Magicians (2007) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
6.0/ 10 (3575 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Breakout Films
Intermedia Films [gb]
Universal Pictures [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Germany) - 8 February 2007
(France) - 17 May 2007
(Ireland) - 18 May 2007
(UK) - 18 May 2007
(Malta) - 25 July 2007

Running Time
Germany:90 (European Film Market)

Don't ask how they do it, ask why?

british-comedy, comedy-team, double-act, fear-of-flying, guillotine, magician, male-nudity, nudity, rivalry, surprise-after-end-credits,

Technical Support
CAM:Arricam LT, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux HR Lenses
CAM:Arricam ST, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux HR Lenses
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (2K) (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (source format)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aintree, Stephen as [London Taxi Driver] <32>
  2. Aladin as (uncredited) [Himself]
  3. Bachman, James as [Jersey Taxi Driver] <30>
  4. Bongo, Ali as (uncredited) [Himself]
  5. Boyd, Darren (I) as [Otto Johnson] <8>
  6. Brooks, Ron (V) as [Judge] <25>
  7. Capaldi, Peter as [Mike Francis] <23>
  8. D Allessandro, Luigi as [Judge] <24>
  9. Edge, Steve (II) as [Tony White] <17>
  10. Elliott, Paul Mark as [Theatre Manager] <4>
  11. Hardiker, Rasmus as [Dwight White] <26>
  12. Hood, Adrian (I) as [Theatre Steward] <39>
  13. Keeler, George as [Convention Magic Salesman] <28>
  14. Kirk, Alexander (I) as [Dietmar] <33>
  15. Larwood, Marek as [Colin] <15>
  16. Macqueen, Alex as (as Alex MacQueen) [Stooge] <38>
  17. McGivern, Geoffrey as [Magic Shop Manager] <14>
  18. Meeten, Tom as [Photographer] <37>
  19. Mellor, James (II) as (uncredited) [Greg Davis]
  20. Mitchell, David (VI) as [Harry Kane] <2>
  21. Nice, Phil as [Male Customer] <6>
  22. Owen, Anthony as (uncredited) [Himself]
  23. Page, Patrick (II) as [Wolfgang Eckhert] <22>
  24. Penrose, Scott as [Magibot] <27>
  25. Plester, Tim as [Malky] <16>
  26. Smith, James (V) as [Richard] <34>
  27. Walpole, Jim (III) as (uncredited) [Man from Audience in Box]
  28. Webb, Robert (VI) as [Karl Allen] <1>
  29. Burford, Priyanga as [Female Colleague] <12>
  30. Charlotte, Gemma as [Waitress] <21>
  31. Chattaway, Sally as [Lady In Audience] <40>
  32. Coulby, Angel as [Receptionist] <10>
  33. Cousins, Gemma as (uncredited) [Waitress]
  34. Cowan, Juliet as [Hotel Maid] <29>
  35. Fellner, Rosie as (uncredited) [Shelly]
  36. Hadland, Sarah as [Carol] <3>
  37. Hart, Miranda as [Bank Manager] <9>
  38. Hynes, Jessica as (as Jessica Stevenson) [Linda Jones] <7>
  39. Keegan, Rose as [Daisy Prior] <35>
  40. Laver, Jane as [Mandy Pandy] <36>
  41. Matsuura, Eleanor as [Waitress] <20>
  42. Rhodes, Lucy as [Cafeteria Waitress] <18>
  43. Riseborough, Andrea as [Dani] <13>
  44. Rowe, Vimala as [Mike Francis' Assistant] <41>
  45. Seacombe, Karen as [Female Customer] <5>
  46. Shepherd, Catherine as [Female Passenger] <31>
  47. Weaver, Robin (I) as [Caroline] <11>
  48. Wix, Katy as [Waitress] <19>


  1. Comedy

Total Business

GR: GBP 690,242 (UK) (27 May 2007) GR: GBP 366,188 (UK) (20 May 2007) OW: GBP 366,188 (UK) (20 May 2007) (251 screens) SD: 20 August 2006 - WG: GBP 154,822 (UK) (27 May 2007) (236 screens) WG: GBP 366,188 (UK) (20 May 2007) (251 screens)

Movie Certificate

15A (Ireland)
12 (Germany)
15 (UK)
M/12 (Portugal)
12 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Englishby, Paul


  1. Welland, James

Dress Designers

  1. Hardinge, Annie


RTL Entertainment [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV) (RTL7)
Top Film [ru] - (2008) (Russia) (all media)
Universal Home Entertainment [gb] - (2007) (UK) (DVD)
Universal Pictures Benelux [nl] - (2007) (Belgium) (DVD)
Universal Pictures Benelux [nl] - (2007) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment [de] - (2007) (Germany) (DVD)
Universal Pictures [au] - (2007) (Australia) (all media)
Universal Pictures [au] - (2007) (New Zealand) (all media)
Universal Pictures [gb] - (2007) (UK) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Clayton, Lucien


  1. Andre, Helen (script supervisor)
  2. Ballin, Leon (location scout)
  3. Brennan, Paul M. (floor runner)
  4. Chapman, Vicky (locations runner)
  5. Curtis, Matt (II) (title designer)
  6. Fiddaman, Cherry (production accountant)
  7. Fiddaman, Richard (assistant accountant)
  8. Gahan, Emma (assistant to director)
  9. Gatin, Camille (assistant: Mr. Madden)
  10. Golding, Catherine (production coordinator: additional photography)
  11. Hiles, Marzenna (script supervisor)
  12. Hodgett, Dan (location services)
  13. Huntingford, Paul (II) (assistant production coordinator)
  14. Kennedy, Rachel (III) (unit publicist)
  15. Mackay, Al (crowd runner) (as Alastair Mackay)
  16. Mortimore, Steve (location manager)
  17. Penrose, Scott (illusion builder)
  18. Penrose, Scott (magic consultant)
  19. Sharma, Asha (II) (unit location assistant)
  20. Swannell, Eve (production coordinator)
  21. Yeomans, Emma (assistant location manager)


Harry: So, I'll take you out and show you my prop van in a bit, but first, coffee. How do you like it? Linda: Weak and white, like my men. Karl: Together, we were pure gold! Tony White: Question; where is a hunter's favourite place? Harry: Tony, I don't know. Kenya? Mike Francis: Well, I don't think anyone has seen a final quite like that, and I do not in any way mean that in a positive sense.

Other Titles

  1. Die Magier - Nichts als fauler Zauber (2007) (ENG)
    (Germany) (DVD title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Caledonia Place, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands - (establishing shots)
  2. Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Chiswick, London, England, UK - (interiors: Magic Contest semi-finals)
  3. County Hall, South Bank, Lambeth, London, England, UK - (TV production company offices)
  4. Davenport's Magic Shop - 7 Charing Cross Underground Arcade, Strand, London, England, UK
  5. Gorey Pier, Gorey, Jersey, Channel Islands - (establishing shots)
  6. Jersey, Channel Islands
  7. Kingston-upon-Thames, London, England, UK
  8. London, England, UK
  9. Mount Orgueil Castle, Gorey, Jersey, Channel Islands - (establishing shots)
  10. Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
  11. RAF Duxford, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England, UK - (plane scenes)
  12. Skegness Pier, Skegness, Lincolnshire, England, UK - (Karl and Otto wait for the Stooge)
  13. Skegness, Lincolnshire, England, UK - (opening theatre scenes filmed at Butlin's.)
  14. Theatre Royal, Theatre Square, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK - (magic contest final)
  15. Westminster Bridge, Westminster, London, England, UK - ("Dickwad" banner is unfurled over the side)


- The external, and most internal, shots of the theatre on Jersey, where the final of the Magic Shield competition is held, were shot at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Many of the theatre's ushers were recruited as extras to play ushers in the film.

- The idea of Harry making a Pros and Cons list about his girlfriend and being found out is inspired by an episode of Friends where Ross makes a Pros and Cons list about Rachel and is found out.