Les Misérables (2012) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
7.9/ 10 (82282 Votes)

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Production Company
Cameron Mackintosh Ltd. [gb] - (as Cameron Mackintosh)
Relativity Media [us] - (in association with)
Universal Pictures [us] - (presents)
Working Title Films [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 5 December 2012
(Japan) - 21 December 2012
(Australia) - 22 December 2012
(Hong Kong) - 22 December 2012
(Canada) - 25 December 2012

Running Time

Fight. Dream. Hope. Love. The Dream Lives This Christmas

19th-century, abused-child, army, arrest, assumed-identity, barricade, based-on-novel, based-on-play, based-on-stage-musical, battle, beggar, betrayal, blood, brothel, child-killed, child-murder, closing-eyes-of-dead-person, convict, corpse, corrupt-guardian, crowd, cutting-hair, dead-boy, dead-woman, dead-woman-carried,

Technical Support
CAM:Arricam LT, Zeiss Master Prime, Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
CAM:Arricam ST, Zeiss Master Prime, Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
LAB:Company 3, London, UK - (digital intermediate)
LAB:Company 3, London, UK - (rushes transfers)
LAB:Technicolor, London, UK - (rushes processing)
MET:4324 m - (10 reels)
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak Vision2 50D 5201, Vision3 250D 5207, Vision3 200T 5213, Vision3 500T 5219)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (2K) (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (3-perf) (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (spherical) (Kodak Vision 2383)
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Albasiny, John as [Factory Onlooker] <36>
  2. Altin, Josef as [Convict 2] <12>
  3. Amos, Gary J.W. as (uncredited) [Wedding Man 1]
  4. Applewhite, Dominic as [Ensemble Student] <174>
  5. Artus, Ashley as [Pawn Broker] <52>
  6. Ayeh, Jaygann as [Sailor 3] <45>
  7. Baker, Dee Bradley as (uncredited) [Person at Inn]
  8. Barnes, Chris (XXXI) as [Beggar 4] <85>
  9. Baron Cohen, Sacha as [Thénardier] <5>
  10. Barr, John (XIII) as [Convict 5] <15>
  11. Beckwith, Andy as [Innkeeper] <18>
  12. Bent, Stephen as [Jailer] <19>
  13. Bentall, Gerard as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <146>
  14. Bignell, Tony as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <147>
  15. Blagden, George as [Grantaire] <90>
  16. Bland, Gary as (uncredited) [Citizen/Cobbler]
  17. Bleach, Julian as [Claquesous] <59>
  18. Bolaji, Adebayo as (uncredited) [Sailor]
  19. Brammer, Alistair as [Prouvaire] <93>
  20. Bremmer, Richard as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <108>
  21. Brooks, Alexander (I) as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <109>
  22. Bubar, Pablo as (uncredited) [Coffee Merchant - Revolutionary]
  23. Buckley, Sean (I) as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <165>
  24. Burnish, Andrew as (uncredited) [Convict]
  25. Cahill, Michael (VI) as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <148>
  26. Cann, David (I) as [Magistrate] <54>
  27. Carter, Nathanjohn as (uncredited) [French Grenadier]
  28. Carvel, Bertie as [Bamatabois] <37>
  29. Charlton, James as (uncredited)
  30. Chautems, Jean-Marc as (uncredited) [Beggar]
  31. Chissick, Jack as [Father Christmas 2] <71>
  32. Churcher, Russell as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  33. Clayton, Robert (V) as (uncredited) [Sailor]
  34. Colson, Richard as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <149>
  35. Cordery, Richard as [Duc De Raguse] <86>
  36. Corner, Matthew as [Ensemble Student] <175>
  37. Cornwall, Cavin as [Convict 1] <11>
  38. Coxon, Andy as [Ensemble Student] <176>
  39. Crowe, Russell as [Javert] <2>
  40. Cuffaro, Gioacchino Jim as (uncredited) [Beggar]
  41. Dalton, Richard (III) as (uncredited) [Cart Driver in Tavern]
  42. Dani, Ivan (I) as (uncredited) [Parisian/Student of the Barricade]
  43. Davies, Stevee as (as Stevee Ross-Davies) [Ensemble Student] <183>
  44. Davis, Alfie as [Gavroche's Urchin] <80>
  45. Delacey, Hadrian as [Customer 2] <64>
  46. Dixon, Richard (I) as [Mairie Officer] <17>
  47. Donnelly, Killian as [Combeferre] <87>
  48. Donovan, Mark (I) as [Portly Customer] <67>
  49. Downie, Tim as [Brevet] <38>
  50. Dudley, Jonathan (I) as (as Jonathan D. Dudley) [Ensemble Student] <177>
  51. Dunphy, Keith as [Client] <51>
  52. Edwards, Ryan Paul as (uncredited) [Handsome Soldier]
  53. Evans, Daniel (I) as [Pimp] <42>
  54. Fee, Fra as [Courfeyrac] <88>
  55. Feldman, Joe (V) as (uncredited) [Sailor]
