Love Eternal (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Fastnet Films [ie]
Irish Film Board [ie] - (funding)
Red Lion Sarl [lu]
Rinkel Film [nl]
T.O. Entertainment [jp]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Ireland) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Condron, Aiden as [Terry]
  2. Conlon, Declan as [Frank Keating]
  3. de Hoog, Robert as [Ian Harding] <1>
  4. Frenay, Frédéric as [Barman]
  5. Hastert, Patrick as [Detective]
  6. Larre, Jean-Michel as [Tina's husband]
  7. Leick, Tom as [Policeman]
  8. Petit, Enzo as [David]
  9. Reardon, Daniel as [Doctor]
  10. Roche, Jim (III) as [Lawyer]
  11. Simon, Pitt as [Large Man]
  12. Tandel, Guillaume as [Young Ian]
  13. Algrove, Janice as [Middle Aged Lady]
  14. Dickes, Isabelle as [Check Out Girl]
  15. Katina, Xenia as [Anna Moore]
  16. Kibbey, Jill Robertson as [Mother]
  17. McIntosh, Pollyanna as [Naomi Clarke] <2>
  18. O Neill, Roisin as [Waitress]
  19. Regan, Emma Eliza as [Cathy Malone] <10>
  20. Ryan, Amanda (I) as [Tina Shaw]
  21. Woodhall, Linda as [Elderly Lady]


  1. Drama
  2. Mystery

Full Plot

Based on the Japanese novel Loving the Dead from acclaimed author Kei Oishi (Apartment 1303, The Last Supper), the film centres on a damaged young man who after shutting himself away for ten years is forced to venture out into a world that he no longer understands. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Westerlaken, Bart


  1. Comerford, Tom

Dress Designers

  1. Dickes, Isabelle

Film Editors

  1. McIvor, Mairead


  1. Bac, Erick (production controller)
  2. Burke, Renee (script supervisor)
  3. Cavazza, Gilda (production coordinator)
  4. Daly, Rebecca (I) (production accountant)
  5. De Spenser, Clifford (dialogue coach)
  6. Furey, Dermot (chef)
  7. Gayot, Julien (I) (production controller)
  8. Gouveia, Lata Hugo (location assistant)
  9. Hennessy, Kieran (assistant location manager)
  10. Jackson, Ian (XI) (production assistant)
  11. Jansson, Martin (location assistant)
  12. Johansson, Niall (I) (production assistant)
  13. Johansson, Niall (II) (production trainee)
  14. Keville, John (producers asssistant)
  15. Lalani, Ashifa (production accountant)
  16. Manfredi, Emmanuel (production accountant)
  17. McGonigal, Aoife (production assistant)
  18. Negro, Christian (security)
  19. Nicell, Julie (accounts trainee)
  20. O'Malley, Anna (production coordinator)
  21. O'Malley, Evelyn (assistant production coordinator)
  22. Oglanby, Brian (trainee location manager)
  23. Roberts, Mike (XXXVI) (location assistant)
  24. Rudolph, Gregor (set manager)
  25. Schmitz, Aurelie (assistant production coordinator)
  26. Sestak, Luca (location trainee)
  27. Walsh, Sarah J. (extras coordinator)
  28. Wycherley, Gordon (location manager)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Ireland
  2. Luxembourg