Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.7/ 10 (32463 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material including comic horror violence, substance abuse, language and sex references (Approved No. 28048)

Production Company
Geffen Company, The [us] - (presents) (A Frank Oz Film)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 19 December 1986
(Argentina) - 8 January 1987
(Australia) - 19 March 1987
(Italy) - 21 March 1987
(UK) - 27 March 1987

Running Time
102 (original version)

Don't feed the plants. A Singing Plant. A Daring Hero. A Sweet Girl. A Demented Dentist.

1960s, abusive-boyfriend, alien, assistant, attacked-by-plant, based-on-film, based-on-stage-musical, based-on-stage-musical-based-on-film, black-comedy, blonde, blood, blood-drinking, boy-with-glasses, bum, camera-shot-from-inside-mouth, carnivorous-plant, crush, cult-film, dentist, dismemberment, domestic-violence, downtown, eclipse, fame, flesh-eating,

Technical Support
CAM:Lenses and Panaflex Camera by Panavision
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm
PFM:70 mm - (blow-up)
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Arden, Robert (I) as [Network Exec #1] <40>
  2. Belushi, James as [Patrick Martin] <9>
  3. Candy, John as [Wink Wilkinson] <10>
  4. Cunningham, Danny (I) as [Doo-Wop Street Singer] <20>
  5. Dabner, Abbie as [Boy Patient] <32>
  6. Dux, Frank as [Second Patient] <33>
  7. Gardenia, Vincent as [Mushnik] <4>
  8. Guest, Christopher (I) as [The First Customer] <11>
  9. Hoye, Stephen as [Network Exec #2] <41>
  10. John-Jules, Danny as [Doo-Wop Street Singer] <21>
  11. Jones, Stan (II) as (voice) (as Stanley Jones) [Narrator] <13>
  12. Martin, John Scott as ['Downtown' Bum #3] <17>
  13. Martin, Steve (I) as [Orin Scrivello - D.D.S.] <5>
  14. Moranis, Rick as [Seymour Krelborn] <2>
  15. Murray, Bill (I) as [Arthur Denton] <12>
  16. Palmer, Gary (I) as [Doo-Wop Street Singer] <22>
  17. Reynolds, Paul (IV) as [Audrey & Seymour's Kid] <30>
  18. Scott, Kevin (I) as [Fourth Customer] <26>
  19. Sessions, Bob as [Network Exec #3] <42>
  20. Shale, Kerry as [Her Assistant] <39>
  21. Shannon, Michael (I) as (as Michael J. Shannon) [Televisipn Reporter] <43>
  22. Sherman, Bob (I) as [Agent] <37>
  23. Stubbs, Levi as (voice: of The Four Tops) [Audrey II] <1>
  24. Swaby, Paul as [Doo-Wop Street Singer] <23>
  25. Tilvern, Alan as ['Downtown' Bum #2] <16>
  26. Whitman, Peter as [Patient on Ceiling] <34>
  27. Wiley, Ed (I) as ['Downtown' Bum #1] <15>
  28. Wilson, Mak as [Doo-Wop Street Singer] <19>
  29. Wong, Vincent (I) as [Chinese Florist] <18>
  30. Arnold, Tichina as [Crystal] <6>
  31. Campbell-Martin, Tisha as (as Tisha Campbell) [Chiffon] <8>
  32. Fogle, Adeen as [Radio Station Assistant] <28>
  33. Greene, Ellen as [Audrey] <3>
  34. Henson, Heather as [Girl Patient] <35>
  35. Hermitage, Doreen as ['Life' Magazine Lady] <38>
  36. Huntley, Kelly as [Audrey & Seymour's Kid] <29>
  37. Margolyes, Miriam as [Dental Nurse] <31>
  38. Morse, Judith as [Girl's Mother] <36>
  39. Reading, Bertice as ['Downtown' Old Woman] <14>
  40. Rosenblat, Barbara as [Fifth Customer] <27>
  41. Shay, Mildred as [Second Customer] <24>
  42. Weeks, Michelle (I) as [Ronette] <7>
  43. Wiltsie, Melissa as [Third Customer] <25>


