"Law & Order" (1990) {Sanctuary (#4.19)} TV Season

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Overview "Law & Order" Season 04 Episode 19 (S04E19)



Ratings / Votes
7.6/ 10 (59 Votes)

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Production Company
Universal TV [us]
Wolf Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 13 April 1994
(Japan) - 3 August 2012

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Cea, Bob as (as Robert Cea) [Stokes] <31>
  2. Cofield, Carl Jay as [Ott's Assistant] <29>
  3. Conley, Matt as [Jury Foreman] <33>
  4. Connolly, John G. as (as John Connolly) [Barnes] <30>
  5. Constantine, Michael as [Joshua Berger] <9>
  6. Fiore, John (I) as [Detective Tony Profaci] <19>
  7. Fonteno, David as (as David Wolos-Fonteno) [Jimmy Graves] <18>
  8. French, Arthur as [Dr. Myron Jansen] <16>
  9. Giangiulio, Nicholas J. as [Desantis] <35>
  10. Hill, Steven (I) as [D.A. Adam Schiff] <6>
  11. Hodson, Ed as [Lab Technician Marks] <21>
  12. Jones, John Steven as [Bobby Griffen] <24>
  13. Moriarty, Michael (I) as [Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone] <4>
  14. Nelson, Sean (I) as [Damon Fox] <25>
  15. Noth, Chris as [Detective Mike Logan] <2>
  16. O Brien, Vince as [Judge Phillip Franks] <17>
  17. Orbach, Jerry as [Detective Lennie Briscoe] <1>
  18. Saleem, Damon as [Daryl Johnson] <13>
  19. Scroggins, Omar as (as Omar Sharif Scroggins) [Luther Haywood] <26>
  20. Simmons, J.K. as [Jerry Luppin] <22>
  21. Thigpen, Kevin as [Isaac Roberts] <14>
  22. Todd, Tony (I) as [Reverend Ott] <8>
  23. Vandertholen, Jon as [CSU Landau] <32>
  24. Wynkoop, Christopher as [Bloom] <23>
  25. Zirnkilton, Steven as (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited) [Narrator]
  26. Blommaert, Susan as [Judge Rebecca Steinman] <11>
  27. Bromka, Elaine as [Mrs. De Santis] <15>
  28. Hennessy, Jill as [A.D.A. Claire Kincaid] <5>
  29. McCormick, Carolyn as (scenes deleted) [Dr. Elizabeth Olivet] <7>
  30. Merkerson, S. Epatha as [Lt. Anita Van Buren] <3>
  31. Murray, Melanee as [Janet] <28>
  32. Tanganyika as [Evelyn] <27>
  33. Toussaint, Lorraine as [Shambala Green] <12>
  34. Washington, Sharon as [Mrs. Fox] <20>
  35. Williams, Tessell as [Neighbor] <34>
  36. Winde, Beatrice as [Corina Roberts] <10>

Full Plot

Detectives Briscoe and Logan investigate a hit and run accident that killed a young African-American boy. The case quickly takes on racial overtones when several witnesses identify the driver as a Jew. Before the detectives get too far into the case the driver, Joshua Berger, turns himself in insisting it was an accident. The traffic bureau confirms that, based on all of the evidence at the scene, Berger was not driving fast and did his best to try and avoid hitting the boy. Berger is not charged which outrages the black community and one of its leaders, Reverend Ott. It leads to a riot where a white man is pulled from his car and beaten to death in front of his wife. Using videotape the police the police identify the main assailant but he claims asylum in a local church. garykmcd Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Post, Mike (I)


  1. Makris, Constantine

Dress Designers

  1. von Mayrhauser, Jennifer


National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (1994) (USA) (TV)


  1. Azzara, Anthony (assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  2. Blythe, Karen (assistant to executive producer)
  3. Cohen, Walter (location manager)
  4. DelaBarre, Eric (executive assistant)
  5. Fordes, William N. (technical advisor)
  6. Lane, Susan (I) (script supervisor)
  7. Lloyd, Stephaney (assistant to producers: New York)
  8. Rohn, Sam (location scout)
  9. Struk, Michael (technical advisor)
  10. Zuckerman, Ed (executive story editor)


Adam Schiff: What happened to "Give me your huddled masses"? What the hell has happened to this city? EADA Ben Stone: I'm responsible for my actions, not the color of my skin. And if it makes you feel good to call me a racist, fine. But if you want to know who's really responsible for racism in today's society, take a good look in the mirror. EADA Ben Stone: Better to light a match than curse the darkness. Adam Schiff: Be careful you don't light a fuse. Adam Schiff: ...after twenty years in this office, you'd think you'd have a sense of reality. Ben Stone: Reality? The reality is that no one is willing to draw a line in the sand. Nobody is willing to say that the law is the law. And if you break it, you will be prosecuted: win, lose or draw.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York City, New York, USA


- J.K. Simmons, who plays Luppin in this episode, later rejoined the cast in the recurring role of Dr. Emil Skoda.

- In 1997, TV Guide named this one of television's best individual series episodes of all time.