  56. Fisher-Becker, Simon as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <151>
  57. Flanagan, Justin as (uncredited) [Clerk of Court]
  58. Floodgate, Ian as (uncredited) [Sailor]
  59. Fraser, Hadley as [Army Officer] <96>
  60. French, Edward Lewis as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <197>
  61. Garton, Nigel as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <198>
  62. Godfrey, Patrick (I) as [Gillenormand] <75>
  63. Goff, Harry as (uncredited) [Student]
  64. Gower, Kelly-Anne as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <153>
  65. Greene, James (III) as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <154>
  66. Gregory, Shonn as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  67. Grimsey, Spike as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <167>
  68. Guirado, Ignacio as (uncredited) [Sailor]
  69. Hall, Kenton as (uncredited) [Inn Customer/Groom]
  70. Harris, Sammy (I) as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  71. Harrop, Matt as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <168>
  72. Havill, Andrew as [Cochepaille] <39>
  73. Hawley, Dave (II) as [Convict 3] <13>
  74. Haydn, Jon as (uncredited) [Jason Kashoumeri]
  75. Hearn, Matthew David as (uncredited) [Policeman]
  76. Herdman, Richard as (uncredited) [Sailor]
  77. Holder, Nick (I) as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <155>
  78. Hookings, Matt as (uncredited) [French Grenadier]
  79. Howell, Chris (IX) as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <156>
  80. Howell, Paul (I) as [Constable 2] <24>
  81. Huttlestone, Daniel as [Gavroche] <10>
  82. Jackman, Hugh as [Jean Valjean] <1>
  83. Jackson, Oliver as (uncredited) [Camp Customer]
  84. Jibson, Michael as [Foreman] <26>
  85. Jones, Adam (XLVI) as [Convict 4] <14>
  86. Julio, Romeo as (uncredited) [Revolutionary/Soldier]
  87. Keegan, Nicholas (II) as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <200>
  88. Keely, Terry as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <158>
  89. Kenny-Green, Les as (uncredited) [Drum Major]
  90. Kirk, Lewis as [Handsome Soldier 1] <68>
  91. Kirkham, Steve as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <201>
  92. Kurelias, Konstantine as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  93. Lazar, Aurel as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  94. Leonard, Paul (I) as [Citizen] <77>
  95. Lewis, Iwan as [Bahorel] <94>
  96. Mair, Peter (I) as [Father Christmas 1] <70>
  97. Marc, Rhidian as [Ensemble Student] <178>
  98. Marquez, Martin (I) as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <159>
  99. Matthews, Stephen (VI) as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <112>
  100. Mayger, Martyn as (uncredited) [Convict in Courtroom]
  101. McCormack, Ross (III) as [Sailor 2] <44>
  102. Milford, Chris (III) as [Ensemble Student] <179>
  103. Millward, Perry as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <170>
  104. Monk, Henry as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  105. Moore, Martyn as (uncredited) [Wealthy Gentleman Court Room]
  106. Morris, David (XLI) as (uncredited) [Soldier Drummer]
  107. Muscato, Jamie as [Ensemble Student] <180>
  108. Neal, Stuart as [Lesgles] <92>
  109. Nicholson, Jeff (IX) as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <161>
  110. Nowell, Adam as (uncredited) [Revolutionary Student]
  111. O Neill, Conall as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  112. Parks, Sam (I) as [Tall Customer] <66>
  113. Parsons, Ian (V) as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <203>
  114. Pearce, Adam (IV) as [Brujon] <58>
  115. Pearce, Clinten as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <205>
  116. Peters, Joseph (VI) as [Ensemble Student] <181>
  117. Phillimore, Joel as [Beggar 1] <82>
  118. Philmar, Philip as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <171>
  119. Picciano, Gino as (uncredited) [Upper Class Gentleman]
  120. Pickering, Marc as [Montparnasse] <60>
  121. Pirie, Ian as [Babet] <57>
  122. Poole, Martin (II) as (uncredited) [Policeman]
  123. Purchase, Jonny as [Ensemble Student] <184>
  124. Rafferty, Leighton as [Handsome Soldier 2] <69>
  125. Redmayne, Eddie as [Marius] <7>
  126. Roberts, David (XLIX) as [Ensemble Student] <182>
  127. Rohr, Tony as [Overseer] <16>
  128. Roper, Mark (II) as [Citizen] <76>
  129. Roughley, Miles as [Gavroche's Urchin] <78>
  130. Sander, Alex (II) as (uncredited) [Beggar]
  131. Sanderson, Andy as (uncredited) [Marius' Doctor]
  132. Saracen, Peter as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <113>
  133. Sarne, Michael as (as Mike Sarne) [Father Mabeuf] <106>
  134. Saunders, Johnny as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  135. Scarborough, Adrian as [Toothman] <46>
  136. Seager, Julian as (uncredited) [Factory Foreman]
  137. Searles, Adam as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <162>
  138. Shand, Daniel Mack as (uncredited) [Student]
  139. Shaw, Nick (I) as (uncredited) [Soldier Drummer]
  140. Shorten, Simon as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <163>
  141. Sillis, Aaron as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <207>
  142. Simmons, James (I) as [Champmathieu] <55>
  143. Skinner, Hugh as [Joly] <91>
  144. Slovick, Jos as [Ensemble Student] <186>
  145. Snowden, Phil as [Customer 1] <63>
  146. Steele, Ben (VI) as (uncredited) [Prisoner]
  147. Stevenson, Jordan as (uncredited) [Servant]
  148. Stevenson, Scott (VII) as (uncredited) [Slave]
  149. Stoller, David (III) as [Sailor 1] <43>
  150. Strefford, Cameron as [Gavroche's Urchin] <79>
  151. Surman, John (I) as [Organ Grinder] <53>
  152. Sykes, Sebastian as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <114>
  153. Tate, Stephen (I) as [Fauchelevent] <25>
  154. Thornley, Paul as [Constable 1] <23>
  155. Tveit, Aaron as [Enjolras] <8>
  156. Vick, Gabriel as [Feuilly] <89>
  157. Waller, Ian (I) as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <208>
  158. Ward, Dick (I) as [Bamtabois' Valet] <40>
  159. Warnaby, John as [Majordomo] <105>
  160. Webster, Anthony (I) as (uncredited) [Beggar]
  161. Weir, Samuel J. as [Ensemble Student] <187>
  162. West, Joseph (IV) as [Gavroche's Urchin] <81>
  163. Wichard, Josh as (uncredited) [French Grenadier/Undercover Policeman]
  164. Wilkinson, Colm as [Bishop] <20>
  165. Wood, Harry (VIII) as (uncredited) [Gavroche Urchin 5]
  166. Young, Matt Seadon as [Ensemble Student] <185>
  167. Zelary, Andy as (uncredited) [Student]
  168. Zimmerman, Phil (II) as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <115>
  169. Alderice, Juliet as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <164>
  170. Allen, Isabelle (I) as [Young Cosette] <61>
  171. Archer, Rachael as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <126>
  172. Atallah, Norma as [Mother Whore] <74>
  173. Barks, Samantha as [Éponine] <9>
  174. Beaven, Ellie as (uncredited) [Mother]
  175. Beck, Gina as [Turning Woman 3] <99>
  176. Bonham Carter, Helena as [Madame Thénardier] <6>
  177. Boyd, Jenna (II) as [Factory Woman 5] <31>
  178. Breeze, Catherine as (as Cathy Breeze) [Factory Woman 9] <35>
  179. Brown, Lorna (I) as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <127>
  180. Bruce, Eleanor as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <110>
  181. Carter, Bessie as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <116>
  182. Chasen, Heather as [Madame Magloire] <22>
  183. Clarke, Antonia as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <128>
  184. Cormack, Mary as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <129>
  185. Cotterill, Helen as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <117>
  186. Cullingford, Sonya as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <130>
  187. Cutko, Valerie (I) as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <166>
  188. Cutts, Marilyn as [Factory Woman 8] <34>
  189. Dankworth, Jacqui as (as Jacqueline Dankworth) [Beggar 2] <83>
  190. Darvill-Mills, Josephine as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <194>
  191. Deck, Andrea as [Turning Woman 6] <102>
  192. Deighton, Tricia as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <118>
  193. Dukes, Emma as [Ensemble 'At the End of the Day'] <111>
  194. Duncan, Jessica (VIII) as [Turning Woman 7] <103>
  195. Ellis, Kerry (III) as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <150>
  196. Ellis, Sophie (II) as (uncredited) [Barricade Protester]
  197. Essex, Jennifer as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <195>
  198. Evans, Vicky (I) as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <196>
  199. Fearn, Alice as [Factory Woman 6] <32>
  200. Fleetwood, Kate as [Factory Woman 1] <27>
  201. Flind, Sarah as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <152>
  202. Foster, Clare (IV) as [Factory Woman 3] <29>
  203. Glen, Georgie as [Madame Baptistine] <21>
  204. Griffiths, Amy (I) as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <132>
  205. Grigoriou, Fania as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <133>