  1. Comedy
  2. Musical

Full Plot

Seymour Krelborn is a nerdy orphan working at Mushnik's, a flower shop in urban Skid Row. He harbors a crush on fellow co-worker Audrey Fulquard, and is berated by Mr. Mushnik daily. One day as Seymour is seeking a new mysterious plant, he finds a very mysterious unidentified plant which he calls Audrey II. The plant seems to have a craving for blood and soon begins to sing for his supper. Soon enough, Seymour feeds Audrey's sadistic dentist boyfriend to the plant and later, Mushnik for witnessing the death of Audrey's ex. Will Audrey II take over the world or will Seymour and Audrey defeat it? HannahMontaniwitz Seymour, an orphan and a nerd, is taken in and given a job by Mr. Mushnik, the owner of a run down Florists in the seedy part of town. Seymour spends his time doing menial tasks and dreaming of the shop assistant, Audrey. One day, just after an eclipse of the Sun, Seymour discovers a strange plant. He buys it and names is Audrey II. While caring for Audrey II, Seymour discovers the plant's rather unique appetite. The plant grows and grows, as does Seymour's infatuation for Audrey, but who will get her first? FEED ME! Mark Harding Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 118,418 (Sweden) BT: USD 25,000,000 CP: Original Music Score © 1986 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. CP: Original songs © 1986 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. CP: This motion picture © 1986 The Geffen Film Company CP: Screenplay © 1986 The Geffen Film Company GR: USD 34,656,704 (USA) (8 February 1987) GR: USD 33,126,503 (USA) (1 February 1987) GR: USD 30,810,276 (USA) (25 January 1987) GR: USD 27,781,027 (USA) (18 January 1987) GR: USD 23,727,232 (USA) (11 January 1987) GR: USD 19,546,049 (USA) (4 January 1987) GR: USD 11,412,248 (USA) (28 December 1986) GR: USD 3,659,884 (USA) (21 December 1986) GR: USD 38,748,395 (USA) GR: USD 38,747,385 (USA) GR: SEK 4,318,255 (Sweden) OW: USD 3,659,884 (USA) (21 December 1986) (866 screens) RT: USD 19,300,000 (USA) SD: 21 October 1985 - 5 June 1986 WG: USD 1,112,016 (USA) (8 February 1987) (871 screens) WG: USD 1,719,329 (USA) (1 February 1987) WG: USD 2,093,847 (USA) (25 January 1987) WG: USD 3,222,066 (USA) (18 January 1987) WG: USD 3,057,666 (USA) (11 January 1987) (858 screens) WG: USD 4,004,838 (USA) (4 January 1987) (866 screens) WG: USD 5,042,682 (USA) (28 December 1986) (866 screens) WG: USD 3,659,884 (USA) (21 December 1986) (866 screens)

Movie Certificate

L (Iceland)
12 (Iceland)(video rating)
14 (Peru)
M/12 (Portugal)
TV-14 (USA)(TV rating)
PG-13 (USA)(director's cut)
13 (Argentina)
M (Australia)
K-12 (Finland)
U (France)
15 (Sweden)
PG-13 (USA)(Approved No. 28048)
12 (West Germany)(nf)
PG (Singapore)

Music Composers

  1. Goodman, Miles (original motion picture score)


  1. Paynter, Robert (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Allen, Marit (costumes designed by)


American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (1990) (USA) (TV) (broadcast premiere)
Argentina Video Home [ar] - (198?) (Argentina) (VHS)
Chapel Distribution [au] - (1997) (Australia) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. Pictures [us] - (1986) (USA) (theatrical) (distributed by) (as Warner Bros.) (A Warner Communications Company)
Warner Bros. [ar] - (1987) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. [at] - (1987) (Austria) (theatrical)
Warner Home Video [it] - (Italy) (DVD)
Warner Home Video [us] - (1996) (USA) (VHS)
Warner Home Video [us] - (1998) (USA) (DVD)
Warner Home Video [us] - (USA) (laserdisc)
Warner Home VĂ­deo [br] - (2000) (Brazil) (DVD)
Warner Home VĂ­deo [br] - (Brazil) (VHS)

Film Editors

  1. Jympson, John (film editor)


  1. Adams, Madeline (additional performer)
  2. Alexander, John (II) (principal plant performer)
  3. Allan, David (I) (physical therapist)
  4. Andrews, Andy (II) (cashier)
  5. Antony, Martin (additional performer)
  6. Antony, Tony (additional performer)
  7. Asbury, Anthony (principal plant performer)
  8. Austen, Don (principal plant performer)
  9. Barclay, David Alan (principal plant performer) (as David Barclay)
  10. Barclay, Michael (I) (principal plant performer)
  11. Barton, James (III) (principal plant performer)
  12. Barton, Joan (II) (additional performer)
  13. Bayliss, Michael (principal plant performer)
  14. Bean, Rose (assistant publicist)
  15. Beck, Alisa (additional performer)
  16. Billyeald, Tessie (secretary to producer) (as Tessa Billyeald)
  17. Bowen, Lynn (computer operator)
  18. Braine, Richard (additional performer)
  19. Bridle, Martin (additional performer)
  20. Brown, Fiona Beynor (additional performer)
  21. Brown, Simon (V) (additional performer)
  22. Bulbeck, David (additional performer)
  23. Challenor, Mark (production assistant) (uncredited)
  24. Challenor, Mark (production runner)
  25. Clarke, Georgia (II) (additional performer)
  26. Clarke, Marcus (II) (principal plant performer)
  27. Conway, Lyle (I) (creator: "Audrey II")
  28. Conway, Lyle (I) (designer: "Audrey II")
  29. Coombs, Richard (additional performer)
  30. Cumming, Debbie (additional performer)
  31. d'Arcy, Susan (unit publicist)
  32. Dacre, Sue (principal plant performer)
  33. Davies, Allen (assistant accountant)
  34. Deason, Vicki (production coordinator) (as Vicki Manning)
  35. Demeter, Val (assistant: Mr. Oz)
  36. Eason, Phil (I) (additional performer)
  37. Edwards, Mary (II) (additional performer)
  38. Felix, Geoff (additional performer)
  39. Ferren, Bran (title designer)
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  42. Garrett, Pat (I) (choreographer)
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  106. Wright, Francis (additional performer)
  107. Wright, Saskia (additional performer)


