"Midsomer Murders" (1997) {Death of a Stranger (#3.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Midsomer Murders" Season 03 Episode 01 (S03E01)



Ratings / Votes
7.8/ 10 (177 Votes)

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Production Company
Bentley Productions [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 31 December 1999

Running Time
USA:98 (DVD)


actress, bad-cook, boy, dead-animal, dead-body, dead-fox, dead-man, dead-mink, detective's-wife-is-bad-cook, dog, eccentric, father-son-relationship, female-nudity, fox-hunt, french-food, gunfire, hermit, holiday, hound, husband-wife-relationship, knife, leaving-husband, matricide, murder, murder-disguised-as-suicide,

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Full Cast

  1. Bayliss, Peter (I) as [Tramp] <13>
  2. Bolam, James as [Ron Pringle] <10>
  3. Broom, Jonie as [Dave Hedges] <17>
  4. Casey, Daniel (I) as [Sgt. Gavin Troy] <2>
  5. Gillespie, Grant as [Jack Worthing] <26>
  6. Greiff, Simon as [Director] <27>
  7. Johnson, Richard (I) as [James Fitzroy] <5>
  8. Jones, Toby (I) as [Dan Peterson] <19>
  9. Mafham, Dominic as [Grahame Tranter] <7>
  10. Maybrick, David as [Policeman] <22>
  11. McBurney, Simon as [Henry Carstairs] <18>
  12. Mills, Frank (II) as [Fred Rodale] <24>
  13. Nettles, John (II) as [DCI Tom Barnaby] <1>
  14. Ridgeway, Fred (I) as [Ben Gurdie] <15>
  15. Smith, Tom (V) as [Billy Gurdie] <16>
  16. Cockburn, Arlene as [Charlotte] <21>
  17. Dale, Janet as [Betty Pringle] <11>
  18. Fletcher, Diane as [Marcia Tranter] <8>
  19. Govan, Shenagh as [Matron] <23>
  20. Hepple, Jeanne as [Linda Wagstaff] <12>
  21. Hilary, Jennifer as [Sarah Fitzroy] <6>
  22. Howard, Laura (II) as [Cully Barnaby] <4>
  23. Pearce, Eve as [Lady Bracknell] <25>
  24. Valentine, Patricia as [Sandra] <20>
  25. Winman, Sarah as [Kate Tranter] <9>
  26. Wood, Jane (II) as [Cathy Gurdie] <14>
  27. Wymark, Jane as [Joyce Barnaby] <3>

Full Plot

While Barnaby is away on holiday his replacement, the soon to be retired Ron Pringle, arrests Billie Gurdie for the murder of a tramp who lived in the woods near the village of Upper Marchwood. When Billie's father is also found dead in the same woods some three weeks later, an apparent suicide, Barnaby seriously questions the coincidence. When the post-mortem reveals the second death to also be murder, Barnaby is certain that both murders were committed by the same person. garykmcd When a tramp is found murdered in the woods following a hunt meet, a local poacher is arrested and jailed. However, when the suspect's father is also brutally murdered Barnaby and Troy realize that there is much more to this case than first appears. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Bentley Productions 2005

Movie Certificate

12 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Parker, Jim (I)


  1. Frake, Graham (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Samuel, Reg


A&E Television Networks [us] - (1997) (UK) (all media)
Acorn Media [gb] - (2006) (UK) (DVD)
All3Media [gb] - (????) (worldwide) (all media)
Chrysalis [gb] - (1997) (UK) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Bain, Derek


  1. August, Pascal (location manager)
  2. Bryan, Pat (production coordinator)
  3. Gardner, Carol (script supervisor)
  4. Groves, John (II) (production accountant)
  5. Mejia, Mariana (script editor)
  6. Newell, Joanne (assistant accountant)
  7. Sonley, Gemma (production secretary)
  8. True-May, Georgina (location manager)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
  2. Thame Park, Thame, Oxfordshire, England, UK - (hunt scenes)
  3. The Lee, Buckinghamshire, England, UK - (Marshwood)
  4. Twyford railway station, Twyford, Berkshire, England, UK