Kwaku Ananse (2013) Movie

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(Germany) - February 2013
(Germany) - 12 February 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Abot, Jojo as [Nyan Koronhwea]
  2. Adam, Karim as [Ntikuma]
  3. Nimo, Koo as [Kwaku Ananse]
  4. Omaboe, Grace as [Aso Yaa]


  1. Drama
  2. Short

Full Plot

The traditional West African fable of Kwaku Ananse is combined with the story of a young outsider named Nyan Koronhwea attending her estranged father's funeral. Nyan's father led two separate lives with two wives and two families - one in Ghana, one in the United States. Nyan's ambivalence about her father's double life is a reflection of a broader truth about the nature of our personal relationships. Anonymous Kwaku Ananse is a traditional West African fable of a spiderman, who spends years collecting all wisdom of the world in a wooden calabash. As he tries to hide the pot in a tree he can't find a way to place it high up in its branches. When his little son, Ntikuma shows him the way, Kwaku Ananse becomes so angered and throws the pot down onto the ground. It bursts and the wisdom seeps away. Everyone rushes over, hoping to salvage what they can. Nyan Koronhwea returns to her father Kwaku Ananse's native Ghana for his funeral. They had long lost contact with each other. She has mixed feelings about her father's double life with one family in Ghana and another in the United States. Overwhelmed by the funeral, she retreats to the spirit world in search for Kwaku Ananse. She carries her ambivalence with her into the forest, where she learns the ultimate truth about all human relationships. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. González-Rubio, Pedro

Dress Designers

  1. Brown, Christie

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Ghana