Lovelace (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.4/ 10 (295 Votes)

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Production Company
Animus Films [us]
Eclectic Pictures [us]
Millennium Films [us]
Untitled Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 22 January 2013
(Germany) - 9 February 2013
(Brazil) - 15 March 2013

Running Time

X marks the legend.

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Technical Support
CAM:Arriflex 416
CAM:Canon Zoom Lenses
CAM:Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses
OFM:Super 16

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Full Cast

  1. Aber, Christopher as (uncredited) [Mafioso]
  2. Azaria, Hank as [Jerry Damiano] <8>
  3. Bentley, Wes as [Larry Marchiano] <9>
  4. Brody, Adam (I) as [Harry Reems] <7>
  5. Cannavale, Bobby as [Butchie Peraino] <13>
  6. Charles, Conor as (uncredited) [Man in Trenchcoat]
  7. Christian, Lee (I) as (uncredited) [Red Carpet Guest]
  8. Clem, Frank as [Roller Rink Manager]
  9. Coleman, Dwight V as [Dwight/Film crew]
  10. Franco, James as [Hugh Hefner] <10>
  11. Garner, Jerald as [Red Carpet Guest]
  12. Gattas, Brian as [Robert]
  13. Greer, John (IV) as [Easy Rider]
  14. Hardrict, Cory as [Frankie Crocker]
  15. Holden, Peter (IV) as [Alex]
  16. Hunter, Eric (IV) as [Keith]
  17. Kedis, Adam as [Ray]
  18. Larson, Jeff (VI) as [Red Carpet Guest]
  19. McManus, Don (I) as [Arty Shapiro]
  20. Mir, Reza as [Ticket Patron]
  21. Noth, Chris as [Anthony Romano] <6>
  22. Patrick, Robert (I) as [John J. Boreman] <5>
  23. Popa, Robert as [Red Carpet Pornstar]
  24. Pritchard, Ron (IV) as [Sammy Davis Jr.]
  25. Rice, Brandon (IV) as (uncredited) [Party Guest]
  26. Richards, Lou (I) as [Senator Specter]
  27. Roberts, Eric (I) as [Nat Laurendi] <11>
  28. Sarsgaard, Peter as [Chuck Traynor] <2>
  29. Scozzari, Frank as (uncredited) [Red Carpet Guest]
  30. Tomei, Adam as [Cop #1]
  31. Vrotsos, Greg as [Cop #2]
  32. Willig, Gaston as [Guitar Player]
  33. Akaaboune, Soumaya as [Feminist Leader #1]
  34. Amadio, Alexandra as (uncredited) [Chuck's Posse Girl]
  35. Andrews, Nicole (I) as [Carol]
  36. Fray, Lauren as [Bunny]
  37. Hall, Kiersten as [Hugh Hefner's Girlfriend]
  38. Karstens, Sofia as [Lounge Singer]
  39. Mazar, Debi as [Dolly Sharp]
  40. Sevigny, Chloë as [Rebecca] <12>
  41. Seyfried, Amanda as [Linda Lovelace] <1>
  42. Stephens, Julia (I) as [Butchie's Girlfriend]
  43. Stone, Sharon (I) as [Dorothy Boreman] <4>
  44. Sultze, Janaya as [Hippie Girl]
  45. Temple, Juno as [Patsy] <3>
  46. Vilensky, Shira as (uncredited) [Hippie Girl]
  47. Williams, Simona as (as Simone Levin) [Feminist Leader #1]


  1. Biography
  2. Drama

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000,000 SD: 20 December 2011 - 3 February 2012

Movie Certificate


Music Composers

  1. Trask, Stephen


  1. Edwards, Eric Alan

Dress Designers

  1. Wagner, Karyn (II)


Eagle Films [lb] - (2012) (Non-USA) (all media) (middle east)
Future Film [fi] - (2013) (Finland) (theatrical)
Midget Entertainment [dk] - (2012) (Denmark) (all media)
Millennium Films [us] - (2012) (Non-USA) (all media)
Noble Entertainment [se] - (2013) (Sweden) (theatrical)
RADiUS-TWC [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Dalva, Robert
  2. Landon, Matt (as Matthew Landon)


  1. Aloyan, Michael (development intern)
  2. Amir, Joshua (pre-visualization artist)
  3. Barnes, Philip (V) (key location manager)
  4. Baron, Mikel (content supervisor)
  5. Belenardo, Paul (production accountant)
  6. Bower, Zoe (post facilities manager)
  7. Charles, Conor (archival footage researcher) (as Conor Charles Gass)
  8. Charles, Conor (assistant to producers) (as Conor Charles Gass)
  9. Charles, Conor (researcher) (as Conor Charles Gass)
  10. Charles, Conor (social media manager) (as Conor Charles Gass)
  11. David, Tana (post facilities manager)
  12. Gill, Kelly (I) (production assistant)
  13. Greenstein, Jeffrey (international sales)
  14. Hammersley, Aaron (production secretary)
  15. Himelstein, Elizabeth (dialect coach: Amanda Siefried)
  16. Lambert, Jared (II) (production assistant)
  17. Lasalvia, Vince (stand-in)
  18. Lax, Rachel (first assistant accountant)
  19. Leekin, Melinda (social media manager: post-production)
  20. McClellan, Ian (I) (assistant: Mr. Epstein and Mr. Friedman)
  21. Mitchell, Travis (I) (post production accountant)
  22. Nellis, Jonathan (production assistant)
  23. Pena, Laura (II) (assistant production office coordinator)
  24. Pistilli, Nick (craft service)
  25. Potters, Sally (assistant production coordinator)
  26. Quilty, Michyl-Shannon (production coordinator)
  27. Ramati, Lonnie (production business affairs)
  28. Siegel, Victor (office production assistant and driver)
  29. Stahl, Noah (assistant: Mr. Epstein and Mr. Friedman)
  30. Weber, Ashley (II) (additional production assistant)
  31. Wede-Massimo, Nicholas (production assistant)
  32. Whitaker, Chris (I) (lead water safety)
  33. White, Ben (VII) (set production assistant)
  34. Winney, Aprill (script supervisor)
  35. Wise, Chris (VI) (on-set production assistant)
  36. Yunger, Jonathan (assistant to mr. lerner)
  37. Zastrow, Ashley (assistant to Heidi Jo Markel)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Alex Theatre - 216 N. Brand Boulevard, Glendale, California, USA
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA


- 'Kate Hudson (I)' (qv) was considered to play Linda Lovelace.

- 'Olivia Wilde' (qv) was considered for the lead role, but she declined due to scheduling conflicts.

- 'James Franco' (qv) was attached to play Chuck Traynor before 'Peter Sarsgaard' (qv) was cast. Franco was later cast as 'Hugh M. Hefner' (qv) in a cameo.

- 'Demi Moore' (qv) was supposed to appear in a cameo as Gloria Steinem but dropped due to health issues. After Moore dropped out, 'Mary-Louise Parker' (qv) was considered as a replacement but 'Sarah Jessica Parker' (qv) was cast. Parker accepted the role a week before filming ended, but eventually her scenes did not make the final cut.