"Less Than Perfect" (2002) {We're Bad People (#3.8)} TV Season

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Overview "Less Than Perfect" Season 03 Episode 08 (S03E08)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.3/ 10 (9 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 19 November 2004

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Full Cast

  1. Dick, Andy (I) as [Owen Kronsky] <8>
  2. Harvey, Simon (I) as [Hotel Manager]
  3. Levi, Zachary as [Kipp Steadman] <4>
  4. Mauldin, Christopher as (uncredited) [Mail Guy]
  5. Roberts, Eric (I) as [Will Butler] <7>
  6. Sasso, Will as [Carl Monari] <6>
  7. Warburton, Patrick as [Jeb Denton] <5>
  8. Kardon, Darlene as [Mavis]
  9. Parker, Andrea (I) as [Lydia Weston] <3>
  10. Rue, Sara as [Claude Casey] <1>
  11. Shepherd, Sherri as [Ramona Platt] <2>

Full Plot

When Claude and Ramona suspect Kipp is bankrolling his Lasik surgery with ill-gotten company money, they go undercover to learn the truth. Meanwhile, Lydia is shocked to learn Jeb is hiding a dirty little secret about the fancy hotel she's chosen for their romantic rendezvous, and Owen and Carl help Will train for the NYC Marathon. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Clausen, Scott
  2. Lee, Chris Alan (co-composer) (as Christopher A. Lee)
  3. Wolff, Jonathan (I)


  1. Roberson, James W. (director of photography) (as Jim Roberson)

Dress Designers

  1. Michalek, Susan

Film Editors

  1. Collector, Skip


  1. Dieffenbach, Mike (story editor)
  2. Doak, Tom (associate director)
  3. Doak, Tom (technical coordinator)
  4. Harris, Susan (VI) (script supervisor) (as Susan Straughn Harris)
  5. Lehman, Chris (I) (writer assistant)
  6. Liebetrau, Beth (production staff) (as Beth Soike)
  7. Metrick, David (production staff) (as Dave Metrick)
  8. Palmer, Davin (audience switcher)
  9. Pike, Dailey (audience warm-up)
  10. Plourde, Jena (production staff)
  11. Ramey, Frank (I) (production staff)
  12. Safieddine, Mahdy (production staff)
  13. Schaffhauser, Lori (production staff)
  14. Weissbuch, Jessica (set production assistant)
  15. Wentzel, Peter (I) (finance executive)