La tigre e la neve (2005) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
6.9/ 10 (8075 Votes)

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Production Company
Melampo Cinematografica [it]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Italy) - 14 October 2005
(France) - 11 November 2005
(France) - 14 December 2005
(Turkey) - 20 January 2006
(Germany) - 19 February 2006

Running Time


2000s, american-soldier, arab, baghdad-iraq, barber-chair, basra-iraq, bazaar, bombardment, bombed-convoy, camel, candlelight-dinner, champagne, circus, concert, demonstration, desert, directed-by-star, dream, dream-state, elephant, fable, father-daughter-relationship, flyswatter, hospital, iraq,

Technical Support
MET:3141 m - (Portugal, 35 mm)
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Super 35
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Bahri, Mohmed Hedi as [Firas scarpe]
  2. Barbero, Franco as
  3. Battiston, Giuseppe as [Ermanno] <7>
  4. Bchatnia, Mohamed Malek as [Ladro bazar]
  5. Beckingham, Steven as [First Sergeant]
  6. Ben Massoud, Ahmed as [Vecchio campo minato]
  7. Benigni, Roberto as [Attilio de Giovanni] <1>
  8. Birkin, David as [US Marine]
  9. Borges, Jorge Luis as (archive footage) [Himself]
  10. Calanchini, Spartaco as
  11. Carella, Simone as
  12. Castellaneta, Donato as
  13. Conran, Alexis as [Private Roadblock]
  14. De Vito, Francesco as [Valeri]
  15. Dridi, Wahjda as [Salwa]
  16. Farid, Amid as [Al Giumeil] <13>
  17. Gandolfo, Simone as [Poliziutte aeroporto]
  18. Hagen, Derek as [Soldato americano]
  19. Iannello, Enrico as [Poliziotto aeroporto]
  20. Innocenti Barduzzi, Enrico as [Poliziotto aeroporto]
  21. Kmiri, Laarbi as [Prisoniere]
  22. Lotan, Jonah as [American Soldier]
  23. Madaoui, Feriel as [Bambino]
  24. Margetts, Noah Lee as (as Noah Margetts) [Private Roadblock]
  25. McKerracher, Mark as [American Officer]
  26. Mescolini, Franco as
  27. Metalsi, Abdelhafid as [Dottore Salman] <12>
  28. Miglio, Daniele as [Studente]
  29. Mokdad, Abdelkader as [Pedrone Scarpe]
  30. Montale, Eugenio as (archive footage) [Himself]
  31. Oyelumade, Israel as [Soldier]
  32. Pedersen, Jeffery Gordon as [Soldato americano]
  33. Peterson, Jeff (XII) as [American Soldier]
  34. Prince, Javone as [Soldato americano]
  35. Rabah, Adel as [Abbas Scarpe]
  36. Reno, Jean (I) as [Fuad] <2>
  37. Renzi, Andrea as [Dottor Guazzelli] <11>
  38. Sherman, Martin (III) as [Soldato americano]
  39. Swander, Peter as [Trembling Soldier]
  40. Ungaretti, Giuseppe as (archive footage) [Himself]
  41. Varetto, Gianfranco as [Avvocato Scuotilancia] <6>
  42. Waits, Tom as [Himself] <4>
  43. Braschi, Nicoletta as [Vittoria] <3>
  44. Cutolo, Francesca as [Carla]
  45. Fox, Emilia as [Nancy Browning] <5>
  46. Frangipani, Stefania as [Fiorala]
  47. Grieco, Ida as [Signora zebra]
  48. Marcomeni, Susanna as
  49. Matteucci, Rosa as [Presentatrice]
  50. Pirri, Anna as [Rosa] <10>
  51. Pirri, Chiara as [Emilia] <9>
  52. Poli, Lucia as [Signora Serao] <8>
  53. Valentini, Mariella as
  54. Yourcenar, Marguerite as (archive footage) [Herself]


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Romance
  4. War

Full Plot

Love and injury in time of war. Attilio de Giovanni teaches poetry in Italy. He has a romantic soul, and women love him. But he is in love with Vittoria, and the love is unrequited. Every night he dreams of marrying her, in his boxer shorts and t-shirt, as Tom Waits sings. Vittoria travels to Iraq with her friend, Fuad, a poet; they are there with the second Gulf War breaks out. Vittoria is injured. Attilio must get to her side, and then, as war rages around him, he must find her the medical care she needs. In war, does love conquer all? Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 421,196 (France) (10 January 2006) AD: 278,895 (France) (27 December 2005) AD: 169,278 (France) (20 December 2005) AD: 8,145 (Netherlands) (31 December 2006) BT: USD 35,000,000 GR: USD 9,047 (USA) (7 January 2007) GR: USD 5,025 (USA) (31 December 2006) GR: USD 24,000,000 (Worldwide) (28 December 2006) GR: EUR 19,712 (Netherlands) (16 April 2006) OW: USD 5,025 (USA) (31 December 2006) (4 screens) OW: EUR 14,941 (Netherlands) (16 April 2006) (12 screens) SD: 30 August 2004 - ? WG: USD 2,199 (USA) (7 January 2007) WG: USD 5,025 (USA) (31 December 2006) (4 screens) WG: EUR 14,941 (Netherlands) (16 April 2006) (12 screens)

