Lovesick (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Full Blitz Entertainment [us]
Night and Day Pictures [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Adams, Keion as [Teacher]
  2. Aria, Anthony as (uncredited) [Waiter]
  3. Black, Walter (V) as [80's Guy]
  4. Budas, Tim as [Hotel Guest]
  5. Chase, Chevy as
  6. Coventry III, Robert as [Band]
  7. Dogan, Demarkes as [Rushing Pedestrian]
  8. Drolet, Brian (I) as [Josh]
  9. Dukes, Tracey as [Featured]
  10. Echeverri, William as [Leisurely Pedestrian]
  11. Eisenberg, Katie as [Thrift Store Girl]
  12. Giovanni, Vincent (II) as [Antonio] <23>
  13. Jenkins, Jason Scott as [Horatio]
  14. LeBlanc, Matt (I) as [Charlie Darby]
  15. Molina, Jeremiah as [Student]
  16. Morgan, Scott Michael as [Will]
  17. Ochoa, Raymond as [Shane]
  18. Rodriguez, Adam (I) as [Jason]
  19. Rysso, Morgan as [Student]
  20. Santiago, Gudino as [Matt]
  21. Scully, Andrew as [Waiter]
  22. Singh, Mike (II) as [Supporting]
  23. Still, Rick as [Leisurely Pedestrian]
  24. Warner, Carsen as [Timmy Clark] <6>
  25. Woodward, Jon Morgan as [Teacher]
  26. Zambelli, Michael A. as [Restaurant Patron]
  27. Anderson, Ida (II) as [Cashier]
  28. Ardieta, Amber as [Restaurant Patron]
  29. Aries, Paris as [Thrift Store Girl]
  30. Dae Clarion, Madison as [Flutist]
  31. Doss, Alexis as [Restaurant Patron]
  32. Fermandois, Ingrid as (uncredited) [First Date Restaurant Patron]
  33. Garay, Carmina as [Sharon]
  34. Garrett, Debra as [Substitute Teacher]
  35. Gorney, Kate as [Ballet Teacher]
  36. Griffiths, Louise as [Jacinda]
  37. Grimm, Anna as [Restaurant patron]
  38. Hardy, McKenna as [Babysitter]
  39. Harris, Rachael (I) as [Roberta]
  40. Hayes, Lauren (IV) as [Restaurant Patron]
  41. Heath, Holly as (uncredited) [Hannah]
  42. Heideman, Christine as [Restaurant Guest]
  43. Ho, Elizabeth as [Tanya]
  44. James, Laura (I) as [Old Italian Woman]
  45. Jenkins, Amber as [Beach Chick]
  46. Johnston, Kristen (I) as
  47. Jones, Rebecca Naomi as [Nancy]
  48. Larter, Ali as
  49. Lily, Stefania as [Ballerina]
  50. Martinez, Tiffany (I) as [Student]
  51. Moorefield, Julia as [Band Student]
  52. Rhodes, Jennifer (I) as [Mary Kingston]
  53. Supercinski, Nicole Nasca as (as Nicole Nasca) [Ballet Mom]
  54. Sye, Latika as [Leisurely Pedestrian]
  55. Wenn, Madison as [Amy]
  56. Williams, Ashley (I) as


  1. Comedy


  1. Webster, Bobby

Dress Designers

  1. Gordon-Crozier, Mirren


  1. Bailey, Ruthie (studio teacher)
  2. Blacker, Joel (production assistant)
  3. Compton, Carol A. (script clearance)
  4. Gannon, Josh (II) (production assistant) (as Joshua Alan Gannon)
  5. Gorney, Kate (choreographer)
  6. Rebbert, Chris (production assistant)
  7. Reddy, Maya Satya (production assistant)
  8. Singh, Simran (legal counsel)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA