London Boulevard (2010) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.2/ 10 (26369 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language, some nudity and drug use

Production Company
GK Films [us]
Henceforth [us] - (as Henceforth Pictures)
London Boulevard [us]
Projection Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Ireland) - 26 November 2010
(UK) - 26 November 2010
(Bulgaria) - 21 January 2011
(Netherlands) - 3 February 2011
(Iceland) - 4 February 2011

Running Time

Not every criminal wants to be one.

actress, based-on-novel, beating, beggar, brother-sister-relationship, camera-shot-of-feet, cemetery, death, death-by-hammer, doctor, female-stockinged-foot, foot-closeup, footballer, funeral, grave-site, handcuffed-to-a-bed, homosexual-overtones, knife, london-england, london-underground, los-angeles-california, loss-of-sister, love, man-punches-woman, mob-boss,

Technical Support
CAM:Arricam LT, Zeiss Master Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
CAM:Arricam ST, Zeiss Master Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
LAB:ColorWorks, Culver City (CA), USA - (digital intermediate)
LAB:DeLuxe, Hollywood (CA), USA
LAB:Technicolor, London, UK - (rushes processing)
MET:2816 m - (Portugal, 35 mm)
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak Vision2 200T 5217, Vision3 500T 5219)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (2K) (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (3-perf) (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (spherical) (Fuji)
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Abraham, Jake (II) as [Paparazzo Two] <19>
  2. Arsene, Mihai as (uncredited) [Paparazzo III]
  3. Bartlett, Nick (I) as [Beaumont] <21>
  4. Bastida, Julian as (uncredited) [Spanish Man]
  5. Bhaskar, Sanjeev as [Dr. Raju] <8>
  6. Blackley, Jamie as [The Footballer] <23>
  7. Boardman, Lee as [Lee] <13>
  8. Campbell Bower, Jamie as [Whiteboy] <11>
  9. Chaplin, Ben as [Billy Norton] <5>
  10. Coyne, Jonny as (as Jonathan Coyne) [Heavy One] <26>
  11. Cullen, Jonathan (I) as [Anthony Trent] <15>
  12. Dawson, David (IV) as (uncredited) [Big Issue Seller]
  13. Farrell, Colin (I) as [Mitchel] <1>
  14. Finn, Heath as (uncredited) [Lawyer II]
  15. Foreman, Gregory as [Kid with Footballer] <24>
  16. Graham, Stephen (I) as [Danny] <9>
  17. Grover, Simon as (uncredited) [Porter at Storage]
  18. Havill, Andrew as (uncredited) [Unlikely Vagrant]
  19. Henry, Duane (I) as (uncredited) [Nation of Islam Guy]
  20. Home, Gerald as [Undertaker] <36>
  21. Hopley, Andre as (uncredited) [Gangster]
  22. Howard, Philip (VI) as (uncredited) [Gangster Cameo]
  23. Kalninsh, Oleg as (uncredited) [Russian Gangster]
  24. King, Matt (I) as [Fletcher] <22>
  25. Koluder, Damir as [Storbor's Friend] <20>
  26. Littman, Julian as [Alfons] <33>
  27. Lloyd Bennett, Hainsley as [Unfortunate Student] <31>
  28. Lyddon, David as (uncredited) [Customer]
  29. Marsan, Eddie as [DI Bailey] <7>
  30. Mercer, Bob (V) as [Heavy Two] <27>
  31. Nikkos, Peter as [Senior TMZ Reporter]
  32. Plester, Tim as [Paparazzo One] <18>
  33. Richard, Eric (I) as (uncredited) [Villanous Pensioner in Cafe]
  34. Richardson, Laurence (II) as (uncredited)
  35. Ryan, Daniel (I) as (uncredited) [Bank Manager]
  36. Shale, Kerry as (uncredited) [Lawyer]
  37. Shockley, Ben as (uncredited) [Detective]
  38. Sumpter, Donald as (uncredited) [Pentonville Governor]
  39. Terera, Giles as [Waiter] <35>
  40. Thewlis, David as [Jordan] <3>
  41. Topic, Velibor as [Storbor] <12>
  42. Wall, Brad (II) as (uncredited) [London Gangster in Pub]
  43. Way, Tony as [Lone Paparazzo] <17>
  44. Williams, Alan (II) as [Joe] <14>
  45. Willox, Robert as [Ravaged Guard] <16>
  46. Winstone, Ray (I) as [Gant] <6>
  47. Wood, Oliver (III) as [Bottom Feeder One] <29>
  48. Wright, Jonny Leigh as (as Jonny Leigh-Wrigth) [Bottom Feeder Two] <30>
  49. Asante, Michelle as [Woman in Brixton Flat] <32>
  50. Fairman, Elly as [Gant's Wife] <28>
  51. Friel, Anna as [Briony] <4>
  52. Knightley, Keira as [Charlotte] <2>
  53. Lovibond, Ophelia as [Penny] <10>
  54. Niles, Sarah as [Hospital Matron] <25>
  55. Patel, Tara as (uncredited) [Pharmacy Girl]
  56. Roman, Christina S. as (uncredited) [Spanish Woman]
  57. Sameena, Zehra as (as Sameena Zehra) [Indian Woman at Ashmole Estate] <34>


