the look in the film by production designer 'Mel Bourne (I)' (qv). It is now abandoned and remains unused in any capacity to this day.

- The auto parts yard where 'Nicolas Cage' (qv) beats 'Michael Rapaport (I)' (qv) to death is a fully operated business that has been a staple of Flushing, Queens for over 30 years.

- 'David Caruso (I)' (qv) left the TV series _"NYPD Blue" (1993)_ (qv) in order to film this movie and pursue a full-time film career.

- 'David Caruso (I)' (qv) was paid $1 million for appearing in this film, which he made in the hiatus between his first and short-lived second season of _"NYPD Blue" (1993)_ (qv).

- 'Nicolas Cage' (qv) and 'David Caruso (I)' (qv) share the same birthday (January 7th).