Masseuse (1996) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
1.9/ 10 (241 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for strong sexuality

Production Company
Royal Oaks Entertainment Inc. [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2 February 1996

Running Time

Have you ever been rubbed the right way?

anal-sex, beauty, bitten-on-the-butt, erotica, female-nudity, independent-film, male-nudity, male-rear-nudity,

Technical Support
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Abell, Tim as [Jack] <2>
  2. Barkett, Steve as [Detective] <12>
  3. Barnett, Buddy as [Party Guest] <22>
  4. Barrymore, John Blyth as [Robert Glass] <8>
  5. Graver, Gary as [Bob] <19>
  6. Howell, Hoke as [Howard] <7>
  7. Kies, Robert as [Jim] <21>
  8. Lankford, T.L. as [Party Guest] <23>
  9. Linaweaver, Brad as [Party Guest] <24>
  10. Reed, Tripp as [Police Officer] <13>
  11. Spellos, Peter as (as G. Gordon Baer) [Pimp] <10>
  12. Tanner, Matt (I) as [Connor] <4>
  13. Wynorski, Jim as [Pig Truck Driver] <14>
  14. Carlson, Greta (I) as (as Sherri Graham) [Sheila] <11>
  15. Drew, Griffin as [Kristy] <1>
  16. Harris, Gail (I) as (as Robyn Harris) [Diane] <6>
  17. Hudson, Katherine as [Pig Truck Girl] <15>
  18. Mantia, J.J. as [Carol] <20>
  19. Parent, Monique as [J.J] <3>
  20. Prester, Meaghan as [Michelle] <16>
  21. Rochelle, Amy as [Rosa] <5>
  22. Rocilili, Bianca as [Gina] <18>
  23. Rollins, Brittany as [Suzy] <17>
  24. Stevens, Brinke as (as C.B. Stevens) [Hotel Manager] <9>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Jack is a real scum-bag who is going to marry Kristy. He has a bad habit of sleeping with other women and stealing all of her money. Two weeks before their marriage, Kristy sees Jack having sex with their maid, Rosa. It turns out that he was threatening Rosa into having sex as well as his secretary Diane. When he goes away on business, Kristy, Rosa, and Diane devise a way to get him back for all of the things he has put them through. They also decide to turn his house into a special massage parlor for a few nights so Kristy can try to make some of the money back that Jack stole from her. Josh Pasnak Plot not found

Movie Certificate

18 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Di Franco, Paul (I)


  1. Graver, Gary


Image Entertainment [us] - (1999) (USA) (DVD)
Sunset [br] - (199?) (Brazil) (VHS)
Triboro Entertainment Group [us]

Film Editors

  1. Miller, W. Peter (as Peter Miller)


  1. Bartlett, Matt J. (assistant production coordinator)
  2. Kucserka, Attila (production assistant)
  3. Long, Jesse (I) (script supervisor)
  4. Ray, Christopher (I) (key production assistant) (as Christopher Olen Ray)
  5. Steven, Jennifer (production coordinator)
  6. Wentworth, Dick (location manager)


[Jack comes home from a business trip to find his ex-fiance, Kristy Taylor, hosting prostitutes and their clients in the house Jack "legally" stole from Kristy] Jack: I didn't have anything to do with this! Detective: Well, who owns this house? Jack: We do. Her and I. [reclining on the couch with J.J] Robert Glass: Excuse me! I represent Ms. Taylor, and I can assure you that Mr. Jack Wyler is the sole owner of this house. Detective: Well, just what kind of a house are you running here, Mr. Wyler? [caressing J.J.'s thigh] Robert Glass: I think that should be fairly clear, Detective. Jack: It's just a wedding - this is business. Kristy: It's our wedding! It's not a corporate cocktail party!

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