"Merlin" (2008) {The Disir (#5.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Merlin" Season 05 Episode 05 (S05E05)



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8.7/ 10 (131 Votes)

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(UK) - 3 November 2012

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Full Cast

  1. Edun, Adetomiwa as [Sir Elyan] <11>
  2. Hopper, Tom as [Sir Percival] <10>
  3. Hurt, John as (voice) [The Dragon] <1>
  4. James, Bradley (II) as [Arthur] <7>
  5. Macken, Eoin as [Sir Gwaine] <9>
  6. Morgan, Colin (II) as [Merlin] <8>
  7. Tiernan, Andrew as [Osgar] <5>
  8. Vlahos, Alexander as [Mordred] <6>
  9. Wilson, Richard (II) as [Gaius] <12>
  10. Young, Rupert (I) as [Sir Leon] <13>
  11. Coulby, Angel as [Gwen] <14>
  12. McGrath, Katie (I) as (credit only) [Morgana]
  13. Schlesinger, Helen as [Befelan] <4>
  14. Thomas, Sian (I) as [Atorloppe] <3>
  15. Tomelty, Frances as [Niede] <2>

Full Plot

Osgar, a sorcerer who has killed one of Arthur's knights and is in turn slain, gives the king a runemark from the Disir, a trio of priestesses for the gods of the Old Religion, urging Arthur to allow magic or face the fatal consequences. Arthur and his men go to meet the Disir and Mordred is wounded, apparently fatally, saving Arthur's life when the women attack. Arthur begs for Mordred's life and is told that the price he must pay is to legalise sorcery and embrace the Old Religion. Advised by Merlin, who is aware of the prophecy and Mordred's role in it, Arthur refuses but when they return to Camelot they are in for a surprise and for Merlin not a pleasant one. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found


  1. Brewer, Clare (rushes runner)
  2. Falleyn, Alexandra (production assistant)
  3. Ferguson, Midge (location manager)
  4. Garrido, Ana (I) (script supervisor) (uncredited)
  5. Jones, Sam (XX) (production coordinator)
  6. Parker, Laurence (production accountant)
  7. Price, Robert (XVII) (production secretary)
  8. Singh, John (II) (publicist) (uncredited)


Gaius: Only your magic can save him, Merlin. Merlin: I cannot save the life of a man destined to kill Arthur. Gaius: If Mordred is destined to take the king's life, why has he just saved it? Merlin: I cannot ignore what the dragon said. Gaius: What happened to the young boy who came into my chambers just a few years ago? Merlin: He grew up. And he learned the meaning of duty.