Movie Certificate

K-11 (Finland)
MG6 (Netherlands)
U (Malaysia)
15 (Sweden)
PG (Singapore)
13 (Argentina)
M/12 (Portugal)
M (Australia)
12 (South Korea)
T (Italy)

Music Composers

  1. Piovani, Nicola


  1. Cianchetti, Fabio

Dress Designers

  1. Stjernsward, Louise


01 Distribuzione [it] - (2005) (Italy) (theatrical)
A-Film Distribution [nl] - (2006) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
A-Film Home Entertainment [nl] - (2006) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Alliance Atlantis Home Video [ca] - (2007) (Canada) (DVD)
Argentina Video Home [ar] - (2007) (Argentina) (DVD)
Argentina Video Home [ar] - (2007) (Argentina) (VHS)
Ascot Elite Entertainment Group [ch] - (2006) (Switzerland) (theatrical)
Bioscop [cz] - (2006) (Czech Republic) (theatrical)
Buena Vista Home Entertainment [jp] - (2007) (Japan) (DVD)
Distribution Company [ar] - (2006) (Argentina) (theatrical)
EuroVideo [de] - (2006) (Germany) (DVD)
Film1 [nl] - (2007) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)
Focus Features [us] - (2005) (worldwide) (theatrical)
Hart Sharp Video [us] - (2007) (USA) (DVD)
Odeon [gr] - (2006) (Greece) (theatrical)
Paradise Group [ru] - (2006) (Russia) (all media)
Pathé [fr] - (2005) (France) (theatrical)
Rai Cinema [it] - (2005) (Italy) (theatrical)
Shaw Organisation [sg] - (2006) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Strand Releasing [us] - (2006) (USA) (theatrical) (subtitled)

Film Editors

  1. Fiocchi, Massimo


  1. Bellettini, Simona (legal services)
  2. Collovà, Christian (legal services)
  3. Di Bartolomei, Bruno (production accountant)
  4. Di Bartolomei, Maurizio (assistant cashier)
  5. Dye, Dale (senior military advisor)
  6. Lazzareschi, Alessio (legal services)
  7. Mustilli, Marcello (legal services)
  8. Rossi, Paola (production coordinator)
  9. Stokey, Mike (II) (military advisor)
  10. Vallecoccia, Matteo (production secretary)


Vittoria: Oh my beloved all creation overflows with passion, and like a golden comet in the sky, from my mouth bursts forth this cry: I love you. Vittoria: I want to make love to you now. Attilio de Giovanni: That's the best line I ever heard in my life. Attilio de Giovanni: I told myself: "There must be people whose job it is to use the right words, put things in a way... who when their heart beats, can get other people's hearts to beat." Attilio de Giovanni: That day I decided to become a poet. Fuad: He was a real poet. He was young, fell in love with a woman and married her. A few years later, while he was fighting in some war, he heard his wife had contracted smallpox and had been disfigured. So Al-Giumeili said, "My eyes hurt." And then: "I've gone blind." When his wife died, 12 years later, he opened his eyes again. Attilio de Giovanni: So as not to upset his wife, he pretended to be blind for 12 years? Fuad: Every person is a chasm. It makes you dizzy to look down. Attilio de Giovanni: If she dies, they can close this whole show of a world... they can cart it off, unscrew the stars, roll up the sky and put it on a truck, they can turn off this sunlight I love so much. Do you know why I love it so much? Because I love her when the sun shines on her. They can take everything away, these carpets, columns, houses, sand, wind, frogs, ripe watermelons, hail, seven in the evening, May, June, July, basil, bees, the sea, courgettes... Attilio de Giovanni: [in broken English] Tell him to stay calm! He's very nervous... he's going to shoot me; he's shaking! Stay calm! Molto calmo! Stay calm, I am having heart attack! [breathes heavy] Attilio de Giovanni: Allah, the only prayer I know is the Lord's Prayer in Italian. Do you understand Italian? It's a beautiful prayer.

Other Titles

  1. Der Tiger und der Schnee (2006) (ENG)

  2. Der Tiger und der Schnee (2006) (ENG)

  3. The Tiger and the Snow (2006) (ENG)
    (International: English title) (imdb display title)

  4. The Tiger and the Snow (2006) (ENG)
    (USA) (literal English title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Naples, Campania, Italy
  2. Rome, Lazio, Italy
  3. Tunisia


- 'Roberto Benigni' (qv) named his character "Attilio" as a tribute to poet 'Attilio Bertolucci' (qv) (1911-2000) father of famous directors Giuseppe and 'Bernardo Bertolucci' (qv).