  206. Hall, Katie (VIII) as [Turning Woman 4] <100>
  207. Hateley, Linzi as [Turning Woman 1] <97>
  208. Hathaway, Anne as [Fantine] <3>
  209. Henderson, Amanda (V) as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <134>
  210. Hicks, Vanessa Lee as (as Vanessa Leagh-Hicks) [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <202>
  211. Hoiles, Kirsty as [Factory Woman 4] <30>
  212. Holliday, Mandy as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <119>
  213. Hope, Charlotte as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <120>
  214. Hughes, Aisling as (uncredited) [Citizen]
  215. Hull, Lisa (III) as [Turning Woman 5] <101>
  216. Hunt, Ella (II) as [Ensemble Turning Woman] <189>
  217. Hutchinson, Sophie as [Ensemble Turning Woman] <188>
  218. Ingram, Kerry as [Turning Woman 8] <104>
  219. Jackson, Georgina (II) as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <169>
  220. Jefford, Amelia as [Beggar 3] <84>
  221. Jezzard, Lynn as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <199>
  222. Jiear, Alison as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <157>
  223. Kemp, Polly (I) as [Nursing Sister] <56>
  224. Khadime, Alexia as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <135>
  225. Laight, Lily as (uncredited) [Turning Girl]
  226. Lazzaro, Luisa as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <136>
  227. Ley, Victoria as (uncredited) [Chorus Beggar]
  228. Machin, Claire as [Ensemble Turning Woman] <190>
  229. Markot, Nikica as (uncredited) [Lovely Lady]
  230. Marks, Jackie as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <121>
  231. Mates, Sally as [Ensemble 'Master of the House'] <160>
  232. Mawn, Anna as (uncredited) [Parisian]
  233. Moore, Brenda (IV) as [Ensemble Turning Woman] <191>
  234. North, Robyn as [Inn Whore 2] <73>
  235. O Duffy, Gemma as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <137>
  236. O Neill, Meaghan as (uncredited) [Factory Worker]
  237. Page, Vanessa (II) as (uncredited) [Creamery Shop Owner]
  238. Parks, Freya as [Café Barmaid] <107>
  239. Payne, Gemma as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <204>
  240. Pelosi, Sara as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <122>
  241. Pilkington, Dianne as [Inn Whore 1] <72>
  242. Piquemal, Claire as [Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <206>
  243. Purnell, Mischa as [Ensemble Turning Woman] <192>
  244. Read, Jayne (I) as (uncredited) [Hospital Nun]
  245. Richardson, Amy Ellen as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <139>
  246. Roscoe, Mary (I) as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <123>
  247. Rose-Aaron, Olivia as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <140>
  248. Ruffelle, Frances as [Whore 1] <47>
  249. Scaramucci, Amelia as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <124>
  250. Secombe, Katy as [Madame Huchloup] <95>
  251. Seyfried, Amanda as [Cosette] <4>
  252. Sheen, Caroline as [Ensemble Factory Woman] <125>
  253. Simpson, Robyn Miranda as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <141>
  254. Sloane, Nicola as [Hair Crone] <41>
  255. Spencer, Charlotte (III) as [Whore 3] <49>
  256. Spencer, Holly Dale as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <131>
  257. Springer, Joyce as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <172>
  258. Stanley, Rachel (III) as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'/Ensemble Wedding Dancer] <142>
  259. Stark, Julie (III) as [Ensemble Paris Beggar] <173>
  260. Steele, Karol as (uncredited) [Disapproving Factory Woman]
  261. Steer, Lottie as [Baby] <65>
  262. Stevens, Rachael (III) as (uncredited) [Wedding Guest]
  263. Sullivan, Nancy (III) as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <143>
  264. Sutherland, Rebecca (III) as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <144>
  265. Sweeney, Kate (II) as (uncredited) [Singer]
  266. Tennant, Alison as [Factory Woman 7] <33>
  267. Vollono, Julie as (uncredited) [Parisian]
  268. Waddingham, Hannah as [Factory Woman 2] <28>
  269. Wallace, Natalya Angel as (as Natalya Wallace) [Young Éponine] <62>
  270. Wardle, Gemma as [Turning Woman 2] <98>
  271. Webb, Tabitha as [Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies'] <145>
  272. Wilmot, Lynne as [Whore 2] <48>
  273. Woolston, Catherine as (uncredited) [Azelma]
  274. Worsley, Julia as [Head Whore] <50>
  275. Wray, Evie (II) as (uncredited) [Lovely Lady]
  276. Yeo, Annette as [Ensemble Turning Woman] <193>


