Kung liljekonvalje av dungen (2013) (TV) TV

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Production Company
Pampas Produktion [se]

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Release Date
(Sweden) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Bolme, Tomas as [Sebastian] <11>
  2. Dolk, Fredrik as [Leo] <4>
  3. Järnblad, Bengt as [Egon] <6>
  4. Panov, Philip as [Lars-Ove] <10>
  5. Stocks, Alexander as [Joakim] <8>
  6. von der Esch, Ulric as [Axel] <14>
  7. von Schirach, Victor as [Kalle]
  8. Wahlgren, Linus as [Eje] <3>
  9. Eriksson, Lena B. as [Gretel] <7>
  10. Hansson-Bergqvist, Maya as [Anneli] <9>
  11. Landgré, Inga as [Gustava]
  12. Novotny, Tuva as [Puck] <2>
  13. Sid, Maria as [Fanny] <12>
  14. Vassbotn Klasson, Ida Marianne as [Dina] <5>
  15. von Platen, Irma as [Elvira]


  1. Crime

Full Plot

Spring is in the air and Puck and Einar, as well as Christer Wijk are invited to a wedding in Skoga. The day before the wedding, the bride-to-be enters a flower-shop in order to inspect her bridal bouquet of lily of the valley, but suddenly vanishes without at trace. When she eventually turns up again, it is Christer who finds her. She lies dead outside her home with a bouquet of lily of the valley in her hand. Everybody close to the bride are suspects, not least her best friend, whom Christer has just begun flirting with. Everybody seems to have something to hide. Question is: are their secrets connected to the murder? Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Rignell, Andres

Dress Designers

  1. Sjögren, Ingrid


Svensk Filmindustri (SF) [se] - (2013) (Sweden) (DVD)
TV4 Sweden [se] - (2013) (Sweden) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Lindgren, Sofia (I)


  1. Dahlberg, Lisa (story editor)
  2. Frykberg, Jeanette (production coordinator)
  3. Jansson, Eva Ljungman (script supervisor)
  4. Johansson, Jens (III) (production coordinator)
  5. Johansson, Sebastian (II) (production assistant)
  6. Kjellin, Per (runner)
  7. Lindgren, Nilas (runner)
  8. Oliveira, Felix (production accountant)
  9. Rydgren, Henrik Bergman (location manager)
  10. Sandström, Marie (location scouting)
  11. Åsemyr, Anders (production coordinator)