Lost Transmission (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Celtic Storm Films [gb]

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(UK) - 14 November 2014

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asteroid-belt, battle-cruiser, civil-war, corsair-fighter, earth, federal-alliance, flamesteak, free-trader, galactic-war, ice-planet, lionblade, mercenary, mercenary, mining-ship, no-survivors, pirate, planet, ringed-planet, salamander, space-station, spacecraft, stars, terran, weapon,

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  1. Sci-Fi

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A galactic civil war breaks out between the Free Traders and the New Federal Terran Alliance, in an order to control the trade routes to the distant worlds now colonized among the stars. The war reaches even the distant systems and crews are recalled to aid the war effort, a lost cause as some would say. One such ship losing it's crew is the Lionblade, now empty but for the Captain and the ships computer, drifting between the planets of the Outer belt and the Nexar system, but then a desperate calls is relayed from the Salamander space station, a call for help that Blake and his ship will answer, but what they find on the planets surface is a desperate struggle for survival that he is now caught up in the middle of! Rick Mcleod Plot not found