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(Hollywood) USA

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(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Adams, Joshua Elijah as <8>
  2. Brown, Deshawn as [Trey] <1>
  3. Clark, Niquana as [Addie] <2>
  4. Dew, Michael as [James] <3>
  5. Flora, Brian (II) as [Bobby] <12>
  6. Howard, Gilbert as [Austin] <5>
  7. Jeremie, Remy as <14>
  8. Notice, Vincent (III) as <14>
  9. Pagan, Claribelle as [Megan] <6>
  10. Simmons, James (XIII) as [Principal Clark] <17>
  11. Soto, Marc A. as <18>
  12. Vincent, Gary (IV) as <19>
  13. Attipoe, Setor as [Jackie] <11>
  14. Garcia, Gabrielle as [Eva] <4>
  15. Grek, Anatoli as [Jessica] <13>
  16. Henry, Ainsley Brownie as <9>
  17. Jimenez, Lee (IV) as <10>
  18. Na Chelle, Tanise as <15>
  19. Nicole, Charly as <16>
  20. Phillips, Angelica as <18>
  21. Romain, Renada as <15>
  22. Santillo, Angela as <16>
  23. Simpson, Ebonee as [Marie] <7>


  1. Drama
  2. Musical

Full Plot

A film about finding hope, written and acted by a group of New York City foster care teenagers from the stories of their lives and directed by first-time director Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza. 'Know How' reveals the dynamic journeys of 5 teenagers confronting the realities of life in and around the NYC foster care system. Using a multi-protagonist structure with songs and music, the narrative film weaves a powerful, eye-opening tale of loss, devastation, struggle, and redemption as each character must learn, must know how, to survive. 'Know How' shines a spotlight on the unseen national crisis that is foster care through the authentic voice and real-life view of those living inside it. Paul Griffin Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Gaddy, Kasper (original score by)
  2. Rockett, Danny (II) (original score by)
  3. Rothschild, Seth


  1. Bolivar, Salvador


  1. Cade, Maiysha (choreographer)
  2. Kenward, Evan (script supervisor)
  3. Ouchater, Amina (script supervisor)
  4. Russo, Jonathan (IV) (location manager)