  1. Drama
  2. Musical
  3. Romance

Full Plot

Jean Valjean, known as Prisoner 24601, is released from prison and breaks parole to create a new life for himself while evading the grip of the persistent Inspector Javert. Set in post-revolutionary France, the story reaches resolution against the background of the June Rebellion. Anonymous Based on the novel by Victor Hugo, 'Les Miserables' travels with prisoner-on-parole, 24601, Jean Valjean, as he runs from the ruthless Inspector Javert on a journey beyond the barricades, at the center of the June Rebellion. Meanwhile, the life of a working class girl with a child is at turning point as she turns to prostitution to pay money to the evil innkeeper and his wife who look after her child, Cosette. Valjean promises to take care of the child, eventually leads to a love triangle between Cosette, Marius who is a student of the rebellion, and Eponine, a girl of the streets. The people sing of their anger and Enjolras leads the students to fight upon the barricades. JBW Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 61,000,000 CP: 2012 Universal Studios. GR: USD 145,764,425 (USA) (17 February 2013) GR: USD 143,983,705 (USA) (10 February 2013) GR: USD 141,504,130 (USA) (3 February 2013) GR: USD 137,546,205 (USA) (27 January 2013) GR: USD 130,372,390 (USA) (20 January 2013) GR: USD 118,723,185 (USA) (13 January 2013) GR: USD 103,503,040 (USA) (6 January 2013) GR: USD 67,466,000 (USA) (30 December 2012) GR: PHP 78,916,102 (Philippines) (17 February 2013) GR: PHP 78,833,604 (Philippines) (10 February 2013) GR: PHP 76,368,823 (Philippines) (3 February 2013) GR: PHP 68,967,818 (Philippines) (27 January 2013) GR: PHP 43,112,281 (Philippines) (20 January 2013) OW: USD 28,027,000 (USA) (30 December 2012) (2,808 screens) OW: PHP 43,112,281 (Philippines) (20 January 2013) (127 screens) PD: 28 November 2011 - 6 November 2012 SD: 8 March 2012 - 22 June 2012 WG: USD 861,895 (USA) (17 February 2013) (676 screens) WG: USD 1,555,550 (USA) (10 February 2013) (1,447 screens) WG: USD 2,420,885 (USA) (3 February 2013) (1,848 screens) WG: USD 4,221,055 (USA) (27 January 2013) (2,210 screens) WG: USD 7,814,370 (USA) (20 January 2013) (2,579 screens) WG: USD 9,644,465 (USA) (13 January 2013) (2,927 screens) WG: USD 16,015,560 (USA) (6 January 2013) (2,904 screens) WG: USD 28,027,000 (USA) (30 December 2012) (2,808 screens) WG: PHP 65,949 (Philippines) (17 February 2013) (2 screens) WG: PHP 1,064,017 (Philippines) (10 February 2013) (19 screens) WG: PHP 4,515,836 (Philippines) (3 February 2013) (40 screens) WG: PHP 17,853,180 (Philippines) (27 January 2013) (88 screens) WG: PHP 43,112,281 (Philippines) (20 January 2013) (127 screens)

Movie Certificate

PG-13 (USA)(certificate #48029)
12A (UK)
12 (South Korea)
12 (Netherlands)
PG (Canada)(Ontario)
G (Japan)
12A (Ireland)
NC-16 (Singapore)
M/12 (Portugal)(Qualidade)
11 (Sweden)
PG-13 (Philippines)
11 (Norway)
A (India)
14 (Brazil)
IIA (Hong Kong)
PG13 (Singapore)(edited version)
12 (Germany)


  1. Cohen, Danny (II) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Delgado, Paco


Solar Entertainment [ph] - (2012) (Philippines) (theatrical)
Toho-Towa [jp] - (2012) (Japan) (theatrical)
United International Pictures (UIP) [ar] - (2013) (Argentina) (theatrical)
United International Pictures (UIP) [sg] - (2012) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Universal Pictures Canada [ca] - (2012) (Canada) (theatrical)
Universal Pictures International (UPI) [de] - (2013) (Germany) (theatrical)
Universal Pictures International (UPI) [fr] - (2013) (France) (theatrical)
Universal Pictures International (UPI) [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Universal Pictures [gb] - (2012) (UK) (theatrical)
Universal Pictures [us] - (2012) (USA) (theatrical)
Zon Audiovisuais [pt] - (2013) (Portugal) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Dickens, Chris
  2. Oliver, Melanie (as Melanie Ann Oliver)