Audrey II: Does this look "inanimate" to you, punk? If I can move and I can talk, who's to say I can't do anything I want? Audrey II: [singing] If you wanna be profound, if you really gotta justify, take a breath and look around, a lot of folks deserve to die! Audrey II: [singing] I'm just a mean green mother from outer space and I'm bad! Audrey: [singing] I'd cook like Betty Crocker and I'd look like Donna Reed! [the masochistic patient meets the sadistic dentist] Arthur Denton: I think I need a root canal. I definitely need a long, slow root canal. [Orin Scrivello, the sadistic dentist] Orin: [singing] I thrill when I drill a bicuspid / It's swell though they tell me I'm mal-ad-just-ed. [repeated line] Audrey II: Feed me, Seymour! Audrey II: Feed me! Seymour: Does it have to be human? Audrey II: Feed me! Seymour: Does it have to be mine? Audrey II: Feeeed me! Seymour: Where am I supposed to get it? Audrey II: [singing] Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long - That's right, boy! - You can do it! Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long / Ha ha ha ha ha! / Cause if you feed me, Seymour / I can grow up big and strong. Audrey II: [singing] Would you like a Cadillac car? / Or a guest shot on Jack Paar? / How about a date with Hedy Lamarr? / You can get it. Audrey II: [singing] I got killer buds / A power stem / Nasty pods / And I'm using them! / So better move 'em out / Nature calls / You got my pun? / I'm gonna bust your balls! Seymour: The Audrey Two is not a healthy girl. Mr. Mushnik: Strictly between us - neither is the Audrey One. Seymour: The guy sure looks like plant food to me. Audrey: Seymour's first radio broadcast! I wanted to hear it so bad. I tried to be on time, but... Mr. Mushnik: Don't tell me. You got tied up. Audrey: No. Just handcuffed a little. Audrey: [of Orin's disappearance] It wouldn't be terrible at all. It would be a miracle, not to mention the money I'd save on epsom salts and ace bandages. Orin: [holding a dentist's tool] Let me ask you something! Does this scare you? Would you like if I took this and headed right for your damn incisors? Seymour: [looks terrified] Orin: It'd hurt, right? Seymour: Uh huh. Orin: You'd scream, right? Seymour: Uh huh. Orin: Well get your ass in here! Ronette, Chiffon, Crystal: Oh, here it comes, baby. Tell your mom, baby. Oh oh no! Oh, hit the dirt, baby! Red alert baby! Oh oh no, oh oh no! Orin: I find a little giggle-gas before I begin increases my pleasure enormously. [in the Radio station] Wink Wilkinson: Gee, I wish you folks could see this. Hey Seymour, where did you get this WEEEEEEEEEEIRD plant? Seymour: Wait for me, Audrey. This is between me and the vegetable! Audrey: All I ever wanted was you and a sweet little house. Seymour: Oh Audrey, you're the most wondeful person that ever lived. We're gonna get that little house and everything's gonna be alright, you'll see. Seymour: It's true! I chopped him up. But I didn't kill him! [his last lines] Audrey II: Oh, shit! Seymour: Every household in America? Thousands of you eating... that's what you had in mind all along, isn't it? Audrey II: No shit, Sherlock. Audrey: [singing about her dream home with Seymour] Between our frozen dinners, and our bedtime - 9:15 - we'd snuggle watching Lucy on a big, enormous, 12-inch screen! Audrey: I'm sorry doctor, I'm sorry. Orin: Fall off the motorcycle my ass! Audrey: [singing] A matchbox of our own, a fence of real chain-link/A grill out on the patio, disposal in the sink/A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine/In a tract house that we share/Somewhere that's green Seymour: Wait a minute, Audrey II, that's not a very nice thing to say! Audrey II: But it's true, isn't it? Seymour: No! I don't know anybody who deserves to get chopped up and fed to a hungry plant! Audrey II: Mmmmmm, sure you do! [Turns Seymour around to look out the window. They see Orin and Audrey. Orin yells at Audrey and at last hits her] [Seymour is attempting to put a plant on a high shelf. The shelving unit falls and the plants crash to the floor] Mr. Mushnik: Seymour, what's going on? Seymour: Very little, Mr. Mushnik. Orin: Stupid woman! Christ, what a friggin' scatterbrain! Audrey: I'm sorry, doctor! I'm sorry, doctor! Orin: Falls off the motorcycle! Audrey: I'm clumsy, doctor! I'm clumsy, doctor! Orin: [kicks down the doors] Messes my hair! Get the door open, you little slut! Audrey: I'm trying, doctor! I;m trying, doctor! Orin: Get the Vitalis! Quick, the Vitalis! Audrey: [feeling threatened] I'M OUT OF IT! Orin: [grabs her] WHAT! [Orin slaps her harshly making her cry] Seymour: [singing] Suddenly Seymour / Is standing beside you Audrey: [singing] Suddenly Seymour / Showed me I can... Audrey: [singing over sustain] Yes you can... Patrick Martin: Excuse me! Pardon me, beg your pardon, if you two kids would stop singing for just a moment I've got something I want to discuss with you. Patrick Martin: Me and the guys at the home office have been following this plant of yours. We've come up with one incredible idea. We're very proud of it. Picture this: we take leaf cuttings, develop little Audrey IIs and sell them to florist shops across the nation. Pretty soon every household in America could have one. Seymour: [concerned] Every household in America! Patrick Martin: For starters, kid. Why, this thing could go... worldwide! Seymour, Audrey: [to each other, panicked:] *Worldwide*? Patrick Martin: With the right advertising, this thing could be bigger than Hula-Hoops. Audrey: [to Seymour, intrigued:] Bigger than Hula-Hoops? Audrey II: [rapping] You know I