  1. Crime
  2. Drama

Full Plot

Mitchel ('Colin Farrell' (qv)) just got out of jail and wants to stay legitimate but his friends involved in the messy London underground fear him and wants him to join them again but Mitchel tries his best to stay away. He gets himself a job as a bodyguard for a retired actress Charlotte ('Keira Knightley' (qv)) who is still hot news for the paparazzi. Mitchell, through his friend Billy eventually meets the underground Don by the name of Gant ('Ray Winstone (I)' (qv)) who wants Mitch to work for him because of Mitch's reputations. While working together Mitch and Charlotte fall in love. Gant asks Billy to get the guy who sent Mitch to jail but it turns out to be the wrong one, Gant kills the guy in front of Mitch and lets Mitch know that he has to work for him now that Mitch has seen him commit the murder but Mitch refuses. Gant keeps trying to force Mitch to his side promising him good ranks and positions but he has to let go of Charlotte but Mitch turns him down even threatens him to stop trying making Gant really angry. Now Mitch has to suffer the consequences. Mahdi Fresh out of prison, Michael wants nothing to do with crime, but he accepts a kip from Billy, a marginal grafter, and accompanies Billy on rent-collection trips. He's also old school, wanting revenge on two youths for assaulting a mendicant he's befriended. He's got a strung-out sister to protect, and he's offered a job protecting a famous actress from paparazzi. The plot lines join when Michael finds himself attracted to the actress and Billy's Mob boss, Gant, finds ways to force Michael work for him. He also warns Michael off revenge against the assailants of his friend. What are Michael's options: is there any way to avoid Gant, protect his sister, and find a path to love? Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 123,562 (France) (19 June 2011) BT: USD 35,000,000 CP: 2010 GK FILMS, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. GR: USD 6,911 (USA) (20 November 2011) GR: USD 3,431 (USA) (13 November 2011) GR: GBP 1,351,361 (UK) (9 January 2011) GR: GBP 1,323,605 (UK) (19 December 2010) GR: GBP 1,267,625 (UK) (12 December 2010) GR: GBP 1,060,505 (UK) (5 December 2010) GR: GBP 577,224 (UK) (28 November 2010) GR: USD 6,872,403 (Worldwide) (19 June 2011) OW: USD 3,431 (USA) (13 November 2011) (1 screen) OW: GBP 577,224 (UK) (28 November 2010) (345 screens) SD: 8 June 2009 - 14 August 2009 WG: USD 2,077 (USA) (20 November 2011) (1 screen) WG: USD 3,431 (USA) (13 November 2011) (1 screen) WG: GBP 58,572 (UK) (12 December 2010) (131 screens) WG: GBP 254,134 (UK) (5 December 2010) (316 screens) WG: GBP 577,224 (UK) (28 November 2010) (345 screens)

Movie Certificate

R (USA)(certificate #46446)
16 (Ireland)
18 (UK)
M/16 (Portugal)
16 (Netherlands)
M18 (Singapore)
T (Italy)
PG12 (Japan)
18 (South Korea)
MA15+ (Australia)
U (France)
15 (South Korea)(edited version)
16 (Germany)

Music Composers

  1. Pizzorno, Sergio


  1. Menges, Chris (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Dicks-Mireaux, Odile


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CatchPlay [tw] - (2010) (Taiwan) (all media)
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  1. Baker, Jon (I) (armorer)
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  5. Benedetti, Joshua (location scout)
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[first lines] Jailer: [to Mitchel] You. You're out. Charlotte: Do you like violence? Mitchel: I will hurt someone before they hurt me. Dr. Raju: My wife was a very shrewish woman. I told her finally, I love you, but I want to enjoy my life. She was more outraged by that than anything I'd ever said to her. Gant: You're an accessory now. It's a little like being married, you know, it's for life. Gant: You really think I'm gonna to let you walk free 'round this fucking planet? It ain't gonna happen. Mitchel: See, what you have to understand is that if I were a gangster - Rob - you would be the first to fucking die. I wouldn't work for you. I would kill you and take everything you've got - if I were a gangster. That's why you don't want me to be a gangster. Nobody wants me to be a gangster. 'Cause I couldn't stop if I started. Do you get it? Mitchel: Don't ask again. [last lines] Whiteboy: Heard you been lookin' for me... Charlotte: Do you know what a woman's for in film? Mitchel: Go on, then. Charlotte: What this job is that I'm supposed to want? Mitchel: I'm listening. Charlotte: A woman is there to get the hero to talk about himself. About his hopes, about his fears, maybe even about his fascinating, fucking childhood.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Dulwich, London, England, UK
  2. Ealing Studios, Ealing, London, England, UK
  3. Essex, England, UK
  4. Hammerwood Park, East Sussex, England, UK
  5. Holland Park, London, England, UK
  6. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  7. London, England, UK
  8. Los Angeles, California, USA
  9. Pottery Lane, Notting Hill, London, England, UK


- The Chinese words on the package are the title of "The Departed", which is written by William Monahan as well. Infernal Affairs (the movie The Departed was based on) was incorrectly called "a Japanese film" during the 79th Academy Awards; Jordan emphasizes "he got it from Hong Kong" here.

- The book that Gant is reading in bed near the end of the film is the Penguin edition of "The Social Contract" by Rousseau.