  1. Abbott, Christopher (I) (production accountant) (uncredited)
  2. Aspert, Timothee (location assistant: France)
  3. Austin, Jane (III) (assistant: Cameron Mackintosh, CML)
  4. Ayers, Pip (epk producer)
  5. Baker, Jon (I) (armourer supervisor)
  6. Bau, Jeremy (assistant location manager: France)
  7. Berkery, Barbara (head dialect coach)
  8. Birmingham, Lottie (floor runner)
  9. Brodie, Elspeth (dialect coach)
  10. Brown, Monique (III) (production runner: CML)
  11. Byrne, Liam (VI) (armourer)
  12. Cabral, Rita (pre-production assistant) (uncredited)
  13. Cabral, Rita (pre-production locations team runner) (uncredited)
  14. Caird, John (director: original London production)
  15. Casarin, Paula (script supervisor)
  16. Chalas, Aneta (production secretary: CML)
  17. Cleary, Jocelyn (assistant: Russell Crowe)
  18. Coker, Rosie (cast production assistant)
  19. Collinson, Emma (location assistant: dailies) (uncredited)
  20. Connor, Laurence (director: 29th anniversary production)
  21. Cooke, Megan (location marshall) (uncredited)
  22. Corlett, Jessica (floor runner: crowd) (uncredited)
  23. Creed, Ian (nautical rigger: adviser) (uncredited)
  24. Crook, Jason Cookie (military advisor) (uncredited)
  25. Denning, Amy (craft services: Red Chutney)
  26. Dent, Steve (I) (horse supplier) (uncredited)
  27. Desmond, Sean (IV) (hod security)
  28. Dolman, David (marketing consultant: CML)
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Javert: Now Prisoner 24601, your time is up and your parole's begun. You know what that means? Jean Valjean: Yes, it means I'm free. Javert: No. [hands him a yellow paper] Follow to the letter your itinerary, this badge of shame you wear until you die. It warns that you're a dangerous man/ Jean Valjean: I stole a loaf of bread. My sisters child was close to death, and we were starving... Javert: And you will starve again unless you learn the meaning of the law! Jean Valjean: I've learnt the meaning of those nineteen years; a slave of the law. Javert: Five years for what you did. The rest because you tried to run, yes 24601... Jean Valjean: My name is Jean Valjean! Javert: And I'm Javert! Do not forget my name. Do not forget me, 24601. Jean Valjean: To love another person is to see the face of God. Marius: In my life, there is someone who touches my life. Waiting near... ponine: Waiting here... Fantine: I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I'm living! Marius: [about Cosette] Eponine, find her for me! ponine: What will you give me? Marius: Anything! ponine: Got you all excited now, but God knows what you see in her! Aren't you all delighted now? [Marius offers her money] No, I don't want your money, sir. Thnardier: Everybody raise a glass! Madame Thnardier: Raise it up the master's arse! Bishop: Monsieur, release him. This man has spoken true. I commend you for your duty, now God's blessing go with you. [to Valjean] But remember this, my brother. See in this some higher plan. You must use this precious silver to become an honest man. By the witness of the martyrs, by the passion and the blood, God has brought you out of darkness. I have bought your soul for God. [first lines] Jean Valjean: Look down, look down, don't look them in the eye. Chain Gang: Look down, look down, you're here until you die. Bishop: But remember this, my brother, see in this some higher plan. You must use this precious silver to become an honest man. By the witness of the martyrs, by the Passion and the Blood, God has raised you out of darkness; I have bought your soul for God! Jean Valjean: How have you come to grief in a place such as this? Fantine: M'sieur, don't mock me now, I pray. It's