"Life as I Know It" (2010) {The Importance of Being Honest (#1.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Life as I Know It" Season 01 Episode 01 (S01E01)



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Laurus Media [gb]
Union Pictures [gb]

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Release Date
(UK) - 15 May 2010

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Full Cast

  1. Callaghan, Ryan as [Greg Marr] <8>
  2. Cyrus-Clark, Benjamin as [Ed Hook]
  3. John, Brett as (credit only) [Gethin Jenkins]
  4. Minors, Bethany as [Girl]
  5. Mirza, Shafiq Zechaun as (as Shafiq Mirza) [Alex]
  6. Morton, Tom (VII) as (uncredited) [Percy's no1 fan]
  7. O Callaghan, Ryan as [Greg Marr]
  8. Rae, Lee (II) as (uncredited) [Luke]
  9. Reece, Brennan as [Mickey Jardine]
  10. Rithin, Christopher as [Percy Darlington]
  11. Brown, Martha (VI) as [Linda James]
  12. Henry, Cherelle as (uncredited) [Susan]
  13. Novitzky, Jenny as [Milly]
  14. Quinn, Jennifer (VI) as [Sara Chan]
  15. Reid, Leila as [Roxi Jardine]
  16. Sinclair, Emily (III) as [Bailey Callaghan]

Full Plot

With the performance of 'The Importance Being Earnest' looming everyone is stressed out, Roxi worried Bailey will act upon her feelings for her boyfriend Alex tells Bailey a big white lie in order to make her think twice but even though Bailey promises Roxi that she won't tell anyone but she tells Alex. Alex begins to question if he wants to be with Roxi anymore, is the end of Roxi and Alex? Mean while Percy decides to start a band, which well does not exactly go how he wanted it to. Leila Reid Plot not found