don't come from no Black Lagoon. Pods: No! Audrey II: I'm from past the stars and beyond the moon. Pods: Yes! Audrey II: You can keep The Thing. Pods: Thing! Audrey II: Keep The It. Pods: It! Audrey II: Keep The Creature, they don't mean shit! Audrey: I don't believe it. Audrey II: Believe it, baby. It talks. Audrey: Am I dreaming this? Audrey II: No, and you ain't in Kansas, neither. Audrey II: I need me some water in the worst way. Look at my branches. I'm dryin' up. I'm a *goner*, honey! Audrey II: [singing] Come on and give me a drink! Audrey: I don't know if I should. Audrey II: [singing] Hey, little lady, be nice. Audrey: Do you talk to Seymour like this? Audrey II: [singing] Sure do. I'll take it straight. Audrey: Your leaves *are* dry. Audrey II: [singing] Don't need no glass or no ice. Audrey: I'll get the can. Audrey II: [singing] Don't need no twist of lime... Audrey: [sing-song] Here we go! Audrey II: And now it's *suppertime*! Patrick Martin: Whaddya say, Seymour? Do we have a deal? Seymour: No! Keep your contract. Nobody's touchin' that plant, you hear? Patrick Martin: Hey, we're offerin' a lotta money here! Seymour: Forget the money. Take the money and leave! Patrick Martin: Whaddya, nuts? Seymour: Yeah, I'm nuts! Get outta here! Patrick Martin: Hey, now, come on! Seymour: Go on! Get outta here! Patrick Martin: You're a loon! Seymour: Go on and get out! Patrick Martin: Look, I'll come back when you're in a better mood! Seymour: Go on, get outta here now! Patrick Martin: Alright! Orin: Look Seymour, this could happen to you. Unless I take immediate action. Seymour: [helpless in dentist chair] What's that? Orin: [enthusiastically] A drill. Seymour: It's rusty! Orin: It's an antique. They don't make 'em like this any more. Sturdy. Heavy. Dull! Orin: I'm gonna want some gas fer this. Seymour: Oh, thank God. I thought you weren't gonna use any. Orin: Oh, the gas isn't for you Seymour, it's for me. You see, I wanna really enjoy this. Patrick Martin: Son, kid, boy are we gonna make a fortune. Audrey II: [singing] you know the kind'a eats, the kind'a red HOT sweets, the kind'a sticky licky treats I crave! Mr. Mushnik: Hey, urchins! [bangs on window] Shoo, get outta here!/ No loitering! Ronette: Maan, I wasn't loitering/ Were you Crystal? Crystal: Not me Ronette, were you Chiffon? Mr. Mushnik: You kids should be in school! Chiffon: Yeah, but were on a split shift. Ronette: Yeah! We went to school till the tenth grade, then we split! Mr. Mushnik: So! How do you intend to better yourselves? Crystal: Better ourselves? You heard what he said? Better ourselves! Mister, when you're from Skid Row/ Ain't no such thing! Audrey: I got a date. Mr. Mushnik: With that same no-goodnik? I'm telling you, Audrey, you don't need a date - you need major medical! Seymour: [singing] I don't know. Audrey II: Come on, boy! Seymour: [singing] I don't know! Audrey II: Lighten up! Seymour: [singing] I have so, so many strong reservations. Audrey II: Tell it to the Marines! Seymour: [singing] Should I go and perform mutilations? Mr. Mushnik: Move, move! Move! Stay away! [gestures them away from inside his window] Mr. Mushnik: No loitering! Ronette: Man, I wasn't loitering! Were you, Crystal? Crystal: Not me, Ronette! Were you, Chiffon? Mr. Mushnik: You oughta be in school! Chiffon: Yeah, well, we're on a split shift. Ronette: Yeah! We went to school till fifth grade, then we split! Mr. Mushnik: So! How do you intend to better yourselves? Crystal: Better ourselves? You heard what he said? Better ourselves! Mister, when you're from Skid Row, ain't no such thing! [while undergoing a torturous procedure by Orin Scrivello, DDS] Arthur Denton: It's your professionalism that I respect. Mr. Mushnik: [to Seymour] You love her madly, don't you, schmuck? Audrey II: Tough titty! Seymour: You watch your language! Audrey II: Aw cut the crap and bring on the meat! [Seymour points a gun at him] Orin: [while wearing a gas mask, sees it] Huh? What the hell's that? A gun? [laughs out of control] Orin: [sarcastically while laughing still] Kid's got a goddamn revolver Oh, Jesus! I'm in trouble now, huh? [Orin laughs still as Seymour goes nervous still pointing the gun at him] Orin: Oh, wait till I turn this gas off. [takes the cap off by accident] Orin: Uh-oh! Oh, give me a hand, would you? No, I guess you wouldn't, would you? [laughs again but coughs as he tries to take the mask off] Orin: You see, Seymour, I could asphyx... [coughs out of control] Orin: I could asphyx... [continues laughing and coughing until he collapses on the floor] Orin: [stops laughing] What'd I ever do to you? Seymour: [lowers the gun] Nothing. It's what you did to her. Orin: Her who? [Seymour does not answer] Orin: [finally gets it] Oh... her... [Orin then dies from too much nitrous oxide as Seymour goes puzzled] Mr. Mushnik: [after Seymour asks why Mushnik is angry at him] Little red dots all over the linoleum, little red spots on the concrete outside - I'm talking blood, Krelborn! I'm talking under my own roof! [grabs an axe] Mr. Mushnik: An axe murderer! [Seymour goes alarmed] Audrey II: [sings off-screen] He's got your number now. Mr. Mushnik: I saw everything! Audrey II: He knows just what you've done. Mr. Mushnik: Everything you did to her boyfriend! Audrey II: You've got no place to hide. Mr. Mushnik: [swings the axe] I saw you chopping him! Audrey II: You've got nowhere to run. Seymour: [innocently] It's true! I chopped him up, but I didn't kill him! Audrey II: He knows your life of crime. Mr. Mushnik: [points a gun at him] Tell it to the police! Audrey II: I think it's suppertime!