hard enough I've lost my pride. You let your foreman send me away - yes, you were there, and turned aside. I never did no wrong Jean Valjean: Is it true, what I have done? To an innocent soul? Had I only known then... Fantine: My daughter's close to dying. If there's a God above... He'd let me die instead... Jean Valjean: In His name my task has just begun, I will see it done! Young Cosette: There is a lady all in white, holds me and sings a lullaby, she's nice to hear and she's soft to touch, she says "Cosette, I love you very much." Madame Thnardier: Wait a bit! Know that face! Ain't the world a remarkable place! Thnardier: Men like me don't forget. You're the bastard that borrowed Cosette! Jean Valjean: What is this? Are you mad? No, Monsieur, you don't know what you do! Thnardier: You know me! I know you! And you'll pay what I'm due. ponine: It's the police! Disappear! Run for it! It's Javert! Marius: Do I care if I should die now she goes across the sea? Life without Cosette means nothing at all... Please don't weep, Cosette, should Marius fall. Will you weep, Cosette, for me? Thnardier: Make for the sewers! Get underground! Leave her to me, Don't wait around! You wait, my girl! You'll rue this night! I'll make you scream! You'll scream all right! Thnardier: Jean Valjean - the old con. You pay up and I'll say where he's gone. Marius: [handing Thnardier money] Not so loud! Here's for you. God forgive us the things that we do. Madame Thnardier: How's about some extra on a day so glad. Our little orphan girl, she hasn't done so bad. Raised in a convent, cash to spare - we want our share. Thnardier: [Marius hands over yet more money to Madame Thnardier] Quite the little nun, ain't she! Marius: [Marius punches Madame Thnardier across the face. He falls through a door. Marius bends down to Thnardier who is almost unconscious] Where is he? Thnardier: [cowardly] The convent. Jean Valjean: Who am I? Marius: You're Jean Valjean... Madame Thnardier: [to male customer] I used to dream that I would meet a prince, but God Almighty, have you seen what's happened since? Thnardier: [defensive as others stare at him] What? What? Madame Thnardier: Master of the house isn't worth my spit. Comforter, philosopher, and life-long shit. Cunning little brain; regular Voltaire. Thinks he's quite a lover, but there's not much there. [All stare at his crotch] Madame Thnardier: [pretending to cry] What a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse. [She takes the man's purse while he's distracted] Madame Thnardier: [suddenly cheering up] God knows how I've lasted living with this bastard in the house! Marius: Oh, my friends! My friends, don't ask me what your sacrifice was for! Empty chairs at empty tables, where my friends shall sing no more. Javert: I am reaching, but I fall. And the stars are black and cold... as I stare into the void, of a world that cannot hold. I'll escape no from that world, from the world of Jean Valjean... there is nowhere I can turn, there is no way... to go on! [he plummets from the bridge] Marius: Eponine, you're the friend that has brought me here. Thanks to you, I am with one with the Gods and heaven is near! And I soar through a world that is new, that is free. ponine: [to herself] Every word that he says is a dagger in me. In my life, there has been no one like him anywhere. Anywhere where he is. If he asks, I'll be his. Thnardier: What to do? What to say? Shall you carry our little treasure away? What a gem! What a pearl! Beyond rubies is our little girl. How can we speak of debt? Let's not haggle for darling Colette. Madame Thnardier: [whispering] Cosette. Thnardier: [correcting himself] Cosette.

