Love and Success (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Baz Brothers Production [us]

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Money changes everything


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Full Cast

  1. Ball, Rico as [Deion Brown]
  2. Barlow Jr., Paul (III) as [Detective]
  3. Cottle, Dwayne as [jayden Smith]
  4. Cox, Mike (XV) as [Drew's Boy]
  5. Ford, Thomas Mikal as (rumored) [radio Personality]
  6. Henny, Kirk as [jS]
  7. Joyner, William (III) as [Rhino]
  8. Manley, Khari as [Chris's Son]
  9. McCardell, Jayson as [Bj]
  10. Raymond, Ladarian as [chris Beasley]
  11. Sangster, Dave as [Drew]
  12. Scimeca, Michael as [Adam]
  13. Vinson, Danny as [Producer]
  14. White, Theo (III) as [Deion's Dad]
  15. Williams, Jayson (V) as [bJ]
  16. Bazile, Maria as [Girl 2]
  17. Bickerstaff, Detra as [Nurse]
  18. Buggs, Nicky as [Laura]
  19. Collins, Celeste (I) as [Girl 3]
  20. DeVos, Amber L as [Nurse]
  21. Garrett, Kristi as [Samantha's Mom]
  22. LaShea, Meka as [deanna Smith]
  23. Liles, Joyce as [Receptionist]
  24. Love, Chimere as [Keisha]
  25. Manley, Kaila as [Courtney]
  26. Nickles, Kacie Jo Marta as [Club Member]
  27. Page, Erica as [stacy Beasley]
  28. Smith, Victoria Spencer as [Doctor]
  29. Stevens, Stephanie (II) as [Sue]
  30. Stone, Angie as [Deion's Mom]
  31. Taemar, Shimri as [club Girl 1]
  32. Taylor, Ashley (XVI) as [Nurse]
  33. Taylor, Jon (XIX) as [Samantha]
  34. Wacker, Kim as [Nicole]
  35. Wright, Melody as [club Girl 2]


  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Full Plot

Deion, a well known and highly paid black actor, who left his first love to pursue his dream career, but now success isn't enough. Deion is ready for true love. Finding success has brought pain, deceit, lack of trust, and loneliness. Deion returns to his hometown of Atlanta, GA to shoot his next movie. While home, Deion reunites with childhood friends, who have also become successful, his parents, his first love, and a sick nine-year-old girl whose one wish is to meet him. Much to Deion's surprise, granting the wish of the young girl brings a gift of its own. Can Deion find love and have success? Should he choose safety in knowing his first love or variety in a white woman (as recommended by his friends)? Or can he learn to trust the tug in his life for something different? Jeff Estinel Bazile Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 200,000


  1. West, Charles M.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA