Kya Kehna (2000) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

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5.9/ 10 (785 Votes)

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Release Date
(India) - 19 May 2000

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abortion, class-differences, playboy, pregnancy, seduction, shame, taboo, tradition,

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Full Cast

  1. Khan, Saif Ali as [Rahul Modi] <2>
  2. Kher, Anupam as [Gulshan Baxi (Priya's dad)] <4>
  3. Mamik as <8>
  4. Singh, Chandrachur as [Ajay] <3>
  5. Vashist, Puneet as [Priya's brother]
  6. Verma, Deven as [Rustom] <7>
  7. Verma, Rajeev as [Mr. Modi] <6>
  8. Bhaduri, Rita as [Ajay's mom] <9>
  9. Bhattacharya, Nivedita as [Preity Zinta sister]
  10. Jalal, Farida as [Rohini Baxi (Priya's mom)] <5>
  11. Lagoo, Reema as <11>
  12. Nishan, Navneet as [Mrs. Modi] <10>
  13. Zinta, Preity as [Priya Baxi] <1>


  1. Drama
  2. Family
  3. Musical
  4. Romance

Full Plot

The story is about Priya Bakshi (Preity Zinta), the daughter of Gulshan (Anupam Kher) and Rohini Bakshi (Farida Jalal). Priya has her parents, brothers and best friend, Ajay (Chandrachur Singh) who all love and support her. She enters her first year in college and catches the eye of Rahul (Saif Ali Khan) who quickly becomes attracted to her. She succumbs to his charm but her brothers and parents are not sure about Rahul. His womanizing nature worries them and they tell her to stay away from him. However, Priya is unable to leave Rahul. She convinces her parents to meet him but when they talk about marriage he backs off and he leaves Priya. Priya is devastated but moves on with her life. In one sweep she learns that she is pregnant with Rahul's child. Her parents go to Rahul to talk about marriage but to their shock he refuses to marry her. Priya is faced with a decision, and she chooses to keep the child. Her decision prompts her father to chuck her out the house. Alone and neglected Priya is devastated, but her parents and brothers find it hard to live without her and they bring her home. She now has to face society and try to overcome the disdain of her neighbors, among others. Society virtually ostracizes her and her family. She eventually gains the support of those who had earlier disrespected her. At the same time she manages to change Rahul's views as well and he decides to marry her. However, Priya has already given her heart to Ajay and they get married. hEmRaJ ( A story about a girl named Priya (Preity Zinta) who is the apple of her parents' eyes. She defied the Indian culture when she got pregnant out of marriage by Saif Ali Khan. She decided not to abort but to give birth to the child. Her childhood friend (Chandrachur Singh) who is secretly in love with her helps her. Alindalia Priya, a first-year college student, cheerful, brilliant, popular, her family's favorite, becomes involved with the wrong man. Her life suddenly gets more complicated than she had ever imagined possible. Her courage and, ultimately, the support of her family, overcome the society's hypocritical condemnation and resolve the crisis. Kirja Felin Young and precocious Priya Baxi (Preity Zinta) has just completed school and returned home. Full of life's expectations, she meets with Rahul Modi (Saif Ali Khan) and falls in love with him. But Rahul is not really interested as he has many more girlfriends than he can handle. But Priya seems all the more attractive when her brothers prevent him from seeing her, and so he makes it a mission to charm her and win her over, which he does. Priya finds out she is pregnant, informs her horrified parents, and they approach Rahul's parents (Navneet Nishan, Rajeev Verma) for marriage plans, but to everyone's surprise Rahul turns them down. Devastated Priya must decide to abort the child or have the child and literally blacklist herself and her family. rAjOo ( Plot not found

Movie Certificate

UA (India)

Music Composers

  1. Roshan, Rajesh


Tips Cassettes & Records Co. [in] - (2000) (worldwide) (DVD) (as Tips)


  1. Bhagwagar, Dale (publicist)

Other Titles

  1. Friends (2000) (ENG)
    (India: English title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Switzerland


- This was supposed to be 'Preity Zinta' (qv)'s first film but for some reason it got delayed.

- Was originally titled as 'Friends', but the Producers decided to change it after Jeans, another big movie with an English title, met with a lukewarm response at the box-office.

- While performing a stunt for this movie, Saif Ali Khan met with a very serious accident and had several stitches taken on his head.