"My Hero" (2000) {The First Husband's Club (#5.3)} TV Season

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Overview "My Hero" Season 05 Episode 03 (S05E03)



Ratings / Votes
6.4/ 10 (5 Votes)

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Production Company
Big Bear Films [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 21 January 2005
(Australia) - 25 June 2007
(Hungary) - 17 May 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Barnes, Peter (II) as <19>
  2. Dennis, Hugh as [Piers] <4>
  3. Hirsch, Lou (I) as [Arnie] <5>
  4. O Hanlon, Ardal as [George] <1>
  5. Raggett, Nick as [Man Selling Car] <11>
  6. Rake, Jon as <18>
  7. Stroud, Finlay as (voice) [Ollie] <9>
  8. Want, Ben as (uncredited) [Ollie]
  9. Want, Joel as (uncredited) [Ollie]
  10. Whitchurch, Philip as [Tyler] <6>
  11. Wylton, Tim as [Stanley] <8>
  12. Davies, Deddie as [Mrs Osborne] <12>
  13. Heywood, Joanne as [Wendy Williams] <14>
  14. Joyce, Emily (I) as [Janet] <2>
  15. Kaplinsky, Natasha as [Newsreader] <16>
  16. McNulty, Geraldine as [Mrs Raven] <3>
  17. Mortimer, Madeleine as (voice) [Cassie] <10>
  18. Oliver, Claire Louise as <17>
  19. Roughley, Lill as [Ella] <7>
  20. Smith, Sukie as (as Suki Smith) [Linda] <15>
  21. Stockham, Jo-Anne as [Cheryl] <13>

Movie Certificate


Music Composers

  1. Pope, Philip

Dress Designers

  1. Benge, Janet


Comedy Central [hu] - (2011) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Wadsworth, Chris


  1. Davies, Allen (production accountant) (as Allan Davies)
  2. Gaunt, Pauline (stage manager)
  3. Gearing, Ray (studio manager)
  4. Karadia, Nila (production coordinator)
  5. Mable, Frances (script supervisor)
  6. Mendelson, Paul (script consultant)
  7. Morpeth, Julia (location manager)
  8. Oliver, Liz (II) (production secretary)


[first lines] Man Selling Car: You'll, um... you'll find it's not a bad set of wheels. George: No, and I like the rest of the car as well. By the way, you shouldn't be embarrassed about the price; it seems fair enough to me. Man Selling Car: Embarrassed? George: Fifteen hundred, ono! Man Selling Car: Actually that means: or nearest offer. George: Of course. Well, I suppose the nearest offer I could make would be fifteen hundred and one. Would that be okay? Man Selling Car: Well, um, I wouldn't mind something a bit *less* near. George: Fifteen hundred and twenty? [pause] Fifteen hundred and fifty? [long pause] Sixteen hundred. That's all I've got. Man Selling Car: Done. George: Great. I've never bought a car before. Man Selling Car: You don't say. Ella: They've insulted me, Stanley. Why don't you ever say something? Because you never want to rock the boat! That's why! Stanley: I'd rock it if she was standing up in it. [last lines] George: So, all back to normal. Are you sure you're all right? Janet: I told you; Cassie sorted me out. George: Good. Cassie: Mummy, bring me my phone immediately, and your credit cards. Janet: Of course, darling. That doll's house will soon be yours. Your wish is my command, oh queen of this household. George: All back to normal. [post credits] Piers: Eleven fifty. I'll give her ten more minutes.