Lucky (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Gold Pictures [us]

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(USA) - 2014

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Everyone could use a little luck!

boy, children, dog, elvis-impersonator, girl, magic, puppy, rescue, vegas,

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Full Cast

  1. Arthur, Sean Michael as [Fireman Frank]
  2. Khauli, Kosai as (rumored) [Art]
  3. Kuma (II) as [Lucky]
  4. Wesley (V) as [Lucky]
  5. Umali, Abbey as (rumored) [McDougal/Abby]


  1. Family

Full Plot

Everyone needs a little luck! But no one knew it would come in the form of a scared, lost, little puppy. However, that's exactly what happened when eleven-year-old Abby McDougal found the precocious pup, which she aptly named Lucky. Soon Abby's lemonade stand becomes the biggest foodie pop-culture sensation since Starbucks, but the good fortune doesn't stop there. Everyone who loves and cares for Lucky seems to have their dreams come true! The action takes off when a greedy Villain dognaps Lucky and flies him to Las Vegas, hoping the dog will be his good luck charm, too. Abby and her family must follow the clues to find Lucky before it's too late. This exciting family film is fun for kids of all ages and showcases the power of love. swr Plot not found

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