Other Titles

  1. Les Miz (2012) (ENG)
    (USA) (informal alternative title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Winchester College, Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK
  2. Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
  3. France
  4. Pultney Bridge and Weir, Bath, Somerset, UK
  5. Boughton House, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, UK
  6. Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK
  7. Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK
  8. Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, England, UK
  9. Chatham Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent, England, UK
  10. Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK
  11. Ewelme, Oxfordshire, England, UK
  12. Wolvesey Castle, Hampshire, England, UK
  13. Richard Attenborough Stage, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK


- 'Paul Bettany' (qv) was considered for the role of Inspector Javert before 'Russell Crowe' (qv) was cast.

- 'Amy Adams (III)' (qv), 'Jessica Biel' (qv), 'Marion Cotillard' (qv), 'Kate Winslet' (qv) and 'Rebecca Hall (I)' (qv) were considered to play Fantine, before 'Anne Hathaway' (qv) was cast.

- 'Jamie Campbell Bower' (qv) was approached for the role of Enjolras, but turned it down.

- 'Hayden Panettiere' (qv), 'Scarlett Johansson' (qv), 'Lea Michele' (qv), 'Emily Browning (I)' (qv), 'Lucy Hale (II)' (qv) and 'Evan Rachel Wood' (qv) auditioned for the role of Eponine, before it was rumored that 'Taylor Swift' (qv) had been offered the role. In the end, 'Samantha Barks' (qv) was cast.

- 'Geoffrey Rush' (qv), who played the role of Javert in the non-musical _Les Misérables (1998)_ (qv), was considered for the role of Monsieur Thenardier before 'Sacha Baron Cohen' (qv) was cast.

- 'Anne Hathaway' (qv) reportedly blew everyone away at her audition, leaving them in tears.

- 'Emma Watson (II)' (qv), 'Shailene Woodley' (qv), 'Miranda Cosgrove' (qv), 'Emily Marie Palmer' (qv) 'Lili Reinhart' (qv), and 'Portia Doubleday' (qv) auditioned for the role of Cosette before the