Other Titles

  1. Der kleine Horrorladen (1987) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

  2. La piccola bottega degli orrori (1987) (ENG)

  3. Kleine Horrorladen, Der (1987) (GER)
    (West Germany)

  4. Piccola bottega degli orrori, La (1986) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
  2. London, England, UK
  3. Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK - (studio)


- Originally included an extended sequence for the song "The Meek Shall Inherit".

- SPOILER: The tie-in trading card set released by Topps contains many shots of scenes now deleted from the movie. These includes images of the plants taking over New York; of Audrey (1) being eaten; and pieces of the deleted extended song sequence - all presented in full colour. The back of some of the trading cards could be put together to form a larger picture of the plants attacking the Brooklyn Bridge.

- SPOILER: The original ending featured extensive model shots of Audrey 2 wreaking havoc on the city to the song "Don't Feed the Plants". The ending was reshot after bad preview audience reaction.

- The neon sign "CHOOZ" blinks the "OZ"; director 'Frank Oz' (qv)'s surname.

- The scenes in which the two largest Audrey II puppets are performing with the actors are filmed at a lower speed. First at 16 frames per second, then at 12 frames per second for the final number. This means that the actors had to move and lip sync in slow motion.

- It supposedly took 'Steve Martin (I)' (qv) six weeks to film all his scenes. He contributed ideas such as socking the nurse in the face (originally he was