"Little Dorrit" (2008) {(#1.10)} TV Season

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Overview "Little Dorrit" Season 01 Episode 10 (S01E10)



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8.5/ 10 (36 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 27 November 2008
(Hungary) - 9 November 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Alderton, John as [Mr. Casby] <24>
  2. Armesto, Sebastian as [Edmund Sparkler] <5>
  3. Armstrong, Alun as [Flintwinch] <27>
  4. Courtenay, Tom as [Mr. Dorrit] <4>
  5. Jones, Nicholas (I) as [Scary Butler] <8>
  6. Lesser, Anton as [Mr. Merdle] <7>
  7. Macfadyen, Matthew as [Arthur Clennam] <10>
  8. Marsan, Eddie as [Pancks] <9>
  9. Paterson, Bill (I) as [Mr. Meagles] <17>
  10. Potts, George (II) as [Bank Porter] <14>
  11. Serkis, Andy as [Rigaud] <13>
  12. Thorpe, Jason (III) as [Cavalletto] <12>
  13. Wyndham, Alex as [Henry Gowan] <15>
  14. Agyeman, Freema as [Tattycoram] <20>
  15. Cavaliero, Rosie as [Mrs. Plornish] <11>
  16. Crosbie, Annette as [Mr. F's Aunt] <23>
  17. Duvitski, Janine as [Mrs. Meagles] <18>
  18. Ferris, Pam as [Mrs. General] <2>
  19. Foy, Claire as [Amy Dorrit] <1>
  20. Frances-Gray, Kingsley as (uncredited) [Woman]
  21. Johnston, Sue (I) as [Affery] <25>
  22. Jones, Ruth (I) as [Flora Finching] <22>
  23. King, Georgia (I) as [Pet Gowan] <16>
  24. Parfitt, Judy as [Mrs. Clennam] <26>
  25. Peake, Maxine as [Miss Wade] <21>
  26. Pierson, Emma as [Fanny Dorrit] <3>
  27. Redman, Amanda as [Mrs. Merdle] <6>
  28. Walter, Harriet as [Mrs. Gowan] <19>

Full Plot

In Venice Fanny continues to cold -shoulder Edmund and spar with his mother, who writes to her husband to employ him,to get him out of Fanny's clutches, in the Bank. The bank is highly successful and Mr. Pancks tells Arthur to invest in it to increase capital for his business. Arthur is also a witness to a row between Mr. Meagles and Mrs. Gowan over the marriage neither of them wanted. Rigaud returns to London and Arthur sees him talking to Miss Wade, whom he follows to Casby's house where Flora flirts with him and Mr. F's aunt insults him. Pancks tells Arthur that Casby holds an allowance in trust for Miss Wade,hence her visits, but Arthur is not wholly convinced. Later he catches up with Rigaud at his mother's but she refuses to disclose their business. In fact Rigaud is seeking to blackmail her over the contents of the box he stole from Flintwinch's twin brother, but she is unaware that he possesses them and feels that she has no cause to fear him - wrongly, in the event. don@minifie-1 Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Lunn, John (I)


  1. McPolin, Owen (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Kidd, Barbara


Duna Televízió [hu] - (2011) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Kloss, Philip


  1. Anderson, Peter (XVIII) (title designer)
  2. Bailey, Benjamin (I) (location assistant) (as Ben Bailey)
  3. Bannister, Matt (I) (picture publicity)
  4. Brassett, Jenny (production coordinator)
  5. Brooks, Victoria (III) (picture publicity)
  6. Coats, Amy (floor runner)
  7. Davies, Dylan (II) (unit medic) (uncredited)
  8. Fletcher-Jones, Surian (script editor)
  9. Fraser, Natalie (publicist)
  10. Hill, Simon (II) (assistant accountant)
  11. Honour, Lyndsey (publicist)
  12. Hudson, Jennifer (V) (production secretary) (as Jen Hudson)
  13. Olley, Adam (production accountant)
  14. Pianca, Michelle (location manager)
  15. Reynolds, Thalia (talent rights executive)
  16. Ronald, Gordon (production consultant)
  17. Rook, Samuel (floor runner)
  18. Sharrod, Simon (script supervisor)
  19. Simpson, Charlie (II) (unit manager)
  20. Wheeler, Jason (III) (supervising location manager)
  21. Wray, Denis (supervising accountant)