Love's a Killer: Rellik's Revenge (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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JustAHead Productions [us]

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This film is like what happens when SAW meets National Treasure (delving into the mind of a serial killer, with twists and layers, and enough intrigue to baffle even the best brain teased problem solver)

medallion, mistaken-identity-murder, murder, revenge-plot,

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Full Cast

  1. Citak, Michael J. as [Himself/Grandma Beatrice]
  2. Dobosz, Christopher as [Billy]
  3. Evans, Jonathan Savage as [Joey]
  4. Gere, David (I) as [Trent Dorfman]
  5. Gorham, John (IV) as [Detective Dana]
  6. Hartung, Eric as [Matthew Patterson]
  7. Kelman, Kevin M. as [Justin]
  8. Marrero, Collin as [Andre]
  9. Maverick, Hunter as [Branden/Brandon]
  10. Moore, Zachary Ryan as [Robin Ringwold]
  11. O Sullivan, Patrick Klokwize as [Joshua Turner]
  12. Parmalee, John as [Steven]
  13. Pearsall, Lindsey as [Lucy Lolatta]
  14. Petry, Leo as [Marty 'The Dean' Arbuckle]
  15. Rosen, A.J. as [Himself]
  16. Yagovane, Johnny as [Jefferson]
  17. Addison, Sheena as [Tamara McNeal]
  18. Blonski, Maribeth as [Diane]
  19. Ferraday, Jessica as [Stacey Ringwold]
  20. Sodapop, Cherry as [Laura]


  1. Comedy
  2. Horror
  3. Mystery

Full Plot

College students at Reese University in the suburb town of Witherspoon Falls have a problem, they've added a mysterious cloaked man to their friends list their school's social network One by one, in the order of Rellik's top friends list, he's methodically stalking, and killing the unfortunate students. As the death toll rises, the police struggle to crack the code. The cryptic notes stapled to the heads of his victims, Rellik is leaving clues for the police. Baffled, the chief of police Bruce McNeal asks his daughter Tamara for help, thinking her criminology major would prove helpful. With the help of her schoolmate Stacey, the code is cracked, however the answers are cryptic in nature, just as the mastermind intended, and before for all is said and done, the friends are all pieces of the puzzle. Family ties are strained, old loves are brought into the light, and the serial killer's true identity once cloaked in blackness is starting to see the light. Michael J. Citak Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000


  1. Sokolowski, Conrad

Dress Designers

  1. Threloff, Beth

Film Editors

  1. Citak, Michael J.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Middletown, Connecticut, USA


- David Gere's character Trent Dorfman makes a character cameo... Trent was seen in the feature film Burial Boys, which was filmed in CT in 2010. In Burial Boys, Trent was a news anchor... but in Lak.. which takes place in the year 2000, Trent was still proving himself in the eyes of his bosses, and plays an in the field news reporter.